Thursday, August 25, 2016

At His "Good Friend" Pete Peterson's MANUFACTURING METHODS in Leland, NC, Mike Pence Declared that the ONLY Introduction He Wants Is that He's "a Christian, Conservative, and Republican" -- in THAT ORDER (rather than "Proud American") -- LOL!!!

Mike Pence spoke to a crowd of about 200 at Pete Peterson's business, but the Executive Editor of the Wilmington Star News, Pam Sander (apparently suffering the "vapors" or a "Jesus/wah-HEE-nuh heat wave" -- contains a Mexican word, by pronunciation) seems not to have covered it in her paper, although TV News got there!!!

Pam Sander: Every straight guy's NIGHTMARE of a sex partner (and I BET Lesbians feel that way, too)!!!

But at LEAST she has less prominent teeth than Trump's dick-nibbler, Kellyanne Conway, no???


And speaking of EVIL WOMEN (certainly not all of them!!!), I got an UPDATE on "Feron Celia" from downstairs:


It seems my letter carrier, who always seems to be high on pot or similar while working, so frequently mis-delivers the mail -- yet is so NICE I don't want her to get into trouble -- put a bill for "Feron Celia" from Time/Warner Cable (as well as an insurance notice to "Saant Celia"), in MY box, and when I went to put them both into Sam/Saant Celia's box -- I found my new Debit Card from Bank of America, THERE -- LOL!!!

And I believe I have NOW shown WHY I cannot associate closely with ANY Political Candidate -- my BEST WORK is using the reservoir of UGLY TRASH WORDS that God invented so that God-Haters won't use them in public, and Hypocrisy-Revealers like me can use to our hearts' content -- to TOTALLY AMUSE those who dursn't use them publicly.


And before I move on to other news, I have been REMISS in that I have not mentioned that I have a HUGE respect for Pete Peterson and MANUFACTURING METHODS, because when I first discovered what they DO, I recognized the BRILLIANCE of the concept!!!

I'd BET that the biggest beef Pete Peterson has with our Government (all levels), is the CHOKE-HOLD of regulations that bedevils ALL small businesses. Unfortunately, Republicans (rank-and-file only), don't seem to understand that the PROBLEM is that the Republicans (and Clinton-style Democrats), pass regulations that Lobbyists and Wealthy Donors DEMAND -- to protect only the RICHEST Americans -- while sorely NEEDED regulations and protections are NEVER passed, anymore!!!

Additionally, the good regulations still on the books, they DE-FUND the enforcement of -- for example Personal Campaign Contributions Online Reporting has NOT been posted as required by LAW for years now, and the "No-Call Phone List" is FAR worse than a joke -- just ask my AT&T Matrix cell phone.


Thank you Oh FAGGOTTY President Obama -- of the Clinton/Bush/Cheney/CIA/Kenan Family CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA!!!

No WONDER Lady Gaga PUNKED Obama's beard Michelle (Rev. Jeremiah Wright with Jesse Jackson ARRANGED the Obama marriage -- and NOW a new TV DRAMA will be soon shown about their NON-EXISTENT romance -- LOL!!!), by dressing her so she looks to be EMERGING from a GIANT PORCELAIN TOILET BOWL -- LOL!!!

The latest trend among STRAIGHT MEN!!!

And I just called Testosteroni to alert him that my video driver is going out more often, too, and I might soon need a BETTER MADE computer (this one made by Carly Fiorina's HP, that NO ONE was buying for years due to TERRIBLE QUALITY).

A few years ago, Testo had CUSTOM MADE (totally unnecessary for my use, but 15 years ago, I DID have my computers custom made), a HIGH POWERED computer by HP and shipped it to me in Mexico from the States. When I opened it, the "E" key popped out and after TONS of time and money trying to fix that, I had to settle for a plug-in keyboard (Spanish, of course).

Testo KNEW at that time that Carly Fiorina works with the Swastika/Republicans, and deliberately did this. JUST NOW, he said, "I feel (he almost NEVER "thinks"), you should shut the computer down for a few hours each time, then try again."

I have now had the video driver or Chrome go bust FOUR TIMES since I began writing this posting, so to get THIS far by Testo's suggestion, I would have to spend FIVE writing periods totaling about 45 minutes plus four times three hours = MORE than HALF A DAY!!!

He keeps this up and I will call his landlord on W. 95th Street in NYC, Nalpak A. Ecurb.

My desire would be NOT to put him in jail for easily provable PSYCHOLOGICAL TERRORISM, but to sue him BLIND, and force his nearly 84-year-old "Christian-like ASS" into homelessness in Manhattan -- just as the weather turns COLD!!!

It's almost time . . . 

What a CROCK this "simulcast" of Sen. Sanders was last night at Democratic Party Headquarters, Wilmington!!!

There was NOTHING NEW and NOTHING of substance to it. Just Hillary CRAP of making certain we all VOTE for HER!!!

1. About twenty-five people attended (including only ONE person running for office this year.

2. Twenty percent of those were OBESE, either from GLUTTONY of as an effect of drugs.

3. Five of us said we are gay (and most of us gays and the younger, normal looking people all LEFT EARLY)!!!

4. Five were "Old Geezers" (mostly out of Pender County), who looked "quite worn for wear".

The whole thing was an INSULT TO ONE'S INTELLIGENCE, but the local Democratic Party that CONTINUES to try to hide that the Clintons are narco-traffickers with the Bushes, Cheneys, CIA, Christian Churches, but ESPECIALLY here in Wilmington, with my wealthy Kenan relatives.

Betty (Price) Kenan, center, Thomas S. Kenan on right

And THIS was the ONE piece of knowledge EVERYONE in attendance KNEW, and I kept mentioning it over and over to drive my point home!!!


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