Saturday, May 6, 2017

So, Shall We Take a NEW LOOK at DEPRESSION??? Do you DARE???

To begin with, I got THIS communication from Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, who lives in Tennessee Williams's old apartment in West Hollywood -- with one of Tennessee Williams's COLLAGES!!! It was in response to my posting this piece on his Timeline

Roy Rogers Oldenkamp Vanity Fair has been cryptic, saying she was often depressed.

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Yes, of course, she suffered Depression most of her life -- meaning she had learned to COPE WITH/DEAL WITH her depression. Old people RARELY commit suicide -- unless facing terminal, degenerative diseases, which medical science cannot deal with.

And that is not the POLITICAL POINT at all. The FACT that the rest of the world REPORTS COPIOUSLY about Jean Stein's death -- but NOT American Media -- is the RED FLAG!!! And Roy might be watching TOO MUCH CNN, lately. CNN is SET UP NOW to keep people arguing over things that are FACT AND LOGIC BASED vs. LIES. That is CNN cooperating with CHRISTIAN CIA to keep everyone TIED UP IN THEIR SHORTS in false argument.

PLEASE REMEMBER that CNN's TOP PROCLAIMING Christians have been SUPER-CATHOLICS Chris Cuomo and Carol Costello (she not seen much, lately), SUPER-PROTESTANTS Anderson Cooper, Van Jones, Don Lemon, and JEW-GONE-BAD Wolf Blitzer, who during one tragedy Wolf reported on about a year and a half ago, said to a few, "Praise the LORD!!!" -- something I NEVER EVER heard coming from the lips of a REAL JEW!!!

This is NOT the case with any of them on MSNBC -- even though I'm SURE Joe Scarborough (at least), is a devout Catholic!!!

Chris Cuomo demonstrates his Catholic Attitude toward women (often called "fish" by old-fashioned homosexuals). And it is this photo I have used previously to point out Chris's AWESOME HAIRLESS NIPPLES 

-- enough for me NOT to insist a guy have some chest hair.

By CONTRAST, this is my friend John Lahr (of The New Yorker), with his son Chris, fishing off a Greek Island last fall -- and Mr. Lahr is PASSIONATE about fly-fishing for trout in Nova Scotia whilest CAMPING -- fancy THAT!!!

I TOLD you John Lahr is JUST A COOL GUY!!!

Interesting, was that this slideshow has ads for BIPOLAR or DEPRESSION medications -- and the two I checked, I'd NEVER HEARD OF, showing how Psychiatry has ADVANCED since the 31 years that my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh worked with MANY, including Judge Linda Warren Hunter (Dem.) and Edward O. Nix, MD of Dekalb County GA in 1990, (Dem.) D.A. Ben David and (Rep.) Judges Chad Hogston and Sandra Ray of Wilmington in 2011 - 12, to SOFT-LOBOTOMIZE ME AGAIN!!!

The TRUTH of the matter, as I see it, is that since I've NOT suffered DEPRESSION since 1992, I could NOT have been BIPOLAR -- an illness one can MANAGE, but NEVER actually get OVER. That said, I'm the FIRST TO ADMIT that I had ALL THE SYMPTOMS of what was called "BIPOLAR I", and LITHIUM CARBONATE brought me down from "mania" within two to three days. I do NOT have a problem with a person in CRISIS taking Lithium -- but ONLY for a couple of weeks, maximum.

And RENEWED MY MIND by CHANGING MY THINKING NOT being actual Bipolar, I have NO IDEA what people who DO suffer it experience. I experienced CHRISTIAN POLITICAL LOBOTOMY -- which I recovered from within the first five years after my doctor took me OFF Lithium in 2009.

This morning, the Wilmington Star News published a GREAT PIECE about Michael Jordan and how WINNING requires TONS OF FAILURES, the BEST lesson I have learned -- and it is NOT just for those of us FREAKISHLY TALL, like my 6' 11":

Now there is TONS OF GOOD in both Old and New testaments of the Judeo-Christian Bible, and here is one of the BEST THINGS (with some modern interpretation):

ANOTHER great thing from THIS Bible ("bible" only means "a collection of books", which MANY world religions have), is the SECOND COMMANDMENT:

The Second Commandment refers to: The second of the Ten Commandments, which is: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image" under the Philonic division used by Hellenistic Jews, Greek Orthodox, and Protestants except Lutherans. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Which BEGS THE QUESTION"Just HOW MANY "other gods" ARE there, anyway???"

Second Commandment - Wikipedia

Actually, searching the Commandments by NUMBER, there is HUGE INTERNET CONFUSION over the numbering, but THIS is what I was looking for.

Please consider this: NOT ONLY are the Ten Commandments FAR OLDER than the beginning of the organization of what became known as the SEMITIC PEOPLE (including both the JEWS and the ARABS, now mostly MUSLIM), and therefore in the "Old Testament", they are nearly PERFECTLY identical to Hammurabi's Code, and Bible and History Scholars  will ALL tell you that "Moses might have gotten the Ten Commandments from GOD -- but God got them from Hammurabi!!!" (and Hammurabi stole them from earlier cultures as well).

And since people of ALL RELIGIONS AGREE that the BEST name for the Supreme Being is "I AM THAT I AM", taking God's name in VAIN, is to put a NEGATIVE after "I am . . . ". BUT, if one says "I suffer from Depression" it is a TOTALLY different thing than to say "I am a DEPRESSED PERSON", which ANYONE CAN SEE will KEEP a person depressed, since they ACCEPT it as their fundamental nature.

WHAT I came to realize in the last 24 hours, is that Joseph Faulk ("Testosteroni"), in NYC has suffered SEVERE CHRONIC DEPRESSION -- probably his ENTIRE LIFE. This morning, I CONFIRMED with him that he NEVER had a BIG FIGHT with his family that led to his TOTAL ESTRANGEMENT from them, soon after college and his Army service.

The OPPOSITE of MY experience:

And as I told Joseph this morning, he has ADJUSTED to living with DEPRESSION, witness his THREE DAY CLEAN-UP of his apartment -- perhaps STILL CONTINUING, he didn't say, but AGAIN gave me the BUM'S RUSH, he NO LONGER wanting to talk much with me.

And that is an IMPROVEMENT, and slight MOVEMENT AWAY from Depression -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

And Joseph Faulk -- NEVER NEAR SUICIDE AT ALL!!! -- has PROVEN that Depression is EASIER to deal with as one ages, he being nearly 84 now, while Jean Stein was -- well MORE INTERNET INSANITYNY Times reports Jean was 83 when she died last Sunday, but Wikipedia lists her birthday as November 10, 1947 (making her 69 years old)!!! 

Wikipedia is an EVIL CHRISTIAN CIA site, where I was SCRUBBED off SIX pages about Tennessee Williams about six years ago by John Uecker, who OWNS the page on Tennessee Williams's LAST PLAY ( -- as well as MURDERED Tennessee for the Episcopal Church, Republican Party, CIA, and FBI, JUST LIKE Jackie Kennedy Onassis  with Jean Stein's HELP AND FULL KNOWLEDGE warned us in the apartment on January 11, 1982, that she FLEW FROM this past Sunday (AND the Ten Commandments are SCRAMBLED numerically in their INDIVIDUAL Wikipedia pages):

But here is more on Jean Stein:


1. Time Warner (now Spectrum), Cable INTERNET service never changed, but I lost all TV SERVICE for twenty-four hours, just concluded. I spoke by phone with a tech in Greensboro, NC, yesterday (he knew ALL ABOUT MY NAZI/CHRISTIAN KENAN FAMILY and its narco-trafficking with all recent Presidents and being TOTALLY WHITE SUPREMACIST like Donald Trump, Mike Pence and virtually ALL Republicans, and the Clinton/Obama Democrats).

He ALSO KNEW that Time Warner is one of the BIGGEST NAZI COMPANIES ON EARTH!!!

Just now, I was called by an ADVANCED TECH GUY in India, so I filled HIM in on all this -- he ONLY knowing that his employer is a GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN/NAZI company.

2. I haven't had breakfast yet, and it is almost NOON, so I'd better FEED MYSELF before anything else, today.

Puritanism: The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”

― H.L. Mencken, A Mencken Chrestomathy

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