Tuesday, July 26, 2016

FRANKLY, I DON'T Believe that My Old Friend Rick McKay Is an Honest Person -- He's Suffering Seriously from COGNITIVE DISSONANCE as SO MANY Homosexuals of MY Generation Do (never purged themselves of the Christian Devil, aka Female Worship of Security):

Please BUY THIS FILM, if you haven't already!!!

And NOT just because it GLORIFIES Tennessee Williams MORE than anyone else!!!

I met Rick McKay when he traveled with his film and showed it in Atlanta when first released in 2004. 

In 2010, while Roy Rogers Oldenkamp had AGREED to speak at the never-to-be 100th anniversary celebration of Tennessee Williams's birth I tried to plan for Mismaloya and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I had BEGUN to speak with Rick about his speaking there too, but things collapsed before we more than mentioned it.

Rick McKay -- because his work is DOCUMENTING all the old legends of Broadway, which overlaps with the Legends of Hollywood, KNOWS NEARLY ALL THESE PEOPLE, and this is his take on things.

How SAD that the Intelligentsia and Arts Crowd have been DUPED by the most corrupted Politician in perhaps WORLD HISTORY!!!

But it is CERTAIN to get wilder soon, as those OPPOSED to addicting our children to narcotics for their own personal enrichment (and that of the Christian Churches), so I'm CHILLIN' OUT for now, observing WHICH SHOE drops next!!!

Because of the general HIGH STANDARDS of Rick McKay's Facebook Friends, I'm publishing this thread IN TOTO, so thinking people can consider DEEPLY the sense and non-sense contained herein:

Damn! Hillary needs to hire Michelle Obama as her coach NOW! Michelle might have just given the speech of the year!
If you missed it, see it here:

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Joane Garcia-Colson They all have speech writers.
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Pam Uruburu "When they go low, we go high." ❤️ #class
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Pam Uruburu Eva Langoria was wonderful too.
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Patrick Mitchell I think you can safely remove the "might" from your statement. That was perfect!!! #FLOTUS
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Joni Rapp She was awesome. We are watching History Live.
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Bruce Dent I am speechless and filled with tears of joy.
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Rick McKay AND, by the way, I love Hillary, and understand that her job is not to be a charismatic speaker, but to run the country, and I am behind her all the way and will be with her in November and am ready to knock on doors now. But, I was just blown away by Michelle Obama. WHAT A SPEECH. I had tears in my eyes. She is the real thing and has a great gift.
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Linda McKay Yes I'm sorry I missed it and hope I can see a replay !!!!!
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Michael Marotta Until Elizabeth Warren topped it!! I'm With HER!
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Ted Vasquez When she talked about waking up every morning in a house built by slaves my heart just swelled.
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Evan Ross She is awesome...and Elizabeth Warren is equally enthralling !!!!!!!
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Scott Kenan Well Rick McKay, my actual personal friend due to mutual interest in my old boss Tennessee Williams. YOU tell me how I can vote for Hillary when my own family admits to being her biggest financial support -- and that of both Bushes and Bill Clinton as well. This letter, I have proof was put into the hands of both NC's senators -- Burr and Tillis, but Gov. McCrory's hands as well. Also to Senator Sanders and Hillary's people knew how to just take it. How do I vote for a NARCO-TRAFFICKER??? I can't vote for Trump either. http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/.../letter-hand...
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Bridget Moran McCready When she said "When I wake every morning nowing Slaves built this house" my heart filled with pride. She's a wonderful women God bless her
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Tricia Wetzel Awesome job.
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Hal-James Pederson she did. period.
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Louisa Cabot I would love to coach and dress Hillary!
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Robert Towers There will not be a better speech this year at any convention.
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Rick McKay I think you are absolutely right Robert!
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Ted Vasquez If you missed it you can catch it at the 2024 Republican convention.
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Lynn Brown Liked her wig
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Kevin Bielmeier Hear ye, hear ye, FLOTUS rocked! Tweet all about it!
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Rick McKay You know it! Hey, when's your shoot w/Liz Kevin?
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Kevin Bielmeier Last month. But we were on diff evenings; diff locations (towns), so I didn't get to meet her, unfortunately.
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Violeta Biba Bassoff OBAMA speech in Boston in 2004 was buy far the best speech evert for me until tonight when Michelle gave a home run of a speech. She radiated intellect, beauty , class, compassion, and emotions all wrapped in profound deep love.
Simply SPLENDIT✔️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Steve LeGrand The personification of class.
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Bud Santora Speech of the decade.
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Karl Wilder Her own daughter is not a good example. Hillary's daughter is a 1%er taking highly paid jobs for which she has no qualification. Passionate yes, but we already heard 8 years ago how they really feel so this is all theatre.
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Michael Harrs They are both phenomenal speakers!
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Karl Wilder We know it is theatre. Michelle has made no secret of her disdain for Hillary from the initial campaign on.
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Roy Rosado So funny how "trumpist hatters" always manage to show their true colors ... Even when Mrs. Trump (should it be spelled Tramp) plagiarizes Michele Obama they just cannot help hating the "black" woman in the "white" house !!!
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Scott Kenan Great speech by ALL accounts!!! But Hillary Clinton narco-traffics with my Kenan Family as well as the Bushes and Cheneys (ALL OF WHOM HAVE ENDORSED HER -- HELLO -- AS WELL AS THE KOCHS), and some great emotional thrusting CAN'T change facts. So let all you Republicans support Hillary. I WON'T vote for Hillary OR Trump and we have many months of additional "leaks", etc., for Donald Trump to ridicule and get the Holy, Holy Christians to go more and more for his BS. Welcome to the New Democratic Party!!! A private moment of Hillary Clinton's last known meeting with George W. Bush, March 2016:
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No, Lady, this is NOT "The End"!!!


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