Monday, August 29, 2016

Travelers Insurance SEEMS to Be Dragging Its Feet in Calling Me / Sen. Thom Tillis's Email to Me TODAY: "My Office Is Here to HELP YOU!!!"

Screen capture of the top of Republican Senator Tillis's email to me.


1. It began with "Testosteroni" cautioning me that I might have an incurable STD that leads to DEATH -- just because he is a fearful worshiper of Satan. Since I don't, and have been tested, I laughed it off and told him to get his refrigerator replaced. It is his landlord's responsibility, and the thing has been BROKEN for many years now, but "Testo" is too chicken to call his landlord, and at nearly 84 years old, continues buying a big bag of ice per day, and toting it up FIVE FLIGHTS OF STAIRS (in summer heat and winter cold -- for YEARS), to use it like an ice chest.

I told him to get his OWN house in order, and STOP FANTASIZING ABOUT MY PAINFUL DEATH!!!


You might THINK that Mercury has been in retrograde (messes up communications both physically and in terms of understanding), but IN FACT, Mercury goes into retrograde TOMORROW, August 30 - September 22, so ASTROLOGY is no real help!!!

3. On my way to Benefits Management to get my weekly allowance check, I passed THREE Wilmington Politicians -- in office or up for elections. We ALL exchanged passing pleasantries -- and ONLY Julia Boseman seemed at all NerVOuS with me.

I wish I knew her problem, but still ASSUME it is that she thinks she needs the APPROVAL of her life and marriage (and biological child), from a God-Hating Christian Church.

At least she revealed how much that means to HER at her fundraising/birthday party -- and no one there I spoke with has ANY respect for most Christian Churches -- although ALL love what Jesus TAUGHT!!!

4. Perhaps it was because I mentioned to the Satan-Worshiping "Old Testo" (real name: Kluaf C. Esoj), that I have been DYING for a good Boar's Head roast beef sandwich for a WEEK, and intended to get one for lunch today, that THAT went ALL TO HELL -- LOL!!!

After depositing my check at Bank of America, I walked by Thom Goolsby's Law Office, and continuing now for a couple of months, he has NO SIGNAGE posted on his office, and only one employee there -- but he was getting TWO large boxes delivered by UPS to the woman at the counter.

Desperado Thom is STILL running his lawyer ads in PAIRS in the wee overnight hours on both CNN and MSNBC, so WHY not put a SIGN back up on his office???

And then I meandered downtown Wilmington, knowing I had an hour to kill, but might as well hang out until Chops Deli opened at 11:00, and order a sandwich to go.

Brad Corpening (front), the owner, was talking to his crew in front when I went in. He was dressed in SHORT PANTS -- ILLEGAL by Health Department rules in indoor restaurants in EVERY YANKEE state and Georgia that I've worked in -- not just because of loss of leg hairs, but because pants protect you if you DROP A KNIFE or splatter 350 degree GREASE!!!

And there I saw it: a GIANT tattoo on Brad's one calf -- NEVER a sign of intelligence!!! But I dismissed that since Wilmington Christians just LOVE tattoos -- even though the BIBLE FORBIDS THEM, period. The Catholic Church of my youth said getting one is a MORTAL SIN, and NO Catholic or Protestant holding any REAL responsibility ever seems to have a LARGE one, although small ones don't even COUNT anymore.

I can't think of ONE ELECTED Democrat or Republican who has marred his or her flesh in this manner -- except of course Judge Sandra Ray's now EX-husband, Sherman Lee Criner:


So, although one person ahead of me was taken care of BEFORE I ordered this one of three roast beef variations:

Rare Roast Beef, French Brie, Spring Mix, Red Onions, and Homemade Peppercorn Mayo on a Sourdough Kaiser.

When I got HOME after a 15 minute walk, I discovered I had THIS, instead!!!:

Some kind of Turkey with green apple slices and red stuff (cranberry? raspberry??? -- I didn't notice a flavor)

So THAT was a big disappointment -- especially since the ONLY sandwich on order was my Roast Beef!!! But it was not Brad who made it, but ANOTHER tallish guy with beard.

I will NEVER return to this Den of Idiots!!!

>>> JUST IN @ 5:27 PM:

Son of Chief District Court Judge Jay Corpening, BRAD CORPENING has SERIOUS DRUG PROBLEMS!!!:

5. And then at 2:07, I decided to call Bonita Carr in the County Offices to see why the Travelers Insurance Adjuster hasn't called me about my filing CLAIM FOR DAMAGES against the City of Wilmington for repeated violations of my Constitutional Rights -- DESPITE my contacting City Officials to STOP IT

When I visited with Bonita in her office last Wednesday morning (, Bonita said he would call me AT THE LATEST, this past Friday.

Now, there could be a lot of good reasons why he hasn't, but Bonita GOT IT that I am SERIOUS and will BANKRUPT City Coffers if they don't treat me with RESPECT.

Maybe Bonita is a typical "County Republican" and PREFERS that I DRAIN THE "DEMOCRATIC CITY" COFFERS, no???

I've heard of STRANGER things -- LOL!!!

But even with Sen. Thom Tillis's offer to help me -- and I WILL write and deliver in person a letter concerning FEDERAL problems to Sen. Tillis -- like the DRUG MAFIA corruption of the downtown Post Office and D.A. Ben David's INTERN while Mr. David's office prosecuted me on EIGHT false charges and held me unconstitutionally in jail for many weeks, who went on to be the LAWYER of Jamie Lee Sutherland of Wells Fargo, then, Ameriprise Financial Chicago (who had bragged to me how he saw both Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his "Man's Country" private gay bathhouse in Chicago).

Ben David (or at least some in his office), were involved in FEDERAL INTERSTATE CRIMES in that Jeffrey Duncan then was Daliah Saper's REGULAR lawyer (others did the actual filing), in a then five-person, now three person Law Firm:

Ben David TOLD ME he would try to get this judgement VACATED (since it was both illegal and unconstitutional), when we chance-met in Cousin's Deli on July 19, 2016: See bottom 1/4 of this:

Here is where ANYONE can monitor what is happening in that Chicago case:

You will notice that Saper Law later subcontracted Rishi Nair to COLLECT THE WINNINGS. Rishi FAILED with both and Google Blogger, but WON with my own family-owned Bank of America, that LIED REPEATEDLY how they got service -- and handed over my DISABILITY MONEY (protected from such judgments by LAW!!!) -- and even CEO Catholic/NAZI Brian Moynihan REFUSES to respond or have an underling respond:

And REALLY, Jamie had only asked for $50,000.00 and NOTHING else. I was NEVER legally served (I was in the USA when the service got to Mailboxes. Etc. -- then American owned, NOW, Mexican-Government owned), and I did not return until after the 30-day window of Valid Service -- but Saper's Lawyer presented it as if I HAD signed it, and I was tried in ABSENTIA, without a defense!!!

And with Jamie actually getting a PROMOTION at Wells Fargo (so WHAT damage did my blogging the truth cause him anyway???), he got ALL OF THIS:


So to finish this one item re: Travelers Insurance, in my voicemail for Bonita Carr, I mentioned that when I FIRST returned to Wilmington last summer, I visited Mayor Saffo's office and Dawn Grants (his admin), PROMISED to set up a meeting between me and the Mayor, so we could try to find some AGREEMENT and not FIGHT over me telling the TRUTH.

Mayor Saffo (now sporting man-boobs and BIG TUMMY), was too AFRAID OF ME to meet!!!

And THAT'S why I'm a little NERVOUS when Officials can't at least call or drop a NOTE (I gave Ms. Carr ALL my contact info -- including BOTH email addresses and mailing as well).

It is NOW, 5:00 PM, and NO CALL from Bonita or Travelers Insurance.


FIRST, I added this new communications to my LAST blog posting -- after emailing it to 160 contacts, so I paste it in here, followed with ADDITIONAL communication that I BLIND COPIED to D.A. Ben David as well -- figuring he'd get a KICK out of it:

>>> THIS JUST IN @ 5:22 PM:

... Have yet to read... 

FromAlex Guevara montrillionbusiness@gmail.comhide details
ToScott Kenan

I have yet to read any of your messages. I will get around to it. (Yet, he commented on SIX of them -- LOL!!!)

I apologize for any threatening behavior. Somtimes (sic) I get high on LSD and drink lots of vodka. I really am speaking senselessly.



And HERE the part Ben David got to read, but I have not previously published:

Well, Alex, I'm sure that is MY loss!!! In 2011 - 12 I OFTEN did the same straight guys (who would go FLAT if I brushed their thighs with my beard stubble -- so had to be careful not to BREAK their closed-eyes fantasies of who was down there -- but DANG did they appreciate that!!! They all KNEW that guys do it MUCH better than women.

Perhaps as a consolation prize you could send me a photo of it -- hard or soft, and not with your face showing.


-----Original Message-----

From: Alex Guevara <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Sun, Aug 28, 2016 5:39 pm
Subject: Re: ... Have yet to read...

I love women. No Thanks

However, I am an artist. And, if there is anything you can contribute to that lifestyle, I would gladly take it. (HUH???)


STAHRKLUBB is the work of Pierre Alfonso. Alfonso is a 25 year old Southern California native. After several years of collaborating with others, Alfonso would later relocate from the Inland Empire to Wilmington, North Carolina (Hollywood East). Alfonso spent several years toiling with experimental music and many stage names while in Wilmington. Of the many projects, he would form a band named Azucares in Wilmington, which he later dissolved. He later took a road trip of the eastern USA, where he landed in the French city of Montreal, Canada. This journey enlightened him so much so that his focus on performing and music was reborn after years of failed projects. In the coming years he took coursework on French and returned to Montreal many times; claiming Montreal to be the birthplace of STAHRKLUBB. All the while, STAHRKLUBB released one album titled "Rapist Fantasy Soul Collector God Killer" (2014) multiple EP's, and singles. STAHRKLUBB gained much credibility in Wilmington, NC before serving a residency in his native of California, in late 2015. STAHRKLUBB inhabited the San Francisco Bay Area in late 2015 while living in the Mission District. While there, he would record a live session at STORK Club in Oakland, CA. He later served a residency in the Hollywood Boulevard area while continuing mixing, writing, and recording new music at a studio, in early 2016. He later returned to the eastern USA, where he currently resides. All new recordings have been held from official release as STAHRKLUBB has recently received much mentoring, coaching, and discipline from various individuals while living throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

STAHRKLUBB's most recent performance and release is from 2015 in Oakland, California (link below):

Alexander Guevara


On Sun, Aug 28, 2016 at 5:32 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

You might be in for a REAL SHOCK when you do!!! 

That said, I'm SERIOUS about thinking it would be fun to suck your dick, let you fuck me -- or whatever.

I'm an old guy to you, but at 6' 11", I'm a TOTAL "Novelty Act" in bed -- that you can brag about even to your GRAND-CHILDREN!!!

Let me know if you DARE!!!




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