Tuesday, May 9, 2017

HERE'S a Surprising Connection I Chanced on Today: My Nephew Max Kenan of CBRE Clarion Securities in Berwyn, PA Is FRIENDS with Christal Presley, Who Is Friend of Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Etc.!!!

Maxwell Andrew Kenan, Taylor Ann Kenan, and Connor Michael Kenan in a disco in Florence, Italy celebrating Taylor's graduation from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill -- a year ago.

Me, Christal Presley, her boyfriend Sunil Vishnu . . . (something), he THEN a mid-level Coca-Cola Exec in Atlanta, now returned to his wealthy Brahman industrialist family in India, and their Foster Son, that the State of Georgia soon removed from them for not contacting him often enough, about New Years Day 2010, in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia.

Here is what I chanced on, after getting notice that Christal had UPDATED her Linked-In page, which I checked out. She having accepted my invite to link there, sent years ago before she got a Restraining Order against me because I FORGOT about the hearing and she was simply granted it in my absence:

So I sent Max a question via Linked-In:

Actually, I have NO INTENTION to pursue Legal Remedies against Christal Presley. I wrote that claim in frustration with this SURPRISE CONNECTION. But I WOULD like to know how they EVER would get connected. And this SUGGESTS that my brother Mike and his sons were MORE INVOLVED in my mother's crimes for the Republican Party, Catholic Church, and the Swastikas we had on our dinner plates while growing up.

My note to Christal:

I just noticed you are LINKED-IN connected to my nephew Max Kenan in Philadelphia area, and I am wondering how you met and what kind of business you do -- if you don't mind telling me.

Otherwise, my friend Jean Stein who owned the most stock in Comcast, NBC, Universal Studios and Music Groups -- and introduced me to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Warren Beatty, etc. in 1982 was forced to jump to her death nine days ago, and I just learned the TOP CIA agent I had trouble with in Puerto Vallarta was assassinated nearly a year ago. I see even the Dekalb County Sheriff enjoyed whipping it out in Piedmont Park, soliciting, a day ago -- MERCY!!!

Remember the day I found the scans of Newt Gingrich getting the SAME CHARGE from right after he graduated college. Those have been scrubbed off the internet, now. HA!!!

All best,


And then I was SHOCKED to find this next, as NO ONE in my family would tell me where Taylor Ann Kenan worked since college graduation, but I knew she was in Charlotte in Banking or Investment work.

My WHOLE FAMILY KNOWS that Wells Fargo exec Jamie Lee Sutherland -- with Wilmington, NC District Attorney Ben David (via his Intern, Jeffrey Duncan), and Fox News Talking Head (and lawyer) Daliah Saper illegally and unconstitutionally got me convicted on a FALSE charge of LIBEL, never legally served to me and I was tried In Absentia.

I simply CANNOT BELIEVE my family did not WARN Taylor of what they did to me and direct her to ANY other bank. Kenan-controlled Bank of America is a FAR BETTER bank, for one (although I've had smaller problems with them, years ago).

Here is the UN-SIGNED Judgment that of the three ordered to turn over my assets, ONLY Bank of America complied -- but neither Amazon nor Google/Blogger believed it and did NOT comply:

And I don't find Taylor's working for this SAD BANK so upsetting (SOMEONE has to fix Wells Fargo, and I hope Taylor is helping to do that), but Max Kenan connected to Christal Presley is FAR MORE LIKELY to be an indication of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY between them, and POSSIBLY Max investing for her at one of the most PRESTIGIOUS Boutique Financial operators for the very WEALTHIEST of the wealthiest on earth -- operating worldwide.

Let's end on some humor, THIS also from Dekalb County, Georgia -- whose online COURT RECORDS have been recently scrubbed of MORE of my records there. I STILL have all the original paper signed by judges from 1990 and 2010!!!

Here is link to my Dekalb Records, and this is so BAD, it now shows my case CLOSED on March 27, 1990 -- when I was in JAIL (off and on), until JULY!!!

>>> ADDED LATER: I'd forgotten to put in that link, and when I went to find it again, the whole thing had a different looking format, and there were THREE listings, all from 1990. So here that link is:  use a birth-date range of the whole month of June 1951 to get it, probably under the sign-in for "other individual":

And I have ALL the paperwork in my current possession, SIGNED (and dated) by Judge Linda Warren Hunter, now on Superior Court, there.

I ALSO have about two dozen (or more), screen captures going back through summer 2010, showing the many, many changes -- and in about six or seven stages now -- that those records were changed and now most are erased. In the TWO checks to these records today, both showed incomplete records from 1990, only, but I have all the captures showing that at least American Express Bank and one other bank, Christal Presley, Patrick Stansbury (my former employer at Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, who distributes the drugs from Maxwell Air Force Base from Maine to Florida), and Nan Nash, a business owner and Stone Mountain, GA City Councilperson, then, but now deceased.

I saved the details via capture on ALL of these, and DO possess some of the Dekalb Court papers served me in 2010 -- before Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Col. Dottie Newman got me out of the USA to IMPERFECT (but far better), safety in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (via a stay in Colima).

Col. Newman (whom Gen. Russel Honore' knew VERY WELL -- so he told me when we had two meetings in early 2015), is on right.

Dekalb County, Georgia Sheriff Jeffrey Mann

Atlanta-area sheriff charged after allegedly exposing himself in park


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