Thursday, July 28, 2016

Diamond Lil Is Being Cared for at Our Lady of Perpetual Help by a GOOD FRIEND of MY FRIEND Gen. Russel Honore' (so we had a LOT to talk about)!!!

Diamond Lil

General Russel Honore'

Michael Maslin's (former cartoonist for The New Yorker) book, me as "St. Bad Boy", and Russel Honore's book that he gave me at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival during our first of two meetings in March 2015 -- as they sit today on by book shelf.

When I saw Gen. Honore' at the top of some stairs in New Orleans, by the time I had climbed the short flight, he already knew that I worked with people of his friend Gen. Colin Powell -- specifically Col Dottie Newman, Powell's Chief Protocol Officer while he was Secretary of State -- and that Dottie had WARNED ME (echoing the words of the Dekalb County Mental Health Nurse), that the Republicans with CIA would MURDER me if I did not leave the country -- which I quickly did for Mexico -- so Dottie had SAVED MY LIFE.

Gen. Honore' then pulled out a copy of his book and his business card, handed them to me, and said "We have to have a meeting."

I continue to be blown away by my ubiquitous connections, because the woman I spoke with at the hospice said she and her husband had just visited with Gen. Honore' in New Orleans, so I told her all about bow Russel knew ALL ABOUT the Kenan Family/Clinton Democrats/Bush-Cheney Republicans running the huge narco-trafficking in Atlanta/Stone Mountain -- and other things as well!!!

And it is NOT lost on me that this is ANOTHER CATHOLIC CHARITY, but best, they know my friend as "Diamond", so don't force him there to use his MALE name!!!

This woman was so kind and caring, I was crying on the phone.

Then I called Rev. Ken Wilcox at St. Augustine Center Spiritual Living, but Ken not yet in, I spoke with his assistant, Kim, extensively, and hope to get a call back from Ken soon. 
My note I left on Diamond Lil's website:

By Scott Kenan — 

Diamond: I learned you are at Our Lady of Perpetual Help from a news item in my Facebook feed, and called them this morning and will be sending them some money for their hospice work there. We were in the Writers Group with Ken Wilcox at church when I began my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams (which has had some movie interest) -- but YOU were an important part of my book's "birth", and I thank you. The woman at OLPH who I spoke with is a good friend of Gen. Russel Honore', who is also MY good friend now, and I told her what I now do to expose hard-drug corruption in North Carolina and Atlanta, especially. I have gotten several Vets and non-Vets into drug and alcohol rehab, and I only mention all this because I carry on what YOU taught me to do. I blogged about your story last night, and my political blog is now VERY popular, so HUNDREDS of new people have learned about Diamond Lil from that. Thank you, and we'll meet again some day. Scott

Diamond Lil (on left), as I've known him in the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta's Writers Group


1. So far this morning, hackers have commandeered this computer TWICE, it freezing so bad I had to force it off by holding down the Power button. These problems and my being BLOCKED from Facebook are a result of my POWERFUL confrontation with the very TOP of the Narco-Trafficking and Tennessee-Williams-Murdering Episcopal Church, USA.

I really showed my cojones, no???

And "Christians" will murder or do ANYTHING due to their WORSHIP OF MONEY.

2. For the first time EVER, FOUR countries hit this blog over 100 times each within 24 hours. Russians hit -- in one day -- 551 times (between the two mirror blogs), which is twice the number from the USA which came in second.

US hits are DOWN -- but they ALWAYS ARE when I expose things most EFFECTIVELY, and there is much evidence that CIA/NSA does much to keep people from finding my blog.

It appears that THIS posting is what Russians are hitting the most, so make of that what you will: This was hit TEN TIMES as many times as the next most hit posting, so EVERYBODY is hitting it!!!

3. I spoke with my downstairs neighbor whose daughter and her philandering, drug-selling, can't-pass-intelligence-or-drug-tests-to-join-the-US-Army boyfriend are BOTH MOVING OUT, and Sam said he's been reading this blog and LOVES IT!!!

4. I'll deal with Facebook soon, but I'm afraid they are angry because I kept exposing their ROBOTS, meant to SUPPORT Hillary Clinton and the Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Obama/Kenan narco-trafficking. I doubt they actually want me back on Facebook, so I might not even bother with it.

5. My sincere congratulations to Hillary Clinton, the CIA, and other criminals who have put on such a good show -- BELIEVABLY acted for "Christian types" with "God Bless"es, warm fuzzy, grandmotherly Catholics (Tim Kaine, Joe Biden, etc.), to lure some of the Christian independents and Republicans.

It ALL is produced for OLD WORLD FARTS and I can't believe most adults, today, who claim they don't see right through it -- and MANY speakers are too naive to know what they are supporting, others are CONSCIOUS CRIMINALS like both Clintons.

Remember, my friend Sonny who set up the original Sun Kings Drug Mafia of his native Colombia and took over the Police Chief and Mayor of New York City decades ago, said it is all mostly under El Chapo Guzman and his top partner, Rahm Emanuel, now.

And since everyone who knows them continues to say that Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have NEVER gotten on well, Michelle never trusting Hillary -- still her PERFORMANCE gave the IGNORANT, CHRISTIAN-TRAINED, DUPE-ABLE THINKERS the BEST performance of the convention, so far!!!

But what is ALSO TRUE is that once in office, the OFFICE changes the person, and so does the realization that Hillary really IS -- or likely will be -- our first female President, and rather than give the Republicans nearly everything they wanted, hopefully Hillary (who could BARELY be MORE criminal), will actually ACT BETTER than herself or her husband when in power.

As I have blogged MANY times, in a Wall Street Journal interview with John Boehner on the 1st or 2nd of January in 2012 (or adjacent year, but easy to research), Boehner CROWED that his Big Banks and Wall Street friends had actually gotten FAR MORE CONCESSIONS from Barack Obama than they ever did from George W. Bush.

Facts are facts.

And it is NO SECRET that both President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton EXPANDED US State Department/CIA hard-drug narco-trafficking to profit the Bush and Cheney Families more than Clintons.

George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton's last public meeting March 2016 -- in a private moment.

AND Donald Trump has more than proven he is INCOMPETENT and even TRAITOROUS, witness all his non-sense with Vladimir Putin.

As it stands now, I will have to vote for Hillary -- but I HOPE things shake up more, and I get a better, realistic choice.

Vlad projects "manly", but is NOT above kissing Russian Catholic Clergy for the Christian Church's blessing on his Authority.

"It AIN'T 'who ya know' -- its WHO YA BLOW!!!"

That's what's TRUE of Christian Closet Cases.



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