Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Is for RESTING CHRISTIANS -- and a Review of the Past Week, and More "Et Ceteras"!!!

I opted to start with this image, since the one I planned to start with is less colorful. Here is the story to this one:

And here is the other:

The CALL to Christian Services

So, Monday morning, I was on my way to confront Mayor Saffo to find out WHY he refuses to help me get a hold of the Police Report on my roommate (then), friend, and business partner, Evan Fish's death -- which Police and the Wilmington Star News claimed was a SUICIDE, but the Sheriff's Deputies (and Negotiator), told me was FORCED when Police saw the Sheriff's people had talked Evan back from the edge of the parking deck by the Library downtown, they immediately released his HATED ex-girlfriend who wanted Evan to get back into large-scale cocaine-trafficking, like the two of them had done for two years in Maine, and were supplied by Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., my employer 1990 - 2010.

Eleanor "Ellie" Schwaner then ran up to Evan, whispered something in his ear, and he jumped to his death, shouting "There's NO WAY OUT!!!" -- meaning of Drug Mafia, run in Wilmington by Mayor Bill Saffo, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David (Jon on the other side of the Cape Fear River).

After all these DEVOUT CHRISTIANS murdered Evan, they made a CHARMING Christmas Ornament out of him -- for JESUS!!!

He LIKELY did this with WINEtoo -- don't we ALL???

Now, to get back to where I was going, Monday morning, I was headed to visit the Mayor or his Admin, Dawn Grants, to find out HOW I can get that report, that DECORATED Chicago Journalist Jamie Kalven told me I just need to find a lawyer to file a "Freedom of Information Act" lawsuit to FORCE it out, and of course I met Jamie at his lecture at the Kenan Institute for Ethics a week and a half ago.

I'm HOPING to avoid THAT, but it is ENTIRELY up to Mayor Saffo (how much I must SCREW HIS CHRISTIAN ASS by the Law, including likely LONG incarceration for being the TOP Narco-Trafficker in Wilmington).

FIRST, the reason I was crossing Third Street walking AWAY from the Courthouse and City Hall at Princess Street when this TIME/Warner Cable truck STRUCK ME (details here:, is that I first was running a couple of errands before returning to City Hall.

As you see, the force of impact (estimated by Police to be 10 mph -- and he, claiming to be blinded by the sun so he never saw me before the impact), knocked me only FIVE feet, but my feet ended up closest to the truck and if you add my seven-foot height, you get 12 feet, my OWN estimation. (It came from my head.) 

They estimated $500.00 damage to the truck and no monetary value to my OWN vehicular damages (I've always believed the Body is our Vehicle, but that's Metaphysics, not Law).

I now acknowledge that I was a FOOL to dismiss the emergency medical crew, and after being in TOO MUCH PAIN for TOO LONG and NO improvement to that at the base of my back (although the rest of the pains had healed), I visited my doctor Friday afternoon, and he diagnosed NO other likely problems, except to those muscles. He prescribed a muscle-relaxer, and I found that while it was helpful, it is the Ibuprofen (Advil), that is helping more with the pain.

And this week I will try to find a Personal Injury Lawyer to sue for "Pain and Suffering", but NOT an "ambulance chaser", but one who can get some FAIR monetary compensation for this MAJOR disruption to my life and health. I already googled for one in Wilmington, but have made no decisions yet whom to try. 

The TOP choices that came up are very entertaining to me:

#1 (PAID AD)Disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby:

But I was not PLEASED with my past experience with the little "ROMAN CATHOLIC FAG"

And as ALL OF WILMINGTON now knows, his WIFE soon left Thom for a HETEROSEXUAL, Todd Toconis, a realtor:

There goes MRS. GOOLSBY!!!

2. Bruce Mason, my OLD lawyer from when Jennifer McCracken made a FALSE CHARGE against me fall 2015, and when Jenny's PARTNER IN CRIME (and object of her Lesbian crush), Judge Lindsey Luther was NOT presiding in that Courtroom, she NO SHOWED and case was DISMISSED.

I've watched Bruce Mason "strut his stuff" in Courts since I FIRST moved to Wilmington in 2011!!! I LIKE his ATTITUDE!!!

But I (actually Joseph Faulk), had paid Mr. Mason over $1,000.00 and he did LITTLE work, so maybe he'd like to make some MORE!!!

(And he's USED TO listening to my Politics!!!)

3. Republican New Hanover County Commissioner Woody White (who got by FAR the most votes in recent re-election).

COMPLETELY unnatural smile -- but he's CLEARLY SMART!!!

I'm actually non-partisan, and I've run into NO DIRT on Woody (nor have I dug for it). MAYBE with help of all my dirt on both Democratic and Republican Parties, he could become the ONE who reforms the Narco-Trafficking, Christian, Republican Party on the Lower Cape Fear, no???


Having finally gotten comfortable enough to SLEEP WELL, last night, I was in bed by 9:00 PM. Half an hour later, Haston returned from being out all day, then made two more trips out in the next half hour, each time getting something from his room.

At 5:30 AM, I awoke and he had very recently returned, and after his bath, was watching porn on his computer while in bed with his hand in his groin. He told me he had SORTA had sex with a woman, and that they'd "done some things", but he was TOO HEPPED UP on his over-the-counter "Rock Hard", and done so much KRATOM from "The Liquid Room" that he was nowhere near sleep.

He still NEEDED to "get his nut" -- and he eventually DID get it (without help from me).

That took him until just in time to go to church, which he dressed and went off to, and has not yet returned from. It is now 2:19 PM.

And he told me that he expects to be able to sleep by tonight to be REFRESHED to meet Probation Officer Billinger, tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, this morning -- when I spoke with Joseph Faulk in New York City -- Joseph did not seem upset with me AT ALL over my recent blogging!!!

But you would not BELIEVE all that "Miss Lucy", downstairs told me (after doing the same "cross-my-heart-hope-to-die" junior-high girly pledge to keep me quiet on it -- the SAME pledge she also did while hooking smallest fingers with me when we pledged to stop smoking, but the next day she was smoking an ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE, claiming that didn't count, so I feel NO OBLIGATION, she being a CONFIRMED LYING CHRISTIAN).

1. She actually has 43 Felony convictions from about 15 years ago -- and 13 Misdemeanor convictions as well.

2. She is STILL not allowed to vote (but fighting in Court to get that right back), but in North Carolina -- and with 43 Felony Convictions -- she IS ALLOWED to keep TWO LOADED GUNS in her apartment --

Fancy THAT!!!

3. She HATES TRUMP, and LOVES Huffington Post (and Jimmy Soni, now the STAR BOARD MEMBER of the Kenan Institute for Ethics, made HuffPost what it is today):

Arianna Huffington and Jimmy Soni

I, myself, having been born in Cincinnati, Ohio, often bill myself as "Cincinnatus Retorno".

Por mi Amigos!!!

But last night, Lucy said she'd turned on the TV to hear Donald Trump claim he was left a MESS by Barack Obama -- and that MADE SO MUCH SENSE to her, that she changed her mind about the Donald.

"Miss Lucy" has joined "Testosteroni" (Joseph Faulk), in having THIS for BRAINS -- LOL!!!

3. But MOST SHOCKING TO ME, was that even though she's told me half a dozen times that the idea of Haston Caulder getting interested in her makes her SKIN CRAWL -- "he's such a CHAUVINISTIC ASSHOLE" -- she admitted she likes to turn on enough heat to sleep "spread eagle" (bottoms down), on her bed in CLEAR VIEW of anyone coming down the outside back stairs from my apartment.

I have never noticed this, but you CAN see her bed well through the clerestory window above her back door, and I had WONDERED why Haston has been LEAVING by the back door (causing me to have to lock it behind him, while the front door, he uses his keys on, and I am NOT inconvenienced).

Madeleine Sherwood as "Miss Lucy" in Tennessee Williams's Sweet Bird of Youth.


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