Thursday, August 4, 2016

The BIGGEST Christian Support for LGBT Youth in Wilmington, North Carolina Is Chick-Fil-A (and Conservative Christians Have Been BOYCOTTING Chick-Fil-A Since October 2015 Because of It)!!!

Of course it is NO SECRET that Truett Cathy and his Chick-Fil-A had been MORTAL ENEMIES with gays, evolutionists, Mainstream Christians, and other more modern types, but over many, many years, I have noticed how PACKED their stores are and how WELL they handle their massive crowds of customers -- and how NICE they have been on the very rare times I've eaten at one over all those years.

NO Fast Food restaurant chain is better run -- and I always felt that with their Customer Service Values that they would eventually COME TO THEIR SENSES -- which they have. In Wilmington, I have observed many fast-food operations (I was a Wendy's manager for two years in the mid-1980s, so am qualified to judge), around Wilmington since my return from Political Exile in Mexico, and in the next tier down, I find Bojangles and Arby's to be the next best run. Wendy's, here anyway, runs decently, with some problems, and an Arby's Store Manager told me they had job-interviewed an Area Manager (first level up after Store Manager), as well as store managers of Wendy's and found DRUG PROBLEMS in their recent past.

But MUCH WORSE in Wilmington is McDonald's (franchise stores, here), and that is CONTINUING, despite my letter mailed to their franchise-corporate office in 2011. Then, I often slept in my car behind the parking/drive-around of the store on Market Street near Kerr Avenue -- it then a "Homeless Hangout" with Crack Whores even selling themselves INSIDE!!!

The drive-through, there, sold hard drugs as if ON THE MENU, and COMPLETELY out in the open. Police DID get the message (you know how I like to copy lots of people), and sat in marked cars in the parking lot across the street WITH HEADLIGHTS ON, watching -- TOO FAR AWAY to see anything real, and since the WHOLE TOWN KNOWS that Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and Mayor Saffo PROTECT the Christian Drug Mafia (fewer knowing that Evangelous smoked CRACK daily, then, in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine), none of the Drug Dealing McDonald's employees were slowed down ONE BIT -- and it was SUPPORTED by Franchise Corporate -- I can't say if by McDonald's Corporate, so NO NEED to stop selling what the Company and Wilmington Police APPROVE OF!!!

Additional notes on this:

1. That McDonald's is now somewhat cleaned up, and homeless no longer sleep behind it in cars.

2. When I returned late June of 2015, I ate there three times the first month. MOST -- but not all -- front-counter help and cooking staff were TOO HIGH on something to work with any efficiency, and ALL THREE of those orders were filled with at least one error. I have NOT been back to that Christian Retail Drug-Seller since then!!!

3. Police Chief Ralph Evangelous was also allowing his cops to smoke marijuana in uniform in the Police parking lot back then -- I witnessed it twice -- and he also had to AUTHORIZE the Police Murder of my friend Evan Fish, who knew ALL ABOUT my former boss in Georgia, Patrick Stansbury of, supplying TONS of drugs to Wilmington via Lee Gosney, and to TOP Republicans, MANY Christian Churches, and MOST elected and appointed Democratic Party Politicians in Wilmington (there are more of them in town).

Patrick Stansbury's company ALSO sold all the ad space in every yearbook for the US Service Academies and War Colleges since he got control of them for his own company in 1992. The drugs were flown into Maxwell AFB, where we had advertising contracts for the yearbooks for the Air War College, Air Command & Staff College, and one other.

Evan Fish airs some pheromones before he was forced to jump off the parking deck by the Library downtown about September 5, 2011 -- and then the CIA/Wilmington Star News COVERED IT UP!!!

But HERE is the funny part that connects the above: It was in the parking lot of Truett Cathy's ORIGINAL "Dwarf House" restaurant -- on the highway not far from Columbus, Georgia -- where on two separate occasions in early 2010, that I met a total of about 30 US Marines breaking from convoy, who ALL swore they had been ordered to GUARD US Air Force planes in Afghanistan that were being loaded with CIA/State Department (then Hillary Clinton in charge, with Wilmington native Stanley Winborne III's SON the one in charge in Afghanistan of GETTING THE DRUGS ON THE PLANES)!!!

Stanley Winborne III and Colin Stuart Hamilton (my arm and "devil sign" also showing), at a lunch of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group in August 2014.

Colin Hamilton, a HUGE STAR of BBC radio in Africa most of his life (but also of TV in London and radio in Florida, USA as well), was MURDERED by drug mafia just a year ago, and ONLY Wilmington Narco-Trafficker (she claimed by orders of her Mormon Church), Jennifer McCracken (her brother is one of the CIA Narco-Traffickers on Sheriff McMahon's force), KNEW all about exactly what happened in Puerto Vallarta, and when I published that on this blog, Mexican newspapers in Puerto Vallarta area -- English language -- then published what Jenny had told me.

Jenny McCracken of Kenan-built Carolina Apartments

Not only that, but Jenny has a "Special Relationship" with Republican Judge Lindsey Luther, who is an ELDER at narco-trafficking/White Supremacist First Presbyterian -- ENDOWED by my Traitorous Rich Kenan Relatives centered around UNC Chapel Hill:

The TWO biggest narco-traffickers that I know of in Wilmington STILL TODAY, are Jennifer McCracken and Philip Rosario (VERY tied to Father Bob Kus and Sister Mary Isaac Koenig of St. Mary's Catholic -- which REALLY means to MY MOTHER, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh, who also worked with them both.


Philip Rosario (this the CATHOLIC altar to himself and FUN DRUG TIMES that Phil kept in his room in my house), told me that he has been a MAJOR narco-trafficker in Wilmington for OVER 30 YEARS -- and has run MANY Whore Houses here as well.

Phil is ALSO closely associated with the Arab/Muslim Mafia centered around "Yah-Yah" and his brother Tony, of the Village Market and so many small convenience stores around Wilmington.

Parts of Phil Rosario's Crack pipe I found right BEFORE I kicked him out. Wilmington Police were NOT interested in picking up this evidence, nor that I had WITNESSED Phil's selling large quantities of drugs in my apartment.

So with THESE TWO still in business and protected by District Attorney Ben David, Wilmington Police, and the CIA -- remember, Phil Rosario told me MANY TIMES that he "had the goods" on Ben David so that Ben could NEVER prosecute him -- the Christian Drug Mafia is STILL WINNING in WILMINGTON.

Ben David tells me he's NOW fighting drugs instead of protecting them. To PROVE IT he needs to at least run these two OUT OF TOWN -- if the CIA won't let him prosecute them.
And BEN'S BIG PROBLEM is his homosexual long-term affairs while still married to Stephanie David and raising children. More on that here:

I appreciate that Mr. David and I can now get along -- and Ben claims to me he is actually going after narco-traffickers -- but ACTIONS speak louder than words, and CHRISTIANS -- especially the caliber that worship at the "Kenan Cathedral" (First Prez), learned:

And if you FLATTER JESUS, you are SAVED, so can commit ANY CRIME or SIN and go STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN.


BONUS: Today, Independent Politician Julia Boseman has invited me to her 50th Birtthday Party late this month -- DESPITE what I recently blogged about her.

I have decided to ATTEND!!!

Julia Boseman (back right), with legal spouse and son.


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