Monday, May 1, 2017

LOL!!! So Far, It's Been a Morning of ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION (both typing and voice) -- in a MORE RELAXED Mood, if Still DEADLY SERIOUS!!!

Does Bill Toups, my one-night lover last October -- and George W. Bush's ONCE-REMOVEDeighth cousin -- LOOK much like him???:

And for the "OPPOSING" VIEW:
Last year, Falwell faced a mutiny at Liberty University, the school where he serves as president, over his support for Trump.

Liberty University president also said GOP moderates "make my blood boil."
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>>> Readers of this blog will remember that four years ago (while I was living in Political Exile in Mexico with Gen. Colin Powell's help), I heard from a TOP US Postal Inspector from Iowa (their HQ -- or so he claimed), saying that for DECADES 90% of PORNOGRAPHY mailed in the USA is mailed from the SAME Zip Code as Billy Graham Ministries -- and that they are CERTAIN it is Billy Graham's NORTH CAROLINA CHRISTIANS who mail it out -- and it is all PAID FOR by the CHRISTIAN DONATIONS to Billy Graham -- but they haven't found enough evidence to PROVE IT IN COURT -- yet!!

MANY claim that former Republican NC Governor Pat "Bathroom Bill" McCrory (left), here with Billy Graham and his son Franklin, are the BEST CHRISTIANS in North Carolina!!!

TODAY, Billy Graham worships MONEY -- rather than "Jesus", no???

And ACTUALLY, the FIRST communication I got this morning was from Paul Christ, owner of Hotel Mercurio in Puerto Vallarta. He and I used to FIGHT VERBALLY about his Drug Mafia ties and promotion back in late 2010.

Here is what I posted and emailed to him last night


Hotel Mercurio

Hotel Mercurio

Seen by Hotel Mercurio at Sunday 11:39pm

I'm supported by Gen. Colin Powell, Gen. Russel Honore' and the many top Army and Marines Officers who debriefed me in Mexico and the USA. At least you remembered who I am after SEVEN YEARS, an amazing FEAT with all who come through all the time. I THANK you for that!!! And I hope to return soon to have some more fun. Cops NEVER had to come handle me -- HA!!!


Scott Kenan commented on a link.
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This is sad -- and RIDICULOUS!!! 

I know of Pastor Mike Dooley's MAKING MONEY off his homeless church-goers, and OFTEN they are used to sell and transport illegal drugs by various Christian Churches in Wilmington!!! 

OUR GOVERNMENT should help those in addiction and other troubles -- NOT the GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS who use them MOSTLY in drug-trafficking and as CHRISTIAN CRACK WHORES!!!

Steven Robert Barton was murdered in downtown Wilmington. Identified as a ‘transient,’ Barton was both a leader in the local community and a man struggling with…
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That QUICKLY erased by Port City Daily, I tried again, and it was erased even FASTER!!!:

Scott Kenan commented on a link.
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Thank you PORT CITY DAILY for DELETING my previous comment about the EVIL of the Christian Churches running drugs and providing both gay and straight CRACK WHORES to Wilmington's pretend NICE Christians -- LOL!!! 

The Star News also supports the crimes, but STOPPED erasing my comments several years ago -- due to what I did to THEM -- just ask Ms. Pam Sander -- LOL!!! 

Ms. Pam Sander

BESIDES, we Kenans have LOTS of Power not just here, but around the USA -- even putting Trump into power as President. I'm going to have fun with this today on my blog:


Happy Feast Day Katie💞

Catholic Gallery
4 hrs
May 1 - Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.
St. Joseph, pray for us. Amen.
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Scott Kenan Having grown up through TWO excellent Catholic Grade Schools in Louisville, KY, and ONE totally superstitious one in Exton, Pennsylvania, wanting to be a Jesuit like Pope Francis in 8th grade, and my own mother having had at least TWO one-on-ones with Pope John Paul II -- while we still had the SWASTIKAS on our dinner plates -- I ENCOURAGE emulating the best of the "Saints", but it is AGAINST the FIRST COMMANDMENT to worship idols, and the SAINTS only replaced all the LESSER Roman gods, and must be recognized as EXAMPLES

According to JESUS, we are to pray to what Christians call GOD THE FATHER, only!!! 

Remember, in a fit of EVIL Pope Francis actually FAST-TRACKED to "Sainthood" both Pope John Paul II and Father Junipero Serra (who murdered and enslaved THOUSANDS of native people in California -- to ENRICH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH)!!! 

I NEVER trust religious people, but I trust SPIRITUAL people, and of course Atheists!!! And I am 1/16 Cherokee, myself.
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Catherine Little-Hale We are more spiritual than religious. We don't pray to saints. We pray through them

But you know that being raised in the Catholic faith. Saint Joseph has always held a special place in Katie's heart. When she was confirmed, she took the name Josephine. She is also part CherokeeHer grandfather on her father's side. 

And she is very aware of the trail of tears. So sad that our past history in this country has been darkened with many stories that we should all be ashamed of

Always enjoy your posts, Scott
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Scott Kenan Thanks for your Catholic reply, but I was taught by the nuns to pray to St. Joseph (or other Saints), praying for them to pull God aside to put in our appeal for us -- since HUMANS are not always up to facing God itself (or noticed by "Him")

"Saint Joseph pray for us. Amen." is a prayer to St. Joseph and NOT to God -- or do we understand vocabulary and grammar differently so that my analysis is incorrect (?) 

Anyway, it won't do any harm to pray even to Haile Salassie (an Emperor of Ethiopia who died in 1975 and there was a BRIEF cult of his divinity, back then), IF IT RELAXES THE PERSON PRAYING, but WHAT has prayer EVER achieved in the PRACTICAL, PHYSICAL world???
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Catherine Little-Hale You are not wrong. That's what I was trying to say. I'm not very eloquent. I think we both get that we ask Saints who have God's ear to intercede for us. Maybe that's a better way for me to explain myself. I know (that) prayer in any form is good. Totally agree💞
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Scott Kenan Well, I THINK you just fully explained why most people consider the Roman Catholic Church to be far more Roman gods and mythology -- just dressed in Christian clothing

And as I say, those kinds of prayer HELP psychologically, with the only harm being if the person praying expects better results than leaving it to chance

No sense arguing when neither of us are likely going to change our views. I intend to blog today about my FIRST MEETING your daughter and her stay in the William R. Kenan, SENIOR House on Nun Street -- he CAUSED the 1898 Insurrection, aka Race Riot (for Jesus and White People)

It should not embarrass her, now, since she's NOTHING like the others who lived there in 2010 -- I can ASSURE you. She and you seem very close and loving, so she's probably told you about it by now.
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Catherine Little-Hale Yes she and I are very close. And she holds you in high regard. So you're OK in my book. And as I said, I always enjoy reading your posts.💞

Love to you -- stay well

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Actually, the William Rand Kenan, Sr. house is at 110 Nun Street, and there's an unseen-here second-floor overhang over the drive that was ADDED by Mr. Kenan -- to accommodate Wilmington's FIRST FLUSH TOILET!!!

"Bill" Kenan was the ONLY Confederate to take a CLEAR SHOT at President Lincoln, missing him and killing his Aide. Later, ANGERED that a new Republican President REPLACED him as Head of the Customs House (the most Politically Powerful and BRIBES-RECEIVING position in the whole State of North Carolina, then).

William R. Kenan, Sr. SHARPSHOOTER with the Duplin Rifles, about 1865.

Bill Kenan was replaced by a "NIGGER"!!!

And THAT is why -- he an ELDER at First Presbyterian -- he and all the JESUS-LOVING CHRISTIANS launched the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- which MOST WILMINGTON CHRISTIANS still THANK GOD FOR!!!

Anyway, I met Kathleen Little the first day I moved to Wilmington, she working in a candy store on Market Street (no longer there -- now a store that sells "HEAVENLY HIMALAYAN PINK SALT"). She gave me FREE SAMPLES -- as I was HUNGRY!!!

I am not the FIRST to say, "I was hungry, and you fed me (what was available)!!!"

Later, I responded to an ad for an additional tenant of the William R. Kenan, Sr. house, and Anna Berry, the daughter of the owners (whom I'd met years before -- before their ugly divorce), was very HAPPY to show me all around and ask me to MOVE IN -- BUT one tenant not then there heard about MY moving in, and he FORCED the young woman to CANCEL her offer, and in fact -- without EVER asking me not to contact her again, got WILMINGTON POLICE to back her up in lies and she got a RESTRAINING ORDER against me -- WITHOUT MY EVER BEING SERVED OR SENT BEFORE A JUDGE!!!

And THEN, I was ARRESTED for violating a Restraining Order I'd not gotten ANY actual notice of -- and I had not VIOLATED IT, anyway!!!

THIS, another of D.A. Ben David's STUNTS that kept landing me in Ed McMahon's (well-run) JAIL!!!

Perhaps one day, Ed will let me pull his FINGER, no???

But the City of Wilmington, the Police Force, City Council, and Mayor, OWE ME FINANCIAL AMENDS for treating me WORSE than "a 'nigger' on November 10, 1898"!!!

(Adjusted for "cultural changes -- and pretensions".)

Now, Kathleen lived there then (but PROMPTLY moved OUT), and I also saw Drug Mafia Leader (and former TOP Drag Queen of Wilmington for MANY years), Curtis Thompson of Village Market (Dock and 2nd Streets), also there -- and he gave me important info about the MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKERS he socialized with there.

Curtis has SINCE "butched-up" his act, and has a brush cut, and either THREATENS to BEAT ME UP -- or charges me MORE for the same pack of cigarettes that EVERYONE ELSE sells me there for LESS!!!

And Anna Berry's BUDDY soon landed in South Carolina PRISON for Felony Drug Trafficking -- but Wilmington's POLICE (who SOON ENOUGH murdered my friend and business partner Evan Fish), NEVER, EVER, EVER apologized to me for SCREWING my Constitutional Rights with a BOGUS RESTRAINING ORDER -- or for MURDERING EVAN!!!

They are HOLY, HOLY CHRISTIANS -- if you can believe THEIR WORD!!!

And I should add that for SOME REASON Anna Berry ABSOLUTELY HATED Linda Lavin and told me she was going to RUN LINDA AND STEVE (Bakunas, Linda's husband), OUT OF TOWN!!!

And she SOON DID, and Republican Judge Lindsey Luther now lives there (or at least her election campaign HQ was there):


Closet-Case Steve Bakunas with his wife, Linda Lavin

I knew Steve Bakunas and had been to his theater in early 2011, and was his Facebook Friend as well. He and I corresponded occasionally ABOUT MUCH OF THIS through that time until about three years ago. That was via my Gmail accounts that Jennifer McCracken of #67 Carolina Apartments CLAIMED she was responsible for SHUTTING DOWNher brother being HIGH in the CIA and a Sheriff's Deputy here.

But MANY (more than enough), have been PRESERVED, most of those published on this blog!!!

Jennifer McCracken, a self-described "Jack Mormon", has three alias's that I can PROVE IN COURT are hers -- LOL!!!


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