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HOLY MOLY: Scott Kenan TRANSFORMED by Contact with the Kenan Institute for Ethics Last Night??? (It SERIOUSLY looks that way -- and it's a PROCESS.)

Jamie Kalven last night, Jamie having broken the Laquan McDonald story in Chicago, which was associated with this graphic:

OK, because there is so much to write about, I won't get into too much detail about the lecture, as reported here:

And I believe the story and photo at top should have been credited to Bryan Roth, whom I spoke with for an extended time. One of the most DELIGHTFUL people I've met in ages, and given his YOUTH, intelligence, and quick wit, this fella is GOING SOMEWHERE!!!

SOMEONE will be LUCKY to life-partner with this guy, no??? And I mean no disrespect to Mr. Kalven, who in my own "Old Folks" category would be a GREAT CATCH, too!!!

From Duke UniversitySome people call him the space cowboy. Some, the gangster of love. As a writer, photographer and videographer with the Office of Communication Services, pretty much everyone calls him Bryan Roth.

At Duke, Bryan produces stories and images for Working@Duke, Duke Today and other online outlets. Before becoming a Blue Devil, he worked for the Finger Lakes Times and Messenger-Post newspapers in up, upstate New York (where winter starts in October and ends in May).
In addition to being an avid movie fan and fantasy sports aficionado, Bryan is also very nice to his mother, enjoys proper grammar and performs his job adequately with severe punctuality.
Bryan loves working at Duke, but is still hoping his plans for world domination pan out.
* * *
A few of the best points from the lecture and "in-room discussion":

Jamie Kalven made sure to credit others for much that has been credited to him on the Laquon McDonald story. A sign of TRUE CLASS!!!

He really showed his empathy for Law Enforcement officers who work in FREQUENT fear of taking not just shots from "perpetrators", but friendly fire as well, and reminded all that the nature of the work in crisis situations makes it IMPOSSIBLE for mistakes not to sometimes be made, so we need to be sure to APPRECIATE that -- but it does not excuse some illegal Police actions.

The "High Justice Department Official" sat right in front of me, making comments with his friend beside him. I got the TONE more than heard some of those words, but he TOO seemed totally cool, and I'd HOPED to discuss with him the time I had a meeting in Raleigh with Rudy Renfer, summer 2015. At that time he was second in charge of the US Attorney's Office in Raleigh, but now, it appears he might be back in private practice as an attorney. My original report, and for the RECORD, the DEA Head Agent in Wilmington that the DEA Head in Raleigh referred me too, REFUSED TO SPEAK WITH ME, although someone in that department said they "record all (my) phone calls" -- LOL!!!

LATER, I learned that when I spoke with someone CLAIMING to be Agent Mike Franklin here in Wilmington, he was IMPERSONATING Franklin, and then calling and discussing THAT with the Wilmington Office made me DISGUSTED with this SHAM that more likely GUARDS the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington (which I did not yet know when I wrote the following report):

It was in 2011 after I spoke to the DEA Head (then), in his office in the Federal Court House here in Wilmington -- telling him all about District Attorney Benjamin R. David's narco-trafficking, as well as bringing false charges against me, that telling of that story (I believe it was the same day), to my friend Lee, that LEE (in AA and I'd thought successfully dry for a long time -- VERY manly guy, BTW), went out and GOT DRUNK, then sat me down, told me he was secretly Ben David's long-term lover, and in front of me, CALLED Ben David, and told him that after what I'd done, Ben needed to SHOOT HIMSELF IN THE HEAD, because he was CAUGHT in his huge crimes -- HA!!!

Then a short time later, I ran into Lee and he showed off the newish pick-up truck that he said Ben David bought him CASH (presumably from Drug Profits), and said due to my blogging, Lee had to leave town and never contact Ben again. Lee didn't seem at all upset by that -- perhaps he felt the need for a BETTER BOTTOM BOY than BEN, no???

The Justice Department guy and I never got to speak for very long, but he DID tell me that given what I told him that I had better HIDE -- but I explained that I've been blogging the same stuff for YEARS, now, and always copy those I criticize.
 He was also clearly concerned about his Justice Department becoming very DEMORALIZED under Donald Trump -- about whom he tried and semi-found a couple of minor things to like.

And the MOST fun were the family originally from Iran, who had been associated with a top university in California, before moving here and becoming very involved in Duke as well as the Kenan Institute, and they have actual OFFICES both places, as well as their pictures all over the huge building we met in. Mama is Muslim, Papa is Atheist, and sonny is Baha'i, so a nice mix and NO CHRISTIANS -- Praise Jesus!!! 

We were so involved talking, we didn't notice that the crew had cleaned up all the refreshments and left -- like everyone else -- and then we spoke in the parking lot for another 15 minutes.

They are the ones who kept calling me a "talking history book" (for the record, Thomas S. Kenan III has been designated the Official Kenan Historian since the time The Kenan Family was first published in 1967 and available online in FULL, here: 

And several people suggested I visit the Kenan Center, home of the Ethics Institute, to learn more about them and maybe get involved.

Connor, Max, Taylor, my brother Mike, and his wife Gail were there at Taylor's UNC graduation. Connor is also a UNC Chapel Hill grad.

The Kenan Center -- the one at UNC Chapel Hill

And I have to say that I arrived at that meeting ENORMOUSLY annoyed by Haston Caulder, whom I'd just spoken with and he tried to get me to allow a slut into our apartment to "do" her, and I REFUSED -- NOT to allow it, but I told him it was HIS decision if he trusted her, NOT MINE. I was really angry that the first time in the many months he's lived in my apartment, the one and ONLY night I am out past midnight, was the night he chose to do this.

The one other night I was out -- spent in a Carolina Beach hotel (the one that does the Charity Fundraiser every year with my friend Randy Jones of The Village People), with George HW Bush's precisely eighth cousin (but only 58, and sleeping under a C-PAP machine), also descended from the brother of Confederate President Jefferson Davis as well as the General in charge of Confederate forces at Fort Fisher or Wilmington in that final battle.

Anyway, that was while Haston was in jail -- I think.

Haston refused to accept that he had to decide, but when I got home, I learned he had NOT allowed her in -- although through ALL of this the wench was sitting on the steps in front of the house -- EXACTLY what the neighbors are not fond of -- DRUG TRASH hanging out here. But Haston is a STRONG and BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, so his lies and trashy-sex and past crimes ALL MAKE SENSE!!!

My point actually meant to be, that between that upset with Haston and being in the company of INTELLIGENT, CARING, EDUCATED and ACTION ORIENTED PEOPLE OF SIGNIFICANCE for the FIRST time since December 2009 -- artist Mark Beard's Christmas Party where I met, among many others "high in the Arts", THREE guys who have cultural TV Shows in NYC, and got all their contact info, they wanting to interview me on the air, once Walking on Glass actually hit book stands, April 2010.

And with my extreme height and SO MUCH I want to say, I was afraid I'd be overwhelming, so tried to be more listening. But I will PURSUE learning more about the Institute and maybe get somehow involved. I was told whom to contact for that.

And perhaps "better than best", is that a few weeks ago, someone from Liberty Hall in Kenansville, NC, anonymously sent me the entire list of email addresses for their Board of Directors. Maybe my wealthy relatives are finally GETTING IT (and maybe I am too), that the PAST no longer matters -- except as something to learn from -- and we Kenans need to go on FORWARD, NOW, TOGETHER into a BETTER FUTURE of:


MORE good news for the Kenan Institute for Ethics -- and how TIMELY!!!:




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