Sunday, January 31, 2016

Message Just Sent Via THREE Channels (to make certain it arrives), to Deborah Hicks Maxwell of Wilmington, North Carolina NAACP!!!

Deborah Dicks Maxwell in front of 1898 Wilmington Insurrection Memorial

January 31, 2016

Dear Ms. Deborah Dicks Maxwell, or other Officer of the New Hanover County NAACP,

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am the “black sheep” of the Kenan Family of North Carolina who has made it my cause to make amends for the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection, caused largely by my family and White Christian Churches of Wilmington – especially First Presbyterian. I hope to be of some assistance to your organization.

My immediate interest is that I would like to ride with your group and participate in the HKonJ March in two weeks. Although still recovering from homelessness, I’d like to pay for my own ticket and either my membership in your org, or a ticket for someone in more need now, and I can buy a membership in about a month out of later income – whichever would be more helpful to you.

I have been a significant thorn in the foot to various “Powers that Be”, especially since 2009, when I came into realization of the DEEP significance of my immediate Kenan parents being America’s top literal NAZIS (we had swastikas, small and pastel for subconscious indoctrination, on our dinner china and daily beatings while growing up). I am not partisan, as so many corrupted Public Officials – especially in Wilmington – are Democrats, but because that Party is not COMPLETELY corrupt, I am a registered Democrat.

I should also say that while I completely respect and love the Teachings of Jesus, the WORST criminals in this country do so hiding behind “respectable Christianity”. I studied metaphysics, so take great lessons from ALL ethical leaders, regardless the religion or lack of it. I honor Jesus’s mission and teachings, but do not worship him.

Some of my experience, knowledge, and accomplishments to give you an idea of what I might be able to contribute to your organization:

1. In 1990, after I was jailed on a false charge of simple Trespass after I discovered and documented the major narcotics flow through Stone Mountain Park behind my home. I contacted my distant relative, James Graham Kenan, who was retired, so he had me talk to his wife’s nephew, Gregg Loomis, a lawyer, published author, race car driver, and stunt pilot in Atlanta. The Kenan Family prides itself on our name being fourth in line from Adam to Noah in Chronicles I of the Bible, so I joked that perhaps we are Jews, hiding.

Mr. Loomis got very agitated, and exclaimed that the ONLY thing the wealthy Kenans hated more than “niggers” was Jews, so I should NEVER say a thing like that to them. The late Frank Hawkins Kenan was in charge of the family then, so that is COMPLETELY believable to me – for then, at least. And Frank had a HUGE impact on NC Politics until he died in 1996.

Funny, is that in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, “Kenan” means either “the sadness” or “unbridled greed and acquisitiveness” – which pretty well hits the nail on the head concerning these Kenans!!! Serious Bible scholars believe those often 900+-year-lives of that line, actually refer to AGES, rather than individuals, and following the Age of Kenan, which we are leaving, is that of Mahalalel, defined as the “Prince of Peace”. I’m trying, at least on one level, to hurry that change of Ages up.

I have had significant and insightful interactions with the following Kenan-approved politicians:

A. Disgraced former Republican NC Senator Thom Goolsby, who instead of being in prison now for his crimes, was “Kenan-protected” and now sits on the Board of the UNC System.

B. Tom Fetzer, who was kicked out as Head of the Republicans about six years ago – for his gay lifestyle, although he married and quickly produced children to hide this fact. I’ve seen his You Tube rants that are nearly IDENTICLE to Adolf Hitler’s rants. He was a TOTAL Kenan Family ally.

While on this subject, NO REPUBLICAN has a good thing to say about Thomas S. Kenan III, now the face of the Kenan companies and charities – because HE is gay. In fact, I dated Curtis “Robbie” Anderson, Tom Kenan’s most recent ex then, in 1985. I have also spoken on the phone with Tom in 1990, and his current boyfriend in 2011. Tom has REFUSED to answer my calls, snail-mailed letters, and emails, beginning in 2009, but two of his “deputies”, Steve Armstrong of Kenan Management, Inc. of Chapel Hill, and Jeff Smith, Assistant Curator of Liberty Hall in Kenansville, have been COMPLETELY reasonable and respectful with me.

I believe that Tom Kenan is TRAPPED in a system laid out by his hyper-racist Dad, and might come around to supporting Liberty and Justice for ALL, eventually.

I tried to “bully him” into funding a serious museum in Wilmington to the history of slavery and the 1898 Race Riot – but have been ineffective.

2. Among my parents’ closest friends over the years, have been:

A. Nixon’s top aide John Ehrlichman, who helped Mom and Dad and others set up Wilmington as the top port-of-entry of hard drugs in the nation while my parents lived here 1980 – 2000. They admitted helping white people smuggle money out of South Africa after the fall of Apartheid via their Duplicate Bridge club, attached to St. Marks’ Catholic Church.

I actually was to Ehrlichman’s Atlanta apartment in the early 1990s, when he worked with many at, my former employer of 18 years, legitimately selling all the ad space in Service Academies’ and War Colleges’ yearbooks – but also distributing the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB to the entire eastern seaboard from Maine to points south of Wilmington, and my friend Evan Fish was murdered by Wilmington Police -- for knowing too much about that and WHICH local Politicians were buying/setting up narco-deals.

Former Georgia Republican US Congressman John Linder and Patrick Stansbury, owner of Pentagon Publishing often exchanged large packets when we ate in Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker, GA in the mid and late 1990s to pass out commission checks. Once, I saw an open packet full of large denomination bills. I can testify to this in Court.

And I even have an email threatening my life from Mr. Linder – as well as from Lee Gosney, my co-worker who traveled the East Coast under cover of being an authorized AA and NA counsellor and speaker – and Lee was VERY WELL known to many drug dealers I knew in Wilmington several years go – including Evan Fish.

Evan was my intended business partner in a Historic Walking Tour of Willington (also, former major cocaine distributor in Maine).

Wilmington cops forced Evan to jump to his death from the top of the parking deck next to the Library downtown early September 2011 – because he knew too much. And then the Wilmington Star News covered it up for YEARS to protect narco-trafficking cops and City Elected Officials who placed and KEEP Chief Ralph Evangelous in power. In 2011 – 12, Ralph smoked crack daily in a house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine.

B. Coach Lou Holtz lived across the street from us in the late 1960s, and for his help with my mother’s Catholic Swastikas (I have problems with the Popes and institutional Church, but NOT with Catholic people in general, or Father Bob Kus and Sister Mary Isaac Koenig, here in town, who are INSPIRATION to me.) Mom got Coach Holtz his dream job at Notre Dame, but when her brother, my uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS who lived in South Bend also, became official dentist to the Fighting Irish at that time -- but then allowed his daughter to marry a Jew -- Mom had his wealth removed and forced him into a Veterans Hospital in Mississippi on a false diagnosis, where Mom often travelled to work with doctors there to give him double strength Lithium Carbonate, and I have Mom’s earlier notes that that causes “chemically-induced diabetes”, which Uncle Bob very painfully died of.

I caught Mom on secured comm at the exact time Obama made the deal with John Boehner and others to re-open Government 2.5 years ago. Holtz is Boehner’s co-Catholic closest friend and political strategist.

D. My father claimed credit for putting Sen. Jesse Helms into power.

E. Sean Hannity of Fox News’s very close friend, Christal Presley:

3. On my own, I met:

A. Martin Lamb, who when he heard my last name, BRAGGED that he was George W. Bush’s TOP drug-money launderer, he having an island with jetport off Panama where Bush regularly flew with small jet-loads of $100.00 bills to “launder” and invest. Martin ASSUMED that as a Kenan of NC, I might like him to launder MY drug-cash too!!!

B. Dr. Waldemar Salazar of Colima, Colima, Mexico, now deceased, who not only introduced me to the Governor of Colima State, but was the best friend of former Mexican President Salinas – considered by Mexicans to be Mexico’s “President Nixon”. Dr, Salazar told me how he and President Salinas once dressed in disguise and slipped the guards of the Presidential Residence to motor to Puerto Vallarta to observe the CIA narco-trafficking, and cried together as they had no power to stop it.

However, President Salinas is most responsible for the rise in power of Mexico’s richest man and biggest narco-trafficker (and during much of the Bush and Sect. Clinton terms, the wealthiest man in the world), Carlos Salim “Slim” Helu – actually controlled the New York Times (and Wilmington Star News) – mostly through debt. In 2012, The NYTimes sent an emissary to find me in Wilmington to let me know they FORCED Carlos Slim out, but his check had not yet cleared the bank, so it was not yet reported in the Press.

In summer of 2013, Kevin Maurer, then head of City Desk at the Star News, debriefed me in Puerto Vallarta by phone, about my adventures – he claiming for a feature article in that paper or a book. When his OWN book, No Easy Day about the assassination of Osama Bin Laden was announced, he immediately refused to speak to me again – he only working for the CIA to see what I knew, and to control info in the paper here so that citizens were kept unaware of the HUGE narco-trafficking in our port.

C. I was debriefed many times in Mexico by top Officers of their Army and Marines – including one Marine who had hands-on captured El Chapo Guzman -- the first time, about three years ago -- which recently proved to NOT be the first time -- Mi Mexico!!!. In 2010, one of the five times I was held captive by Drug Mafia in and near Puerto Vallarta, two of Guzman’s many sons by many women were my primary captors.

D. Just about a year ago, I met a recently retired Exxon-Mobil exec in a Carl’s Jr. (Hardee’s) in Puerto Vallarta, who was HAPPY to tell me which of my Kenan relatives-as-Exxon-Mobil had worked with the CIA to put President Enrique Pena Nieto into power (everyone in Mexico knows this is true, although few ever heard of the Kenans) – to change the Constitution so that Exxon could get oil again – as well as the CIA and Kenans to get the narcotics.

E. In 2010, one of the others who held me captive, was former US Special Ops Benjamin Shields and his Mexican wife Adrianna. They arranged for former and disgraced PRI Party top lawyer Luis Melgoza (whose business HQ proved very close to CIA HQ in Virginia) to arrange a fake interview of me. Ben also spoke at length with my mother, getting instructions on how to handle me in captivity, set up an interview of me with a business associate pretending to be a rep of 60 MINUTES and claiming to have been sent to Mexico by Thomas S. Kenan III – and she swore that CBS would air at least TWO segments of 60 MINUTES on my story – but they were only CIA operatives recording 45 minutes of my story, audio and video.

You might recall the OUTRAGE some years ago on CNN TV, especially, and other mainstream media, over a series of about eight ugly racist websites, including “ObamaHaters2008”. CNN claimed that NO ONE could discover who owned it, but by simply googling it, I discovered they were ALL owned by Ben Shields!!!

F. Very recently, I met Monica Lewinsky’s close cousin, Kathleen Kinkade, who moved into Carolina Apartments on or near 1/1/2016. Kathleen, an acupuncturist, told me that her immediate family in El Salvador (where she actually grew up), built and runs BAIN CAPITAL for Mitt Romney as a Criminal Enterprise.

I will try to stop by your office this coming Tuesday, so you have time to look at this and perhaps have some of your staff research it. Now, I will send it via email as well as Facebook message. I will publish this letter (but no further communication between us) on my blogs: as well as, and below this Email to Sheriff McMahon (my most popular recent posting), you will find my list to whom I email ALL my blog postings. You will be PLEASED, I am certain, that Gov. McCrory unfailingly sends a “received receipt”!!!

Please feel free to pass this info to anyone else you feel it might help. I am NOT looking to become a “leader” in your organization, but I am 6’ 11” as well as possessed of a loud and resonant voice – and not afraid to confront “Power” with TRUTH, calmly, and respectfully – despite much language in my blog that reflects the SEWER that the internet is, and all its sewer rats (especially in Wilmington), who attack me, but ALWAYS disguise their identities – LOL!!!



Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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