Monday, August 22, 2016

On a Day of Balanced Dosages of Sanity and Insanity, SOME Things Must Be Published for the Public Eye:

1. I had a great meal with "My Klutz" at the Boundary House Restaurant in Calabash, North Carolina. We spent 2.5 hours talking while eating entrees with included sides, and drinking nearly a gallon of iced tea each. Nothing else, and we sat talking after all but the tea was removed for half that time.

Obviously, we got along very well, but it was also not a time of "immediate chemistry" -- but enough interest in each other to talk so long. At the moment, I wonder if chemistry can develop organically in the process of getting to know someone. I've always counted on the IMMEDIACY of chemistry, and maybe I should try a more "tortoise-like" approach, so we shall see where things go from here.

2. This morning I awoke to the thought that I know what would make Julia Boseman "just perfect". She's quite open about her past dive into alcoholism, and thank God she now has all that under control. But what struck me when she spoke yesterday, was her EXTREME DISAPPOINTMENT that her child was not allowed to be "In-Church Christened" on a Sunday -- because of her then-known homosexuality, which the NAZI, Narco-Trafficking Wilmington Star News made certain all their Christian Drug-Nut Devils knew all about by ALWAYS referring to her as "gay Julia Boseman" -- and yet NEVER referred to any other Politician as say "STRAIGHT Sheriff Ed McMahon" (Ed is about the ONLY elected Politician in Wilmington that I am fairly certain is REALLY straight -- and I've never heard a scandal about him in the sexual arena).

I also noticed that Julia is fundamentally nervous about something, unlike her spouse, who seems ENTIRELY relaxed and comfortable in her skin.

Scott's intuitive diagnosis/cure: As long as Julia attaches significance to a Christian minister sprinkling water on a baby and speaking Mumbo-Jumbo, she will NEVER be able to use full logic. Not only does believing that Jesus is the "Son of God" break the First Commandment (which the Bible stole word-for-word from the much earlier Hammurabi's Code, but as ALL actual Bible scholars will tell you, Hammurabi stole it from earlier cultures, so the Ten Commandments is an INTER-CULTURAL bit of Human Wisdom honored by MANY religions that worshiped different gods).

Sadder, is that the Catholicism I grew up in -- and I found many Protestant religions believe this too -- is that ANYONE can perform a VALID BAPTISM, just by sprinkling (or dunking), and saying "I Baptize you in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit. Amen".

Catholics don't even believe you have to be a Catholic or Christian if you perform this Cult Act -- ensuring the child, if dying before even able to think much, will be SAVED from original sin.

MOST Christians actually think that was SEX, but if you READ the Bible, it was eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil -- which caused them to JUDGE others, which God reserves ONLY FOR ITSELF!!!

So if Julia believes in the Cult Power of sprinkling and mumbo-jumbo, she could have SAVED HER CHILD HERSELF, but instead she wanted the Christian Church she belonged to to accept her homosexuality, and that is NOT in the nature of Wilmington Christians with only a few exceptions (and AGAIN, if the Bible were ACTUALLY the "Word of God", there would only be ONE CHRISTIAN CHURCH -- but they all FIGHT over its meaning ALL THE TIME!!!).

As long as Julia -- or anyone else -- thinks that a great Prophet/Philosopher/Prince of Peace "Jesus of Nazareth" is an IDOL to worship, they are in serious danger of drug or alcohol abuse, (HELLO WILMINGTON CHRISTIANS -- our city FAR higher in per capita alcohol consumption than ANY other city or town in North Carolina -- and likely in DRUG ABUSE TOO, and it is due to "Christian hatred of God"), and a politician suffers such stresses, that if she broke once, she could easily break again -- hence her nervousness, but we ALL live and learn, AND Julia is a BETTER choice than all or nearly all of the others running for County Commissioner.

3. Julia might be surprised to know that absolutely EVERYONE I spoke with at her party AGREES that the worship of the Idol Jesus is the ROOT OF ALL CHRISTIAN EVILS, so I hope Julia catches up with her "camp" -- and relaxes and can be MORE EFFECTIVE!!!

>>> JUST NOW THE CIA/NSA (or just the Christian Drug Mafia), AGAIN closed my Chrome browser and ERASED half an hour's work of blogging. Earlier while blogging tonight, I had to FORCE Windows closed once to clear the hackers, after they made my computer completely FROZEN.

So don't tell me Christians EVER stop hating truth, honesty, or God, Itself!!!

And what BOTHERED them is the CRIMINAL CONNECTION of the Celia Family living downstairs in my building, which I will NOW re-write BOLDLY -- since I believe I have PROVEN some of their crimes in defrauding New Hanover County Social Services using a NON-EXISTENT identity!!! And they ALSO sell drugs as well as run a lot of prostitution.

Today I got a computer-generated letter from New Hanover County Social Services, and before opening it (which I did NOT do, but put it unmolested into Sam Celia's box), noticed it was addressed to "Feron Celia" -- research proving that Feron:

is a WARRIOR FOR EVIL from the so called "Dark Internet". -- TOTALLY popular with Christian Drug Traffickers in Wilmington and elsewhere.

Saant Celia -- who obviously burned out on LSD or other hallucinogens and has the mind of an about eight year old -- is the father who pays all the bills to the two apartments downstairs. His daughter is named "Loren Celia", and works for minimum wage at a local Hardy's fast food (aka "Carl's Jr."), and her boyfriend "Bird" -- real first name William -- had the other apartment below. Bird used to come up to my apartment -- always immaculately clean -- for oralization of his JOHNSON, but "salad-tossing" as well (and "plunging").

Great political graffiti I photographed recently in Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn -- which is ALSO who catered Julia Boseman's party!!!

Well, Bird and Loren moved out a few weeks ago, but recently, a neighbor woman told me that she was walking in front of my house and some guy pulled over and asked if SHE was "Feron Celia" -- clearly indicating that Feron is a PROSTITUTE!!!

So a LOT of drug-running and prostitution seems to be run by the Celia Family -- and also they might be DEFRAUDING the government of BENEFITS!!!

After I had typed that, the CIA shut me down and erased what I'd written.

4. My landlady, Gold Walker, and I were talking in front of my house this morning, and she's THRILLED -- as are ALL Wilmingtonians -- I've told so far (INCLUDING top lawyer Oliver Carter next door to the north -- who REALLY was enthused to hear this -- although I DOUBT his wife or mother-in-law will be happy AT ALL!!!), that I'll soon meet with County Commissioner Rob Zapple and other elected Democrats who are PATRIOTS and very aware of Mayor Saffo's and Police Chief Evangelous's Christian Drug Trafficking with, among others, the Saffo St. Nickolas Greek Orthodox Church, First Presbyterian, and First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza), who are ALSO the biggest churches supporting the biggest Heroin Distribution System, The Good Shepherd Center

5. EVEN BETTER, was that the young woman next door who is a paid worker for Roy Cooper's Democratic Gubernatorial bid -- and whose 20-year-old boyfriend has DICK-TEASED me mercilessly (as I've recently blogged), overheard me telling Gold we will DESTROY the Christian Narco-Traffickers in the Democratic Party, including not just the ones mentioned, but Roy Cooper -- since as North Carolina's Attorney General since 2002, he has NEVER fought the Drug Mafia, and barely mentions this RAGING EPIDEMIC of Christian HELL in his campaign position site.

Roy Cooper on left with two of Wilmington's BIGGEST Christian Narco-Traffickers, Wes Taylor, and his boyfriend Ryan Lee Burris, currently the PROTECTED 3rd Vice Chair of our County Democrats.

When she HEARD this, Roy's paid worker started jumping up and down on the seat of her car she had just entered, and shook the THUMBS UP sign super ENTHUSIASTICALLY, so I NOW ALLOW her boyfriend to RESUME sexually teasing me!!!

6. I had HOPED to write the TOP EDITOR of the LYING Wilmington Star News tonight -- since she DID answer my sent-to-her CHALLENGE in the SUNDAY edition of the paper -- and it is CHOCK FULL OF LIES (does this PROVE she is a Christian???)



I'll get to that later.

7. Believe it or not, when I typed this first sentence, the CIA AGAIN shut down Chrome -- but only erased that first sentence:

Today, Shake and Darrell had Court in Judge Lindsey Luther's Court:

Judge Luther is an ELDER at Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist First Presbyterian -- and this is what her husband Evan Luther has been publishing on the internet for CHRISTIANS to do!!!

ALSO, today I discovered that White Supremacist MAJOR Assistant District Attorney Alex Nicely (who both Robbie Trayhan and Michael "Jersey" Keogh claimed in 2011 - 12 PAID them for info on me -- google for TONS on all of that in this blog), not only was a CLOSE friend of Evan Luther and their Facebook comments to each other PROVED their collusion in secret meetings of White Supremacists, but NOW Alex has LEFT Ben David's employ, and NOW is a lawyer in the office of MY attorney, Bruce Mason -- a closet-case HOMO, if I ever MET ONE (and told him so at the time -- just ASK BRUCE)!!!

After a GENUINE BOMB SCARE which emptied the New Hanover County Court House today, Judge Luther gave Shake what seems a FAIR SENTENCE for his two remaining charges that had been continued, getting a year's probation and LOWER fines than he had expected, but CONTINUED Darrell's case for NO APPARENT REASON, it not yet being late and only a couple of people left in her Court.

Even NAZI Lindsey Luther can only TAKE SO MUCH IN A DAY, no???

8. So when I was in Calabash, the boys got home, and knowing NO DRUGS can be on premises -- and I only learned this tonight, but Shake in cleaning his room a few days ago (which I haven't done myself since before Philip Rosario moved IN and then OUT when I caught him splitting a pound of marijuana with some friends -- including the tile mason David who is TOTALLY CONNECTED to Wilmington City Council according to Phil -- and they ALSO smoked CRACK in my house and exchanged a HUGE roll of large bills).

Philip Rosario's Altar to his Roman Catholic self -- although Phil told me he never HEARD of the Advent Season before Christmas, he DID attend St. Mary's Catholic sometimes for Mass -- and claimed he had worked WITH Father Bob Kus (who ran St. Mark's Catholic when my mother's Duplicate Bridge Club was smuggling White People's money out after the fall of Apartheid -- because Mom told me it was SO UNFAIR to White people, and Father Bob was PART OF THAT.

This is one of the very FEW crimes Mom admitted to me. Dad was a TOTALLY DIFFERENT story!!!

As Readers all know, Phil Rosario is a dishwasher at the drug-front Betsy's Crepes restaurant on Front Street, and had told me many times how he is at the CENTER of narco-trafficking and running houses of prostitution for THIRTY YEARS NOW, with the blessings of Father Bob Kus and Sister Mary Issac Koenig.

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig

And of course Phil ALSO claimed to work with the ARAB/MUSLIM Mafia, headed by "Yah-Yah" of the Village Market and his brother Tony -- and when I told some of their relatives running OTHER convenience stores in town, they said YES --BUST those two for they give Muslims a CRIMINAL NAME!!!

Anyway, a few days ago, Shake found some CRACK EVIDENCE in his room, and knowing neither he nor Darrell 
EVER does that, flushed it down the toilet, and did NOT tell me, afraid I'd be upset, but given the importance of being clean, we THOROUGHLY cleaned up and even PULLED THE WHOLE RUG, finding MORE baggies with white powder residue, and even one with a "portion" in it, and since NO ONE cared to get the evidence I'd gotten off Phil before he moved out -- even though I sent the info with picture to Wilmington Police Chief, DA Ben David, and Mayor Saffo and City Council, I flushed that away, too.

ONE of several broken crack pipes I found in my house while Phil Rosario lived here.

9. And FINALLY, this is a matter I will turn over to Police and FBI Special Anti-Heroin Task Force, tomorrow, but the STRANGE Alex Guevara -- as blogged about halfway down here:, sent me a series of FOUR more emails today, RANTING against Homos, Jews, and writing that "niggers all need to be killed".

Because he ADMITTED beating up people who looked at him funny with brass knuckles -- and even gave their names and valid addresses near Red Cross Street -- I FEAR he is someone who if NOT already on local Law Enforcement WATCH LISTS, will be PRONTO after Law Enforcement gets all of this.

He seems the TYPE that everyone wonders if he is unhinged -- then he commits SERIAL MURDERS before anyone tries to STOP HIM, and everyone says, "It's just such a SHAME that all these nice NIGGERS, HOMOS, and/or JEWS were shot up, but in WILMINGTON, we know that this is what JESUS HAS COMMANDED US TO DO!!!

Ask the RICH KENANS, no???


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