Monday, February 13, 2017

On My Way to Confront Mayor Saffo AGAIN for Covering Up the Police Murder of Evan Fish in 2011, a Time Warner Cable Truck Hit Me and Threw Me about 12 Feet (harming the truck, mostly)!!! In FRONT of the Court House and City Hall, no less -- LOL!!!

The grill and dent in hood were due to my MONSTER KENAN HIPS!!!

And so far, I'm still having a sense of humor (after a wee bit of SHOCK and some HOLLERING -- for the initial pain)!!!

The paramedics checked me out and even asked if I had "atrib" (atrial fibrillation), which I do, and had not yet taken my morning meds. I signed a release not to go to in the ambulance since I'd been standing, walking, and talking and making sense without vertigo or confusion for ten minutes.

The young man who had been driving the truck had been blinded by the sun, still low on Third Street straight to the south. I'd seen his truck second in line on Princess, and when I had the light to walk, I soon saw him pulling out after the vehicle in front of him drove straight through, toward me (2/3 the way across the street when he hit me), and KNEW he did not see me (and I'm 6' 11" -- LOL!!!). 

My only real thought was that he would not be able to stop in time to keep from running right over me, but the impact threw me far enough and I was NOT run over.

I took the full brunt on both heels of my palms -- and miraculously, the skin was not even SCRAPED, but I have nice red "indentation bruises". I just now dropped my drawers, and have NO red or swelling where the truck hit the side of my tall hips, but some soreness.

Having been POISONED by Amy Fortenberry (Wal-Mart's top political operative in 2011, who ran a room of twenty or thirty lawyers filing lawsuits against prominent people who criticize Walmart), and having to stand naked in a cold winter shower to keep from losing my consciousness, which I "knew" I would never get back if lost, for about twenty minutes of the worst of it, this, today,was not NEARLY as scary.

Amy was punished for failing to kill me, and has been in a coma that doctors do not understand since about then. She lives with her Dad, Chip, off South Hairston Rd. Stone Mountain. It's been three years since I called her Mom to see if there's been improvement.

And don't forget what they did to Deb Baratta here in Wilmington in 2011!!!

Deb Baratta

The story on Deb starts almost halfway down, the top has been stripped of some images:

And then I was beaten SILLY by several CIA operatives in Puerto Vallarta who ran Drug Mafia there with the Episcopal Church, USA, the Clinton State Department, etc. -- the people Joseph Faulk kept trying to get me to let back into my house AFTER this. Three of those times, I might have sustained broken ribs, but knew how to tell they were just bruised, and within five to six weeks, I got over the pain.

I'm feeling sore and more sore, now, but nothing sharp, and no confusion, so I'll monitor myself for several hours to be sure I'm fine.

I entertained the cops, medics, poor driver, etc., with stories of my Great-Grandmother Juliana Moore, the Oldest Confederate Widow in North Carolina killing a rattlesnake in the back yard with a broom stick -- at her 100th Birthday Party. Also stories of Mayor Saffo's, Police Chief Evangelous, and D.A.s Ben and Jon David narco-trafficking with the prominent (and obscure) Christian Churches -- and how I intend to have them all in prison soon.

EVERYONE knew what I was talking about and wished me well -- except the cops just smiled (from ear to ear).

There is MUCH MORE to be blogged today, but I need to rest now. The accident was NOT POLITICAL and purely accidental, so don't think "conspiracy" here.

But KNOW that my letter to Thomas S. Kenan III shows out in the Post Office truck for delivery TODAY!!!"


Actually, ALL my joints are feeling a bit stiff, now.


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