Wednesday, May 10, 2017

After Sleeping on a Few Things . . . It Looks Like I Found ONE SMOKING GUN -- Kenans Related to Russians (who ever EXPECTED it would be one in my CLOSE family???)!!!

Although I think it BORES my Readers, I should report that while I've gotten better and better at defeating the corruption to this computer by hackers -- presumably the CIA and NSA, primarily -- some of it continues to get WORSE, including that my Spectrum cable internet signal goes out for a few minutes every day -- and the techs INCREASED the strength of my signal so that I MOSTLY have TV signal again -- my internet still goes in and out nearly CONSTANTLY, now.

The BIGGEST corruption I've had for a couple of months now, is that I lose internet connection, now, nearly every time I open a new tab, search with Google, or go to upload the latest paragraphs to this blog. It then comes back on its own after 5 - 10 seconds. I just witnessed it happen TWICE while I typed these two paragraphs.

Last night, Windows 10 updated itself, and I HOPED that might improve it. INSTEAD, faster than EVER BEFORE, the first two tabs I opened on Chrome, CNN and HUFFPOST, IMMEDIATELY began flashing their graphics so rapidly I could have had a seizure. I could NOT reload the pages because the button to do so was also flashing, and closing the browser and re-opening it, did NOT help at all. I forced off the power (as I often have to do), and NOW, I don't have that problem, but the internet connection is a JOKE, still!!!

THANKS to all my Readers for propelling THIS posting to the highest number of hits in the fastest time, or at least the third strongest first hits of any posting this year, so far:

But what is most CURIOUS, is that while hits from the USA went up a lot, hits from Russia, which typically and in recent weeks show only 2 to 5 per day, in the last 12 hours are up OVER 700!!! 

CLEARLY the Russians have INTEREST in what I report on CBRE Clarion, my nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan, or their CLEAR ALLY, Christal Presley, but I report on Christal FREQUENTLY without special interest by Russia, so it is DEFINITELY the Russian Connection to at least CBRE Clarion, and maybe my nephew, so well-known for his homosexual activities in college, for the last two years at University of Delaware, Max and his roommate posted -- as their PROFILE PHOTO on Facebook -- posted a photo of the two of them arm-on-arm and listed their relationship as a "Domestic Partnership", the highest legal status for gays at that time.

Connor and his boyfriend who spent six months in S.E. Asia a few years ago in Thailand's "Tunnel of Love"

And my brother, Michael William Kenan, has TOLD me of some of his gay affairs, and SO HAS MY MOTHER (the ones when Mike was in high school).

Since all THREE of them think that being labeled gay is the WORSE INSULT IMAGINABLE to them, they are all HIGHLY SUBJECT TO BLACKMAIL -- especially since Mike and Gail are STILL married, despite Mike telling me a few times over the last 15 years that he and Gail are getting DIVORCED as soon as Taylor graduated college. She has; they remain married in a JOYLESS relationship.

Looks like we FOUND it (or one)!!!

And given that late yesterday afternoon and early evening, I spoke with my mother, telling her what I found and that I'm blogging about ALL of it, and she was so ANGRY, she hung up on me in a HUFF, I spoke with my brother Mike, NOT filling him in on the details here -- telling him I'd sent Max (an adult), a message, but Mike at least knows I'm on to SOMETHING, and then I ALSO sent message to Christal Presley.

NONE of them have had any reaction that they have REPLIED to me about. Today, I will consider a bit more my next step and then TAKE IT.

You see, before turning in last night, I already realized that the new disclosures of Christal and Max's friendship and business connection and of Taylor's job working high at Wells Fargo Bank changed NOTHING, but simply gave me a NEW CLUE and a new PERSPECTIVE on our recent history.

And I got a fair amount of cleaning done, as well as getting the supplies and beginning to organize my first new BOOK, so I continue to make PROGRESS despite the "start to my heart" of these new disclosures.

This morning, AGAIN giving me the BUM'S RUSH, Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. in NYC, is REFUSING to deal with his living in an illegal place to live, and instead researches things either from the distant past or of little to no consequence -- and believes THEY are IMMEDIATELY IMPORTANT, now.

And his TOP QUESTION FOR ME is always to ask if I have yet mailed the digital-to-analog converter he sent Haston Laverne Caulder II, as he insisted that the audio out on ALL HDTVs CANNOT be heard through regular headphones/earbuds. Well that is TRUE if you consider that both HDMI and USB outlets serve digital, BUT the plug for headphones, is ANALOG ALREADY!!!

Now Joseph (Miss Donald Trump, Jr. -- MR. Donald Trump, Jr. is The Donald's blood-son, and the other, Eric, is married to Lara Januska, a Wilmington native, and they have a big place on Wrightsville Beach, here), CANNOT admit he was in error to buy it (about a $68.00 purchase), and wants it shipped BACK to him -- and has given me a FINANCIAL REWARDS PROMISE to do so. It's too late to RETURN it to Amazon, and Joseph claims he will use it some day when I buys a new TV (he bought a new one fairly recently, and did NOT need an audio converter, LOL!!!)

His apartment is FULL of his old exercise equipment no longer used to BEEF UP so he can SEDUCE HOT GAY COSTA RICANS and others he likes to have sex with, as well as TONS of old audio and video equipment -- big box TV's, turntables, receivers, equalizers, complete Quadra-Phonic sound system (that I couldn't friggin' afford in that day -- mid 70s???), big speakers, etc., MOST of which he can no longer carry downstairs.

At least it will have GOOD COMPANY, no???

OK, time to decide what to do next -- and then do it.

FIRST, three closing thoughts:

1. I added this late and my 200 Political Contacts did NOT see it in my email:

From here: 

Across the street is where Woodrow Wilson spent growing up the son of the Pastor of First Presbyterian. And HE re-segregated the US Government and Military as his CHRISTIAN DUTY!!! That congregation, with William R. Kenan, Sr., later CAUSED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898.

>>> ADDED: And ONLY JUST NOW, I learned that William Rand Kenan, Sr. of the Duplin Rifles -- the ONLY Confederate credited with taking a clear shot at President Lincoln -- while in FULL HEALTH, died suddenly in 1903 - on the 38th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.


* * *

2. Think of something new for YOU -- rather than reading MY IDEAS!!!

3. REMEMBER, it was a young Canadian Narco-Trafficker who while holding me hostage in Puerto Vallarta in 2010, FOUND in the 1999 Mercer University Press edition of the book The Kenan Family, that BOTH the Psychiatrist then HEADING the American Psychiatric Association, and the one who collected and collated all the studies this was based on, and then the DSM was CHANGED to DROP Homosexuality as a Mental Illness in about 1969, were BLOOD KENANS neither bearing the Kenan name!!!
A man's women folk, whatever their outward show of respect for his merit and authority, always regard him secretly as an ass, and with something akin to pity.”

― H.L. Mencken

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