Wednesday, July 20, 2016

TONIGHT, My Mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- America's TOP CATHOLIC NAZI -- and I BOTH Have Our BIGGEST NIGHT on the Republican Convention Stage (via surrogates)!!!

Me with Mom at her home at 1913 Castle Pines Drive, Raleigh, North Carolina, Memorial Day 2016.

Mom and I no longer have ANY contact at all. Mom (and my siblings), has been trying to have me killed, jailed, or nut-house committed since 1974 -- and I JUST GOT TIRED OF IT.

I no longer speak with my NAZI brother or sisters, either.

They HATE GOD only like "Good Christians" are capable of.

She also figured out that gettin' nekkid for cameras pays well also...
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He just keeps making things worse for his father's campaign, doesn't he?

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Scott Kenan Gene Morgan: I would LOVE to believe Eric Trump said this -- but it seems IMPOSSIBLE that anyone could. 

Eric Trump lives eight miles from me (in Wrightsville Beach where his wife is from). I KNOW Antonio Sabato, Jr. (who has already made a fool of himself at the convention), but it is Eric Trump (my neighbor), tonight and Newt Gingrich (who put me in jail on false charges years ago because I reported his and Bill Clinton's narco-trafficking through Stone Mountain Park, Georgia -- 

-- that Gen. Russel Honore' knows all about and verified to me in person 1.5 years ago)

So Newt and his "Catholic Whore" wife Callista speak tonight -- and then my NAZI mother's always TOP CHOICE of Catholic-Popes-approved Presidential candidates, Mike Pence (they will shoot or impeach Trump to make him President), speaks tonight last. 


Two day's ago, the District Attorney (Democrat) here in Wilmington, NC -- who had me in jail on eight false charges in 2011 and 12 -- and I had a private meeting and MADE PEACE and a pact to work with a special new FBI task force to clean the Bush/Cheney/Clinton/Christian Churches/Kenan narco-trafficking OUT of town. 


EVERY oil company mentioned here was THEN controlled by the Kenan Family of North Carolina -- where TOBACCO GROWS!!! 

(Remember, The Kenan Family of Chapel Hill controlled ALL of Standard Oil from 1913 on, eventually selling off much to concentrate in control of what today is Exxon-Mobil, and that INCLUDES Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum, BOTH part of Standard Oil originally). 

Today, Bert Bennett III is a married with children, fat psychologist.

One of Bert Bennett's family's Shell stations in Winston-Salem!!!

In fall 1972, at Denison University, Bert with me and Dean Hansell FOUNDED Denison's first gay group, and Dean went on to co-found GLAAD, and was just TWO WEEKS AGO appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles!!!:

My college boyfriend Bert Bennett's family is the largest regional Shell distributor, and with Bert, I visited the palatial home of the Reynolds Tobacco people in Winston-Salem (where the hot homo-guys our age cavorting about naked, HUNG, and like whippets), and Bert Bennet's Daddy taught me to LOVE their black cook's biscuits filled with sorghum molasses -- after I poked my finger way in to make the hole. This in 1973.

And Thomas S. Kenan III, head of Kenan Companies and Charities, now, is CLOSEST in all internet wikis to the DUKE charities -- that fortune having come from the invention of the machine-made cigarette.

"Muffett said it is just one of many examples of the oil industry testing tobacco products. By the 1960s, the documents show, oil companies, including Shell and Esso, were developing and patenting their own cigarette filters ― a discovery Muffett said initially left him “utterly drop-jawed.”

And how they collaborated to con us all.

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Scott Kenan shared a link.

Russian influence on the Trump campaign is starting to have a real impact.

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Scott Kenan Well, I know a lot of Frank Sinatra's heirs (they sold Bank of America to my Kenan Family). 

Not all Sinatras have done well, and sadly, Frank's great-nephew Danny Sinatra (the one I know best), is now in prison in California on Meth-related offenses.
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Danny Sinatra (his face ravaged by Meth) with his wife Phoebe Dollar (the former Goth-Movie Queen), in front of DRUG MAFIA HANGOUT, Ziggy's on Market Street,, (2.5 blocks from the Cape Fear River), here in Wilmington when I knew them.

Me and Frank in New York City, 2012

My personal friends, Ron and Nancy Reagan with Frank Sinatra.

At Nancy Reagan's funeral, four months ago



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