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IN MEMORIUM (YAY -- another one bites the DUST!!!): TOP CIA Agent and PRI Party Former Head Lawyer Luis Melgoza DIED on an Operating Table after a SUDDEN unexplained ILLNESS, June 3, 2016!!!

Salvador Fuentes and Luis Melgoza in their PVGeeks booth -- photo by me in 2012.  has some COMMENTS that are interesting!!!

And although PROMISED, NO later news stories about Luis were ever published (that can be googled up) -- a SURE SIGN of POLITICAL ASSASSINATION!!! -- but when I searched "'Luis Melgoza' death", on the FIRST page of results was THIS of my blog postings: -- LOL!!!

I KNEW Luis would be "disappeared" -- at least -- after I repeatedly EXPOSED his links to the CIA, and his actual corporate HQ is in a bungalow very near CIA HQ in Virginia -- HA!!!

But BEFORE getting into the MEAT of this posting, as my Readers know, I have styled myself "Cyber-General Five Star, Mexico y Estados Unidos (self-appointed)", and TODAY I claim this has STUCK!!!

I googled "cyber-general five star", and ONLY this blog came up in results!!! Take a look for yourself:

SO, first I called Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, and had to LAUGH when he IMMEDIATELY "channeled" my Swastika-Loving Catholic mother in Raleigh, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, and he SERIOUSLY said, "I think Stephen Colbert went WAY OVER THE LINE with his comment of Trump's mouth receiving President Putin's DICK!!!"

THIS from a guy living ILLEGALLY in a tenement in the style of a BAG LADY, his apartment filled to the BRIM WITH JUNK!!! Joseph's "love of his life" was a much younger undocumented Costa Rican, who worked in a SWEAT HOUSE sorting CHICKEN FEATHERS -- until a famous painter living in Maine BOUGHT THE GUY OFF WITH MORE MONEY!!!

How on EARTH can Joseph complain about this said very late at night (when children are in bed), and we ALL remember the FIRST famous incident of this from the Johnny Carson Tonight Show, no???

DEEP DOWN, Joseph Faulk is just a DRIED UP OLD CHRISTIAN BITCH, no???:

A Dried Up Old Christian Bitch -- a painting I bought from my and Sean Hannity's GOOD FRIEND Sister Louisa (actually Grant Henry of Atlanta)!!!

Either that, or a CIA Operative -- or a POLITICIAN:

And THEN I called my mother, fresh in from Catholic Mass, and SHE listened INTENTLY to my telling her all about my FIGHT with Luis Melgoza and his fate -- FURTHER understanding how SHE had made the mistake of going to the NAZI side of the Catholic Church, and CONGRATULATING me on my GOOD WORK!!!

If ONLY Joseph Faulk understood ME as well as my NAZI MOTHER!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to PROSECUTE Joseph for his CRIMES, now, which in THANKS for the at least $65,000.00 he has given me over 5.5 years, I've TRIED not to want to do. But it is becoming CRYSTAL CLEAR that he ALWAYS intended to get me MURDERED.

But I'm NOT murdered, so what the hell!!!

And here are comments I've written elsewhere DETAILING some of my dealings with Luis Melgoza, and you can goggle in this blog for FAR MORE.

AVOID dealing with, as it is owned by Luis Melgoza, the former PRI Party's chief attorney in the Mex Senate, who LOST his Mex attorney's licence. He TOTALLY SCREWED my computers, and I learned his "parent company" is easily traced to a bungalow close to CIA HQ in Virginia. HE owns, while another ACTUAL friend (Tim Wilson, a HOT little BEAR!!!), who is COOL, owns 

And I just searched Luis, and he DIED very prematurely on June 4, 2016!!! I'm sure his partner (both straight) in the magazine and PV GEEKS, Salvador Fuentes (who looks like a big red-headed Irishman), still runs it all. In 2010, the two of them with others FAKED that Sal Fuentes was my 4th Kenan cousin, and a woman played his mother. She and her friend CLAIMED to have been sent by CBS and Tom Kenan III of Chapel Hill (who had been FEATURED on 60 MINUTES in 1989 about his recently exhuming Mary Lily Kenan's body for its THIRD autopsy since she died in 1917), and they interviewed me on HD recording equipment for 45 minutes and claimed 60 MINUTES would run TWO segments on my story. 

It was ACTUALLY the CIA wanting to know what all I knew, and in 2012, CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, then HEAD of City Desk at Wilmington Star News, interviewed me in PV by phone extensively for a BIG STORY in the Wilmington paper, but when his "CIA's story" of the Assassination of Bin Laden hit the news, he dropped me, but eventually admitted he was CIA. His book was "No Easy Day" 


Emmanuel Macron Wins Pivotal French Presidential Election

Well, let's HOPE Joseph Faulk doesn't "FLY OUT OF HIS WINDOW" in a FIT OF DEPRESSION!!!

Please see for MORE DETAILS

NOW, I will get this out to my 200 Political Contacts, then get it out to my list of PRESS CONTACTS in Mexico -- as well as all the DRUG MAFIA (about 60 email addresses), in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico!!!

Some photos of Drug Mafia I can PROVE worked with Luis Melgoza:

Elizabeth Ensor and Danny Mininni of the BIGGEST English-language theater in Puerto Vallarta (where the WRITERS GROUP met -- LOL!!!)

And I met Del Shores there -- who told me how HIS Texas border town was JUST LIKE WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- ALL the Politicians and richest and poorest Christian Churches were REVEALED to be doing ALL OF THE NARCO-TRAFFICKING . . . FOR JESUS!!!

Toro, who I got to clean my bathroom NAKED and said YES to post this photo on my blog!!!

It was in Toto's house on Calle Costa Rica that I was held hostage for six weeks by two sons of El Chapo Guzman, but I have photos of only ONE:

Martin Guzman is now hiding under an alias in central Mexico. Alberto Guzman is in Mexican Prison!!!

Benjamin Shields, a former US SPECIAL FORCES OFFICER gone ROGUE, OWNED this apartment house in Conchas Chinas, just south of Puerto Vallarta, and HELD ME HOSTAGE there until I got P.V. Police to GET ME OUT!!!

1. Ben introduced me to Luis Melgoza and Salvador Fuentes, who had a DELI (Deli Baguette), then, across the street and that and THERE was where the FAKE 60 MINUTES team interviewed me.

2. Ben Shields and his wife Adrianna BUILT AND MAINTAINED a series of HATE WEBSITES centered around, and even CNN TV reported on these hate sites -- but claimed NO ONE could figure out who OWNED THEM.

I found this in my first attempt to google for that:

And Ben Shields and my mother OFTEN talked more than TWENTY MINUTES at a time, Mom giving Ben INSTRUCTIONS on how to treat me in CAPTIVITY!!!

Mom ALSO planned with US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor -- are you SURPRISED???

Kelly Trainor in a playful mood con pinga gigante (with giant penis)!!!

And WHO was MAYOR of Puerto Vallarta then???

Chava Gonzales Resendiz, PRI Party!!!


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