Sunday, August 21, 2016

After Meeting/Partying with "Independent Democrats" for 2.5 Hours -- at a Posh Yacht Club (no less), I Have THIS to Type:

Actually, it was't quite THIS posh -- this where the Florida Democrats had their State Convention in 2015.

First, I should say that I TOTALLY forgot to tell anyone but one, what I'd thought I'd tell EVERYONE with glee: Just last night, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warrens' Campaign Manager ENDORSED this blog. Please see:

The one person I told was Julia Boseman, who all but greeted me at the door (manned by TR Nunley, whom I'd not gotten on with well in 2011 or 2015 -- whom I tonight got on GREAT WITH, and he acted toward me with a REAL KINDNESS), and Julia seemed genuinely happy to see me -- despite the couple of "misunderstandings" we've had in the past -- which weren't really that at all, but maybe nervousness over meeting someone else cut of much the same cloth.

But what I forgot to mention to Julia, was that I'd all but VOMITED when Sen. Warren endorsed Hillary Clinton, but in HINDSIGHT, I've seen it was EXCELLENT STRATEGY. And while I mentioned Ms. Clinton not once to Julia, I did mention her and Bill's Narco-Trafficking with my Kenan Family as well as the Bushes, Cheneys, CIA, but that my Kenan Family controls all of that in partnership with the Episcopal Church, USA, and lorded over by the Catholic Church hierarchy -- I DID mention that to nearly everyone else (three dozen???), whom I spoke with, and none of them flinched -- and a few showed outright contempt for Hillary.

To set the RECORD on this blog straight, Julia told me she IS running as a Democrat, but everyone just knows she's pretty independent, like NO mention of the Party's name on her literature -- or predominance of blue in her colors used. Red and Blue seem about equal in her use of them.

Blessedly, there was no armed or un-armed security -- that says SOMETHING nowadays, no???

Perhaps, most interesting was who was and who wasn't there. It might not have been appropriate for Law Enforcement Officials or Judges to attend this sort of thing, and none were there. Conspicuously absent were local Head of the Democratic Party Elizabeth Redenbaugh, and 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, whom I was CERTAIN would be there since Mr. Nunley was there, and they have worked together on many things.

However, 1st Vice Chair and former Chairman Richard Poole and his wife were there. I have to hand it to Richard -- he got to the organizational meeting for Bernie Sanders -- everyone please REMEMBER that Sanders BEAT Clinton in Wilmington!!! -- and there, I mean he was LEARNING, I have no idea whom he supported. I'm just glad that I see him at so many Party functions of a variety of types. 

Rob Zapple -- and just now, I realize WHY he looks so familiar. He looks MUCH like my most HYPER-WHITE-SUPREMACIST Kenan relative, Frank Hawkins Kenan.

In an undated University of North Carolina Board meeting photo, Frank Hawkins Kenan is second from left in front, followed by his brother, James Graham Kenan, who got me to his wife's nephew, Gregg Loomis in Atlanta in 1990 for legal advice. It was Mr. Loomis who told me that the "rich Kenans hate only JEWS more than they hate 'niggers'", in response to my joking that since Kenan is 4th in line from Adam to Noah in "Chronicles I" of the Judeo-Christian Bible, maybe we are "hiding Jews".

Thomas S. Kenan III (now about 78), stands behind his "Uncle Jimmy". I only wish I knew who that TWIT with his arm on Frank's shoulders is -- MAYBE 
Frank really WAS gay, no???

And remember ALSO that in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, "Kenan" means one of two things:

1. The Sadness

2. Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness

Take yer PICK!!!

I was especially pleased to meet County Commissioner Rob Zapple, whom I spoke with at length, and whom I think knows as much TRUTH about local Republicans and Democrats as I do -- but he doesn't have all the DEEP DIRT that I have on my near and distant relatives, or the Christian Churches (or the Democrats, although he knows which of them are corrupt).

Also, I was pleased to meet J. Wesley Casteen ( who is running against Republican David Rouzer, who was SO IGNORANT he actually spoke on the STAGE when Donald Trump spoke recently in town -- and appealed to all those HOPING to re-do the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection.

Trump PROVED his Christian White Supremacy in Wilmington:

I've been planning to deliver to his office IN PERSON a POTENT LETTER BOMB (ideas, not explosives), not unlike the ones delivered to the hands of Senators Tillis and Burr -- or for THAT matter to Thomas S. Kenan III's office in person this past April.

Tom is STILL too cowardly and alcohol-addicted to respond in ANY way -- when I went to so much trouble to write and personally deliver it 100 miles away:

Back to the party: I DID have long conversations with three people who are particularly influential, and WE will -- separately or together -- meet after Labor Day so I can fill them in on all the DEEP DIRT!!!

And I will VISIT Congressman Rouzer BEFORE I am in touch with Mr. Casteen -- so that I am acting ENTIRELY on my own, and NOT for him.


1. I've run into the hot, young (20), dick-tease next door -- with his 21-year-old-girlfriend -- and the girlfriend, alone -- she a big paid worker for Democratic Party Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Cooper. Of COURSE he was again SHIRTLESS, but they ignored me TOTALLY when I called greetings to them from 20 feet away, and she also when I walked by her tonight, but without calling to her.

2. Recently, I have had some ODD CONTACTS from people ANGRY with D.A. Ben David, the Sheriff's Department, or others, and I will tell the story of one of those.

Yesterday, I received this email, and then he paid NO ATTENTION to what I said to do, so I think he's just a DRUG NUT, harassing me, and if NOT, he needs to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET -- like a MAN!!!:

Secrets of Wilmington 

FromAlex Guevara

I read some stuff online about DA Ben David. You seem to know some secrets. I want to know more.

(910) 297-7095


So I immediately called him, but getting voicemail, I left the message that I don't have time for fishing expeditions, and he needs to be FAR MORE SPECIFIC -- since I know about so many things -- and that IN FACT, at the moment I THINK I'm now working WITH Mr. David, but only time will tell.

I told him to read at least a week of my blog, and then showing he has done so, ask away, and I'll try to help him if I can.

Instead of that, he texted me from the above number, today at 8:02 PM:

"I know this NHCSO (New Hanover County Sheriffs Office) detective named Stephens. He has a son named Travis. 1st hand. They racist. Liars. Worst is I hear they both arsonist and make mail bombs."

This is TOTAL BS, with the grammar of a God-Hating Christian!!! It means NOTHING AT ALL, because anyone is ALLOWED to be racist, but not to act on it in an illegal way. And WHEN was the last time you heard of an actual, physical LETTER BOMB exploding ANYWHERE???

A TOTAL BS threat -- which is why I'm publishing identifying information.

Now, everyone, have a GOOD NIGHT -- no telling WHAT will happen tomorrow, no???



ONE thing I heard from EVERYONE was how the Wilmington Star News did EVERYTHING IN IT'S POWER to SINK Julia Boseman's earlier Political Career -- because they HATE GAY PEOPLE as much s they do "niggers".

And I've ALREADY seen proof of that going on TODAY. 

Afterall, whether under the control of the New York owners of The New York Times, Bill and Hillary Clinton's BIGGEST narco-trafficking partner in Mexico, Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu -- or just SUPER CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, the Wilmington Star News is a TOTALLY NAZI PARTY/CHRISTIAN NEWSPAPER!!!



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