Friday, February 10, 2017

Letter Mailed Today to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, North Carolina!!!

Thomas S. Kenan III
Kenan Management Inc.
100 Europa Drive # 525
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

February 10, 2017

Dear Tom,

Sorry to write again after promising I’d sent you my last, but I DO make errors because I’m not afraid to take risks – and I then learn from my errors.

Two nights ago, I attended a lecture at Duke sponsored by the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and felt like I’d found my HOME!!! You see, in my dealings with and explorations of “all things Kenan”, from Liberty Hall to The Breakers, and the various Kenan Companies as well, I found that despite many Political disagreements of the various entities, ALL are put together with the TOP CONCERN for Quality – the HALLMARK of your wealthy branch of our family.

I doubt you read my blog, and I have no idea if Steve Armstrong shares my better-made points with you, but it is time to LAY DOWN all the differences of the past, THANK Donald Trump for making everyone pay attention and care (for a change), and then poke that blowhard with a pin, so he self-propels to Uranus, his home planet, no???

I’m really only writing you to give you a heads-up that I have been invited to get to know -- and possibly more -- KIE. One of the  families that donates to KIE – but more to Duke, itself – has taken quite a shine to me, and is very encouraging. As you know the 1967 edition of The Kenan Family suggested a basketball scholarship to Duke for me, but I went to Denison, on money from them for my smarts.

I’ve RECENTLY begun making true peace with my immediate family – despite being raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates and my parents setting up the Wilmington, NC (and Atlanta/Stone Mountain) Christian Drug Mafias with Nixon aide John Ehlichman, whom I knew well, and my parents being close friends and Political Agents in association with such Traitors as Coach Lou Holtz, John Boehner, Sean Hannity, and Newt Gingrich. ALSO, my employer, Pentagon Publishing of Snellville, GA, where owner Patrick Stansbury distributed the Heroin and other drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, worked with my parents, and Gen. Russel Honore’ knew ALL ABOUT these crimes when I twice met with him in New Orleans nearly two years ago.

But the way I see it, is that we have ALL made a lot of errors (stupid and not) – ENCOURAGED by lying Christians and their Churches (my parents working with the Roman Catholic Church to promote NAZISM, yours working with the Episcopal Church, which is actually more into making money narco-trafficking and is so BIG in supporting the Ku Klux Klan).

We’d all be better off studying what Jesus (or the Buddha, Muhammed, etc.), taught about LIVING, and DITCH worshiping Prophets, no???

So let me get this off to you, and I should also say that about three weeks ago, someone at Liberty Hall anonymously sent me the list of email addresses of every Board member there. I have NOT used them because I’ve had no reason to – at least so far – but I have taken it (as well as the GREAT COMMERADERIE I felt from the employees of the Kenan Institute for Ethics, and you KNOW the top management of The Breakers and I get on famously), as a SIGN that I am WITH the Kenan Charities – even if you helped elect Donald Trump and I did NOT.

I hope that someday, you and I can have a drink and some fun discussing how PECULIAR the experience of being a Kenan actually is. I promise not to accidentally step on you.

All best, and please raise a toast to the ONE GOD, who ALWAYS wins.

Scott David Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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