Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ANOTHER CIA/Clinton Facebook Robot (friended to 52 of my top Artistic Achiever Friends), EXPOSES HIMSELF: Tony Paris / NEW CIA/NSA Hackings of My Computer, Too!!!

Tony Paris's Facebook Profile photo from https://www.facebook.com/tony.paris

He has NO actual job or other searchable actual reality -- NO LINKED-IN profile like other writers/artists.

Tony Paris is what I'd call a "soft Clinton/CIA robot", as he softly apologizes to try to woo Sanders supporters to vote for narco-trafficking.

This afternoon, when I posted in response on his thread re: Hillary Clinton and CNN that as EVERYONE KNOWS, Anderson Cooper's FIRST job out of college was with the CIA -- AND ANDERSON NEVER HAD ANY SCHOOLING IN JOURNALISM.

During college, Cooper spent two summers as an intern at the Central Intelligence Agency. Although he has no formal journalistic education, he opted to pursue a career in journalism rather than stay with the agency after school,[14][15] having been a self-proclaimed "news junkie since [he] was in utero."[16]

And in 2012, Gloria Vanderbilt -- who OWNS Grand Central Station in New York City -- it is NOT Public Property -- had me kicked out for LIFE for making a mild joke about Republicans there to a stall merchant:

See bottom part of thishttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/03/my-immanent-return-to-uranus.html

And I posted THIS on his page as well, illustrating ANOTHER criminal at CNN, aka Clinton News Network:

I did NOT post this on Tony Paris's thread, but in 2010, my Facebook Friend Imran Anwar ADMITTED TO ME that both CNN and Fox News (where he then had been a part-time analyst for BOTH networks for ten years), that EVERYONE at Fox News and CNN knew that the Bushes and Cheneys had PLANNED 9/11 together with the Bin Laden and Saudi Royal Families, and wasn't it a SHAME that Americans are TOO STUPID (Christian), to care!!!

Imran Anwar LITERALLY is the "Father of the Internet" in Pakistan!!!

>>> BOTTOM LINE: Tony Paris is NOT AN ACTUAL PERSON, and BLOCKED me from commenting after REMOVING my comments.


Roommates -- AOL REFUSED to load ANY photos, and said it had "technical difficulties".

Ccbenjamin.r.david benjamin.r.david@nccourts.org,
emcmahon emcmahon@nhcgov.com,bill.saffo bill.saffo@wilmingtonnc.gov,
breakingnews breakingnews@newsobserver.com,breakingnews breakingnews@starnewsonline.com,
scoop scoop@huffingtonpost.com, editorial editorial@nytimes.com,

Earlier today, No matter how many times I tried, the email address I copied from Rick McKay's website kept pasting in MISSPELLED although it was CORRECT on his page, and SIMILAR CIA/NSA harassments have been happening as well. I just wrote it eventually from memory.

I decided to copy some buds in "The Law" and "Press".

"Shake" (or "Dapper Dan") is actually (redacted), and his phone is (910) 409-XXXX -- in case I disappear, maybe he will know what happens to me -- LOL!!!

"Falwell" is actually -- as seen below -- whose last name I keep forgetting to ask. This is the best shot that I got of him:

And that's IT for NOW!!!


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The Democratic Convention is ahead of the Republicans' in the convention ratings race.

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According to Facebook, this T-Shirt is being marketed ONLY to gay male Hillary Clinton supporters!!! 

Who's BUYING one???

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