Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Julia Boseman of Wilmington, North Carolina REVEALS Her Addiction to Narco-Trafficking Profits / A MAIN Roy Cooper (Dem. candidate for NC Governor), Strategist LIVES NEXT DOOR to me / Catching Up with the WILD BOYS, Currently Living in my House:

Former NC Senator Julia Boseman (back right), with her legally-married spouse and her "blood son" create the OPTICS of "Perfect Aryan", but people can't help their genes and most marry people close to them racially.

Today, I had an UNETHICAL Financial SCALPING by Julia Boseman's email/website fundraising auto-apparatus -- which I will get to LAST -- but Julia's PROMINENT display of her campaigning for Hillary Clinton in 2008, on her current political website has TRIGGERED what I promised Julia I would do a couple of months ago: I will (metaphorically) FUCK her -- if she supports the narco-trafficking Clintons this year -- and Julia KNOWS they are narco-traffickers (I can prove this in Court), the little God-Hating LESBO GREED-BOT!!!

Julia Boseman INTRODUCED Hillary Clinton when she campaigned in Wilmington in 2008, and this is Ms. Boseman's current main photo from her County Commissioner campaign website. Julia is currently running as an independent.

>>> ADDED LATER: As Readers know, I have Sam Celia on one side, lawyer Oliver Carter III on another, my landlady across the street, and Psychologist Ben behind me. Re-reading this, I suddenly imagined "nutballs" descending on the neighborhood (or checking internetically), to figure out who it is.

It is someone "elsewhere", as they say.


1. I did not speak with HER -- she so busy she barely gets home at all at night to sleep -- but rather with her male life-partner, who is also her confidant, so knows a HELL OF A LOT!!!

2. This strategist is WELL AWARE of how seriously the Democratic Party is CORRUPTED -- particularly the Raleigh and Wilmington Politicians, and we talked for half an hour to really explore and he DOES know everything I do (if not all the details), EXCEPT that Roy Cooper is IN BED with the Republicans in the arena of Clinton/Bush/Cheney/Kenan Narco-Trafficking.

The simple question on this is that Roy Cooper has been Attorney General of North Carolina since 2001, so has Narco-Trafficking DECREASED or INCREASED under his tenure???

EVERYONE AGREES, it is now FAR WORSE than in 2001 -- and Roy Cooper hasn't made it a focus of his campaign.

While Roy has GOOD THINGS he stands for on his website: http://www.roycooper.com/issues/, there is NO MENTION of the DRUG EPIDEMIC AT ALL!!!

And of course there is THIS -- Roy Cooper with Wes Taylor, a one-time hair stylist, now NOT legally employed, except in the Drug Mafia. Ryan Lee Burris, 3rd Vice Chair of the New Hanover County Democrats (Wes's boyfriend), and Wes were partners in the Drug Front business of Wilmington Computer Repair, but their truck seems to have DISAPPEARED off Wilmington streets the last months.

In fact, I just checked and their phone number is now assigned to a residence!!!

As my Readers all know, Ryan Burris SLANDERED ME all over Facebook, claiming I am NOT taking my prescribed psychiatric medicines, when the Legally Provable Fact is that I haven't been prescribed such drugs since 2009 -- and have tested SANE many times by doctors since then.

Ryan's old housemates at his "Gay House" on Fifth Street near the main Cape Fear River bridge, in 2011 -12, included James Elks -- who Ryan has since ADMITTED to me was a major Wilmington Narco-Trafficker -- as well as ABUSED RYAN PHYSICALLY, THEN.

Ryan Burris with James Elks, 2011

Ryan's OTHER housemate back then was John Mann, an investment banker who had lost his license over FRAUD, who moved MASSIVE amounts of narcotics internationally via his computer -- which he showed me how he did right there in Ryan's house.

Sen. Thom Goolsby was a frequent guest at the Gay House back then -- and I actually ACCOMPANIED John Mann when he delivered Adderall (illegally-had prescription-quality Methamphetamine), all over town -- before I knew that was what we were driving around town to do.

I can testify to this in Court under Oath.

John Mann ALSO perjured himself in my KANGAROO-COURT TRIAL in Republican Judge Chad Hogston's Court -- Judge Hogston ACKNOWLEDGING HE WAS VIOLATING my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights when he convicted me of Cyber-Stalking -- a charge that the claims against me did NOT even MATCH!!!

Chad Hogston's wife was pregnant with Rosemary's Baby when he ran for Judge, and in MY opinion, if ANYONE in Wilmington should COMMIT SUICIDE for committing CRIMES AGAINST GOD, it is Mr. Hogston (but I do NOT advocate ANY violence, not even against oneself).

MORE on that trial: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.mx/2015/06/my-super-suing-david-nash-will-mean-i.html

Perhaps this all BETTER EXPLAINS why Mayor Saffo (who approved of all these actions -- although some were the responsibility of Judges working for the State), MUST compensate me for all the PERSECUTION of me in 2011 - 12, under his watch -- and WITH MAYOR SAFFO'S CONSENT!!!

But BACK TO ROY COOPER, the guy "next door" and I AGREED (with his female mate), that Roy Cooper is BETTER than Gov. Pat McCrory, and I OFFERED that if Mr. Cooper's race is CLOSE, I will volunteer to use my Tennessee-Williams-trained (and this blog-proven), dramatic writing skills to write CAMPAIGN COPY for Roy Cooper (that THEY would have to approve).

Fancy THAT!!!

FINISHING WITH JULIA BOSEMAN (specifics on my "financial fleecing" of this morning):

1. I received the following email from Julia today:

99 Days Out - It's On. 
FromJulia Boseman Julia@bosemanforcommissioner.comhide details
ToScott Kenan scottdkenan@aol.com

It's ON. We are now only 99 days out of Election Day. That's it. So, I am going to make this real quick. Click here to instantly give. I appreciate your support and ready to lead with your help.
In solidarity,
Paid for by Boseman for Commissioner

Boseman for Commissioner
118-C Princess Street
Wilmington NC 28401 United States

>>> NOW, I donated five times to Bernie Sanders via the internet and something like "Vote Blue.com" -- which handles ALL top Democrats, including Hillary Clinton.

EVERY TIME, I was ASKED if I wanted to give the same amount as before or MORE (or less), and if I wanted to "tip" Vote Blue as well. EVERY TIME I went through enough screens to make certain I knew what I was doing and donating what I wanted to.

Of course I was suspicious that Julia's email said to click that link to "instantly give", but it didn't say "the same amount", so there HAD to be a place to decide. INSTEAD, I was instantly fleeced of $20.16 -- without further question, and it has been DEDUCTED from my BoA account -- instantly.

As you see, hitting the link from the email a SECOND TIME, today, it IS suspicious and did NOT "instantly" deduct the money from my bank account. I did NOT have ANY of these options the FIRST TIME.

And IN FACT Julia's main campaign website has been DOWN two of the times I tried to get there, today. SOMETHING is VERY FISHY about Ms. Julia Boseman and her Politics!!!

I have no idea if Julia decided to use this SHOCKING (should be illegal), TRICK, and if NOT, she needs to FIRE whoever chose it -- chastising them PUBLICLY.

I had NOT actually intended to give money, today, but wanted to see more about Julia -- which I had to SEPARATELY SEARCH for info because this Donate Page has NO LINKS to Julia's site AT ALL!!!

I STILL can't get over this, but do NOT want a refund -- Julia's REVEALING HERSELF to be a CRIMINAL and Clinton Narco-Trafficker was worth MORE than that amount to me.

If she doesn't publicly confess all this and change her donation page to something ETHICAL, I will show up at her campaign events to HECKLE THE BITCH!!!

This image was added for a touch of levity -- for people who get too STIRRED UP over language, when the problems are in the PRACTICAL WORLD, not caused by THIS World of Letters.

But I'm afraid it didn't have that effect, so I add:

There goes Mrs. Goolsby!!!

And she actually DID -- right across Fifth Avenue into Todd Toconis's bed.

And Todd Toconis is a CERTIFIED heterosexual, so:



FIRST, I want to report that Kenan-Controlled Exxon-
Mobil FELL BEHIND Amazon.com, so is falling lower and lower in rankings of largest American Corporations -- Praise Jesus!!!


SECOND, I want to mention that Bill Bratton today RESIGNED as New York City Police Commissioner -- right AFTER I blogged of his being at the center of the El Chapo Guzman/Rahm Emanuel Narco-Trafficking Mafia (that includes so many others, as described by me too often). I have actually been blogging about this and Bratton for at least two or three years, now.


So yesterday, I discovered that "Dapper Dan" FOUND his cell phone and it works, and "Falwell" never found his wallet he lost Friday night, but his work debit card (how he's paid by the temp agency), had NOT been used, so he did NOT lose that money -- nor the over $100.00 he earned Saturday by working 10 hours at time-and-a half!!!

Also, yesterday, the doctor told Dan he has Carpel Tunnel Syndrome -- but no identity to his other ailments. And he will be scheduled for tests on the continuing pain (no lump to feel), in his chest, soon. AND he is on FIVE MEDICATIONS instead of the previous one -- TWO of which all but put him to sleep and he told the doctor he CAN'T take them while working or he CAN'T WORK, so the doc knows he'll not be taking them as prescribed.

BEST was that Dan explained all of this LOGICALLY and INTELLIGENTLY, so his brain CAN WORK!!!

Falwell didn't get home until 9:00 PM due to avoiding rainstorms, and we talked about his offer to be sexually "inside of me". I told him I'm more ingterested in HIM, actually, but that part is nice too -- and he clearly both WANTS IT and NEEDS IT (or similar). I told him "no giant hurry", and to let me know when he's ready.

I didn't really see him again, last night -- LOL!!!

Stay TUNED!!!



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