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Donald Trump, in My Kenan-Family-Endowed UNC Wilmington, NC, PLEDGED to "RE-DO" the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, with Support of My Family, the Republican Party, and the Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist Christian Churches -- and MAJOR help of the Wilmington Star News!!! (Coded for Locals)

Although I SAW a photo of the vehicle going by with Confederate flag, I couldn't go back and find it for this blog, so here is a photo of another Trump rally.

"When the truck with the Confederate flag rode by and (Trump supporters) all cheered, I knew there were still South-will-rise-again die-hards, but it was just heartbreaking. That moment for me was a pit in my stomach. It was just disgusting." -- Carter Jewell

A short time ago, I attempted to call the office of the Head Editor of the Wilmington Star News, by clearly asking exactly for that top person, but was shuttled, INSTEAD, to the voicemail of Scott Nunn, Editor of Letters to the Editor.

I had waited for SEVEN MINUTES before anyone even answered the switchboard -- before my call was MISDIRECTED.

I had FIRST searched the Star News's online pages for the NAME of the Head Editor, and from the paper's two links to "Staff Directory", I got these results:


2. This OTHER "staff directory" link is showing ME a list of stories -- not staff!!!:

3. Additionally, when I went to check the history of my calls in my AT&T cell phone -- I wanted to CONFIRM that I had actually had to wait SEVEN MINUTES to get the recept -- and then estimate the length of my BLISTERING MESSAGE to Mr. Nunn,


And yesterday, I had gotten THREE calls from people with my phone right in front of me and it did not RING, BEEP to show voicemail, or LIGHT UP, which all these things cause it to do.

THANK you CIA/NSA/NAZI US Government!!!

Readers will recall that it was Jack Stein in Wilmington City's Risk Department (no, I'm not likely to get there today, either), who CONFIRMED it was the NSA who had been channeling my calls to him from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico via one of the NSA's DEDICATED numbers to do just that!!!

4. CLEARLY the staff of the Wilmington Star News are doing TOO MANY DRUGS to even keep their website PROPERLY WORKING -- but the TRUTH ALSO is that they NEVER do any REAL reporting. LOOK what a Travesty of Journalism their staffer's one-on-one with Mr. Trump is -- a VACUUM of information!!!

OTHER news organizations DO get the point, but NOT as clearly as I do:

And local ABC TV affiliate published a LITTLE on expected protests, and what is important HERE is the HATRED AND LIES in the comments section from GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS!!!

No one had the balls to COUNTER any of these comments -- because they KNOW the Christians and Wilmington Police will MURDER them if possible, just like Mayor Saffo and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous had my friend Evan Fish murdered in September 2011 -- and the Wilmington Star News COVERED THAT UP as well!!!

After Mayor Bill Saffo and Police Chief Ralph Evangelous had my friend Evan Fish murdered -- because he knew all about their narco-trafficking with my boss of 20 years, Patrick Lee Stansbury of, Evan's Pastor in Ohio had Evan turned into a CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, and there was NOTHING Evan told me he hated MORE than his CHRISTIAN UPBRINGING!!!


1. That EVERYONE at the Star News -- even recently immigrated people from other states -- HAS to know about the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, that it was LED by William Rand Kenan, Sr., then an ELDER at First Presbyterian -- with the PASTOR, then, of First Presbyterian, and other White Christian Churches:

ALSO very well known by everyone at not just our newspapers, TV, radio offices, but by MOST citizens as well, is the FACT that the Democratic Party planned the massacre of blacks, theft of their property and duly-elected Civil Political Positions, and it is the ONLY case in US History that it was a FULL SUCCESS, leading the Democrats to pass all the Jim Crow Laws -- should be known as the "Kenan-Crow Laws" -- across the entire South over the next two years.

In fact, it led to the DEATH of Trayvon Martin and others of his type.

My TOP Kenan relatives in this conspiracy of CHRISTIAN HATRED, WHITE SUPREMACY and PROFITING from ADDICTING OUR CHILDREN TO DRUGS are Betty (Price) Kenan (center) of Durham, and Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill.

>>> THE CIA/NSA JUST CLOSED MY GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER. This happens often enough when they are angry over what I am writing -- but for the FIRST TIME EVER, when I reopened and went to Google Blogger, the ENTIRE LAST HOUR of my writing on blog HAD BEEN ERASED!!!

Google Blogger is in CLOSE COOPERATION with the CIA/NSA/NAZI-CHRISTIAN Government, no???

I'll reconstruct (if I'm allowed to).

Costello's (gay) Piano Bar is where all of Wilmington's Democratic Faggots go to buy and sell drugs -- although I have not WITNESSED it since David Nash owned the bar in 2010 and 2011.

David's PARTNER in the bar, then, was John Stike, DDS -- also a MAJOR land developer -- who had all but RAPED ME in a "bait-and-switch" of his young lover who picked me up in the mid-1980s in "David's Bar" -- a gay bar on Market Street -- now gone -- but a Wilmington fixture for DECADES:

Recent photo of John Stike, DDS

And the FIRST night I arrived in Wilmington, December 30, 2010, I met the ENTIRE POPULATION, then, of Ryan Lee Burris's "GAY HOUSE" at 708 South Fifth Street (where he and Wes Taylor now live):

Ryan Lee Burris the Narco-Trafficking current Third Vice Chair of New Hanover County Democrats, with his then lover (who Ryan tells me BEAT HIM), James Elks.

John Mann was Ryan's OTHER roommate, John Mann not only SHOWED me how he moved drugs internationally via his computer set up in Ryan's house, but showed me how he rode around Wilmington delivering Adderall (pharmaceutical Meth that my friend Danny Sinatra was addicted to, causing him to NOW be in California Prison), and then Mr. Mann PERJURED himself in Judge Chad Hogston's Court, when Mr. Nash brought charges of Cyber-Stalking against me, and convicted me in SPITE of Judge Hogston ADMITTING IN COURT he was violating both my PERSONAL FREE SPEECH and PRESS FREEDOMS (this blog is legally part of the Press).

TR Nunley, a "Trans" -- from female to male (best I can tell), is a narco-deputy of Ryan's, and a BIG Drug Money Launderer there -- and also MEGA REALTOR MaDONNA McMAHON, also hung out in Costello's, and I told her to her face there is NOTHING wrong with accepting tons of Drug Cash to invest in Real Estate.

HOW do you think most of Wilmington's Elected Officials get paid off by Drug Mafia -- except through their SWEET REAL ESTATE DEALS -- and don't they ALL (almost), work in that field???

MaDONNA McMAHON -- as she styles herself -- has a prominent office on Market Street near the Cape Fear River.

Madonna McMahon once SWORE TO ME that the 6' 8" inch Costello's bartender -- whom I witnessed making HUGE drug deals there -- was David Nash's partner. Madonna must have done so much Narco-Dollar business with the guy, she just ASSUMED he was owner!!!

Anyway, because Ryan Burris -- also Head of Cape Fear Equality, an organization that REFUSED to let its members (I was one for several months in 2015), know WHEN or where it meets, is just ANOTHER Drug Front Organization, and ALL its members should be checked out by REAL Law Enforcement!!!

And it was in 2015 that I FIRST MET Jennifer McCracken (who lived two doors from me on the 6th floor of Kenan-built Carolina Apartments), in Costello's, sloshing down cocktails.

Jennifer McCracken later claimed to me that she is "Jack Mormon", meaning that she can drink alcohol, consume fun drugs, and have Lesbian Sex to her heart's content -- all of which she did then, and I assume still does.

Jenny always claimed to get her ORDERS from the Mormon Church and knew all about BBC Star Colin Stuart Hamilton's death in Puerto Vallarta by DRUG MAFIA there -- before ANYONE I knew in PV knew a THING about it!!!

Jennifer ALSO slashed my tires at least once -- and our neighbor Anthony Humphrey (whose girlfriend still works at "Muslim T-Shirt Store" at Front and Market Streets), told me about it. Anthony had to MOVE TO LELAND to escape Jennifer's HARASSMENTS, but -- as checked by my attorney, Bruce Mason -- Anthony was prepared to testify under OATH that Jenny had sliced my tires -- he saw it, and she verbally had admitted it to him as well.

But when we got to COURT, Jenny claiming I had violated the Restraining Order she had against me (it runs out in a few weeks, so I can THEN visit Jenny at Carolina Apartments again -- YAY!!!), Jenny had counted on her biggest POLITICAL ALLY (on whom she had a HUGE Lesbian Crush, I ASSUME not fulfilled), Republican Judge Lindsey (McKee) Luther being in charge of our Court:

The funny thing, was that Jenny's assumption was INCORRECT, and instead of Judge Luther, we had my old RIGHTS-VIOLATOR, Chad Hogston that day, and to his CREDIT, Chad called MY case FIRST -- he knew I'd SEVERELY criticized him for leaving me to LAST when David Nash charged me -- SO THAT NO ONE WAS LEFT IN COURT TO SEE!!!

This EXACTLY had happened to me in Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court in Dekalb County, Georgia in 1990 -- when I had reported the Narco-Trafficking through Stone Mountain Park run by Newt Gingrich, CNN, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, my parents, and the Wealthy Kenan (eventually also by Bill Clinton) -- as Gen. Russel Honore' CONFIRMED to me in March 2015!!!

Contact me for Russel's cell phone number if you care to ask him.

But Jennifer FOUND OUT it was not her partner in crime, Judge Luther, and DIDN'T SHOW (although I'd paid my lawyer a non-refundable $1,800.00, thanks to "Testosteroni"), and either Judge Hogston KNEW She would not -- or as a "weak apology" for his Criminal Actions in 2011, Hogston DID call me FIRST, and then dismissed it.

Republican-Christian Judge Hogston's wife was pregnant with "Rosemary's Baby" when he was elected.

It will be OVER MY DEAD BODY that this NAZI CRIMINAL will ever be re-elected!!!

Fat pig Scott Nunn doesn't even LOOK like a journalist -- but NEVERTHELESS, I hope he feels I FULFILLED MY COMMITMENT to him in the earlier voicemail I left him -- to absolutely BLISTER the NAZI/CHRISTIAN Narco-Trafficking, White Supremacist Wilmington Star News, in this blog, TODAY!!!

PS: In the STRANGEST of coincidences, Diamond Lil died yesterday in hospice in Atlanta -- DURING DONALD TRUMP'S ADDRESS HERE IN WILMINGTON.

Whadaya make of THAT???


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