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Time to Settle Back Down -- and MOVE FORWARD!!!

Shane Garner Thank you.. its actually the front lawn of Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. That's when I was shooting infrared film...
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18 hrs

Well, that didn't take long.Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, through her surrogates on the Democratic National Committee's platform drafting panel,…

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1. First of all, I don't actually have a problem with Interim Pastor Roland Perdue III of First Presbyterian. At HIS age, he SHOULD be retired, and has been doing the Interim Pastor thing for twenty years, and perhaps delivering more "sound bites" without thinking what they actually mean, than intentional anti-Jesus preaching.

We have ALL heard this, if not seen a billboard of it.

HERE is the "rub": Hospitals are where sick people go to (hopefully) QUICKLY HEAL and then they GET OUT!!! Same is true of Alcoholics Anonymous and Metaphysical Churches -- as taught to me by Dr. J. Kennedy Shultz, past President of Religious Science, International.

The EXCEPTION is for those making a CAREER of it, like Ministers and certified Practitioners, and maybe drug or alcohol counselors. HYPOCRITES remain, because they never APPLY the Teachings of Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, or whomever to their lives and GROW UP and take RESPONSIBILITY for themselves.

So the long-term church goers are more LIKELY to be hypocrites (or learned teachers). For instance, D.A. Ben David has TAUGHT Sunday School and that type of thing.

One of the BIGGEST heresies in many, but not all, Protestant Churches, in the idea that "Salvation" (in the sense of escaping "paying for one's sins"), comes from giving LIP SERVICE to Jesus, rather than making amends for problems caused and seeking forgiveness.

In EXTREME CASES (usually Evangelical and Conservative Christian Churches), many believe they can commit ANY sin or crime and as long as they "have Jesus", they are automatically forgiven. Well, NO ONE gets smart by dying, so whatever you fear and can't easily handle at the time you die, you will still have that messing up your life after leaving your body. (This is why if you "channel the dead", BEWARE, because THEY didn't get smart by dying, and if YOU are a liar, THEY probably were attracted to you so they can LIE to you!!!)

I would say that the best saying regarding the quality in the "Christian Boat" (congregation), is:

So after including Rev. Perdue in the mass emailing of THIS posting, I'll drop him. I suspect he would have a HARD TIME facing the truth of the HISTORY of First Presbyterian, and the CHALLENGE AHEAD of getting those bad apples OUT!!!

2. My writing about my nightmare, yesterday, bottom of this:, seems to have actually done the trick of separating me permanently from my immediate family -- until and unless they are willing to recognize how they harmed me enormously, and make some financial amends.

And speaking of NAZIs, "Christine Marlowe Busch", my high school girlfriend who has so far been a Prosecutor, a Physician, an installer of Epic Systems in major hospital systems, and now a consultant on Privacy of Medical Records, called last night and I read her what I had blogged about that dream. She was "shocked" in that she remembered my mother as a "nice person" -- which EVERYONE DOES!!!

It is similar to the hypocrites hiding in Christian Churches -- in fact that is EXACTLY what it is -- Mom so pious and Catholic that Mom CLAIMS to always follow the Pope's instructions WITHOUT QUESTION, and THAT is why we had the Swastikas on our dinner plates and she worked so closely with Coach Lou Holtz, John Enrlichman, Sean Hannity's friends, and my former employer, Patrick Stansbury of

It was Patrick's employee, Geraldine (Flynn) Miller of Bethlehem, Georgia, who had warned me that Patrick was planning to KILL ME, and that he worked with my FAMILY!!!

But what I learned last night is that Christine's father, from a German Immigrant Family and fluent in the language, not only landed the first day of D-Day, but ALSO was in charge of LIBERATING MANY CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and he brought back MANY trophies of NAZI gear, which Christine has mounted, framed, and has hanging on her walls.

NOT in sympathy with NAZISM, but to honor her father's Service!!!

3. And now, it appears I might have ANOTHER handsome, fit, intelligent, sadly-straight, young roommate. My roommate's former camp-mate, and if it looks like it will work out, my landlady is cool with adding an extra roommate.

While I'd RATHER not have to appreciate so much Beauty "from afar", at least there will be Beauty in my environment -- and I think I will call them my BEACH BOYS, just for fun.

Maxine Faulk with Beach Boys in Tennessee Williams's The Night of the Iguana

Of course I am NOT changing my SEX (or going in drag, for that matter), and truth be told, my car is named "Miss Maxine Faulk" and has BEEN to the movie set of "Iguana" in Mismaloya, Mexico -- and Maxine Faulk was played by North Carolina actress Eva Gardner. And Eva Gardner's LAST husband was Frank Sinatra!!!

And "Testosteroni" has a Faulk Family Connection, as well.

"Francine Faulk" at entrance to the movie set ruins in Mismaloya

And to show AGAIN how everything in my life LOOPS BACK ON ITSELF, here is my original 2008 Pontiac Vibe, parked in Gerry Flynn-Miller's driveway, at 7350 Raleigh Way BethlehemGA 30620, Phone Number: (770) 266-6904


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