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Of Monica Lewinsky's Cousin "Virginia Pinganot", Michael Moye of Mozambique, Patrick J. Kennedy of South Jersey, and Tom, the Maintenance Man for Gold Walker Properties in Wilmington, NC!!!

I met Audrey Hepburn while employed by Tennessee Williams. See my account of that and the State Department Dinner the night before the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors was taped for television, here:

1. Yesterday, I saw "Virginia Pinganot", who told me her family in El Salvador built and runs BAIN CAPITAL for Mitt Romney as a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, walking her two muscular dogs in front of Carolina Apartments -- so I ASSUME Tomi Matheson, the manager, allowed her to move in a day or two before her lease went into effect today. Tomi was that kind to me, and I liked her until Jennifer McCracken stopped selling me marijuana (and offering to sell me harder drugs), then she filed for the Restraining Order, the hate note was found in my mailbox in the apartments, George Cutter filed to EVICT ME, and a few days later two of my tires were slashed, and Anthony Humphrey has TWICE claimed to me that he witnessed Jenny doing that and that she had also bragged to him later that it was true.

I am NOW more concerned that "Virginia Pinganot" is PART of the narco-trafficking crowd in Carolina Apartments. I left a voicemail for her to call me -- which she has NOT done -- and sent emails to two Jewish Congregations documenting all of this, but THEY have neither blocked my emails of blog postings, nor answered a THING of why she is so intimately involved with the congregation of Temple of Israel. I sent to these two addresses: templeoffice, and

While I am at it, Governor Pat McCrory has sent the same received receipt to me for EVERY emailed blog posting I have sent him for more than a month now, so he CAN be prosecuted by the FEDS for ignoring these matters!!!

Office of the Governor <>


Scott Kenan;

Thu 12/31/2015 11:34 AM

Thank you for contacting the Office of Governor Pat McCrory.  We are here to serve you, and want to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.  Suggestions and comments will be read and referred to the appropriate staff member.  If you submitted a question or request for assistance, we will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Office of the Governor Pat McCrory
20301 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699
1-800-662-7952 (for NC residents only)
919/733-2120 (fax)

2. BIZARRELY, the password to this HP computer, that I established when I first bought it months ago, was FOUR NUMBERS, but after a recent Windows 10 update, several days ago, my password NO LONGER WORKED, but after TRIAL AND ERROR, I found that my password to my MICROSOFT account -- which has TWICE as many characters DOES WORK!!!

The last two days, software on my computer to allow the wifi to work was REMOVED (including overnight last night), and I had to plug into Ethernet connection to repair it.

If my password had been changed by Microsoft, I'm sure they would have warned me they planned to do that -- before they did it. I believe it was hackers, or the US Government:

3. BLESSEDLY, I received NO HARASSMENT CALLS last night for the FIRST TIME in three days. Before Jennifer McCracken got ANGRY AT ME again over these days, I had not received one of these calls since I was still living in Carolina Apartments, but after Jenny got her "clitoristic hard-on" for me -- HA!!!

4. The first thing I noticed this morning, was that Tom of Maintenance, on New Year's Day, had pulled a futon frame out of the remaining apartment here that has been unoccupied. Tom said that someone is moving in today (since then, a young man named Nick has begun moving in, so I told him my politics -- nut-shelled -- and to BEWARE OF TOM of maintenance!!!), and he and his helper had to clear all out. He said if I wanted it (light oak frame in perfect condition), that he was leaving it for about three days under the overhang of Neal Duffy's apartment (Neal apparently has paid his rent up -- FINALLY, his homeless bud having moved on as well), and then would put it out for anyone to pick up at the curb.

It would not be useful to me, but I thought I'd let the people below me know about it -- since I, Tom, and landlady Gold Walker all KNOW they have mattresses on the floor to sleep on -- rather than beds, and a futon is BOTH sofa and bed, and is space-efficient!!!

Fifteen minutes later, Tom ordered his sidekick to bust the frame up and then they carried it to the curb.

Tom SAW me on my porch, again, but did NOT ask me if I wanted it before destroying it. TWO of the people living in the apartment below me, "Bird" and "Q" -- as documented in this blog -- are black, and TOM HATES BLACK PEOPLE. He assumes anything stolen is by blacks -- even when he hasn't seen the theft happening, and he claims to be a DEVOUT CHRISTIAN!!!



  • Today
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan
    Good Morning Michael. Your note sent me into "Never-Never" Land -- LOL!!! I was not aware of any books by Robert Carroll, but found it -- I think -- on Amazon Digital (only):

    It appears that the seller of Tom's banknotes (for the value of his signature), now, is into many other things as well -- and SOME checks fetch a FAR higher price!!! Maybe Robert, said to possess and be selling them, sold his stock to this other person, where I found them selling still, today.
    The FIRST clue of problems is the use of "An" in the title, while Americans -- indeed MOST English speakers worldwide, use "A" before words beginning with a pronounced "H".

    If you recall the first two chapters of my own memoir, Robert Carroll -- who NEVER came in physical contact with Tennessee Williams during the last five or more years of Tom's life, was to arrive at his house by complete surprise -- constantly drugged to near stupefaction and armed with a handgun, scaring off EVERYONE except Tom, and leading to MY being employed.

    Perhaps this is NOT true and Tennessee and Helen lied to me about that -- how often Robert showed up in Key West.
    I owe Robert Carroll a lot -- because of him I got THE JOB!!! Robert's "claim to fame" was that "Lotte Lenya Loved me," so I figure he must have originally been around in the days when Lotte Lenya was filmed in THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE (1961), or the NET filming/TV broadcast of TEN BLOCKS ON THE CAMINO REAL (1966), both of which I own on DVD.
    However, you say you knew Robert Carroll a little. Were you in Key West (without Kate, as she was not there when I helped evict Robert from Tennessee's house), and met him then -- or did he come back LATER after I was fired? I never knew of anyone who claimed that Robert returned to Key West after I left -- but maybe he DID!
    Now the REASON so many Williams scholars hated Robert Carroll was for YEARS he was selling Tom's cancelled checks on eBay or Craig's list, for $350.00 each -- they all claiming Robert had simply stolen all those old bank statements with checks included, but NO ONE had proven it was Robert who sold them, although John Uecker claimed that he knew it as FACT.
    You liked Helen McDonald Chuba, whose story of meeting Tennessee on the Orient Express while traveling with Robert Carroll, included Robert being OUT OF CONTROL on drugs back then!!! Helen feared and HATED Robert Carroll and I never heard a friend of Tennessee say a nice thing about Robert -- although Tennessee remained connected to him for some reason.
    He claims, "Tennessee Williams life during his last decade from a close personal perspective."
    I SUSPECT that Robert read OTHER works about TW and personalized the story inserting himself in later years -- but I will BUY this book and read it and have a more "educated" guess what it is all about.
    After watching IGUANA last night, I turned to read Patrick Kennedy's book on mental illness and drug addiction -- his own and of other Kennedys -- and found it well-intentioned but LACKING a very important element which I expect to soon blog about.
    As you know, the Official Facebook page of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy ENDORSED my political blog and political reporting, just this past week!!!
    I also noticed that some of your friends on Facebook refer to your spending a lifetime of moving place to place to ESCAPE an unnamed something.
    I am more convinced of what I recently wrote you that you might be in some kind of intellectual and emotional muddle -- not necessarily helped by consuming alcohol and marijuana.
    I hope I make some sense to you -- and we can better discuss Robert's book after I have read it, OK???
    Under what circumstances and WHEN did you meet Robert Carroll???
  • Michael Moye
    Michael Moye
    I met Robert through Tom -
    I down loaded a sample of his book and will likely buy the whole book as it's very well fine

  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan
    That does NOT answer my question about WHEN you met Robert or the CIRCUMSTANCES of the meeting. Can't you READ ENGLISH???

    Anthony Narducci's (the guy who got me fired and abandoned Tom in Europe, but in his book claims TONS of lies about his continuing relationship), reads GREAT, and much of the first part is TRUE -- but Tony cancelled his ENTIRE BOOK TOUR after I challenged him in my blog and by personal email.

  • Michael Moye
    Michael Moye
    Lower your tone, Scott. smile emoticon I'm not sure - probably - '72-'74, and i would have met him at Tom's, but also saw him around town .. he didn't talk much around me, and yet i recall a few pleasant chats - about what i have no idea
  • Scott Kenan
    Scott Kenan
    Interesting that you then acknowledge that you knew Tennessee Williams about 1972 - 74, about eight years before Kate introduced Tenn to you by her pool and in front of me. I WONDER WHY neither of you acted or spoke as if you had ever met before. Is that why Tennessee called you a GIGOLO in his anger -- which you did not take to kindly in my book, and I assumed was just his "blind anger"???

    My "tone" is actually subdued compared to what it becomes when I find liars and cheats, so no reason to allow simple WORDS, aka "literary voice" to disturb you -- unless this is a case of "the shoe fitting", and I was unaware of it until today.


6. Last night, I was DISGUSTED by the banter between Anderson Cooper-Vanderbilt and Kathy Griffin, so turned it off. 

This image is actually from LAST YEAR.

I thought I'd walk to the river later to see the fireworks, but it was raining, so I took Patrick Kennedy's book to bed with me and began reading it.

It was IMMEDIATELY tedious to read, but also quite serious and well-intended. Soon, I realized what was missing -- understandable to a priviledged Kennedy, who went to the BEST private dry-out tanks and mental hospitals: NOTHING IS MENTIONED about how so many gay men are involuntarily committed!!!

I checked the index for "homosexual" or "gay", and nothing is listed there as well.

Now I ASSUME Patrick is actually straight, so it might not even occur to him, but when I was originally committed to Ancora State Mental Hospital in 1978, by my parents -- and Chuck Pritchard and Hilary Russell, my founding partners in -- and I NEVER saw a psychiatrist or a Judge (required then in New Jersey to commit anyone), before being carted to the hospital by two Cape May cops who ridiculed me as a FAG the entire hour's drive to the hospital:

The about 30-year-old admitting tech, male, white, told me when I said I was GAY, that not to worry, 90% of the men admitted were gay as well, and that within a week, I would be released -- that their main purpose was to lock up gay men for a while, if their friends or family were just TOO PISSED OFF at them being gay.

The psychiatrist whom I was to see next, a middle-aged Chinese woman by appearance, heard that, and hollered out of her office -- before even SEEING ME -- that I was IN FACT MANIC-DEPRESSIVE (what Bipolar was called back then), and that I might or might NOT be released in a week -- depending on how COOPERATIVE I was.

The following day (we arrived after dinner, so "classification" was closed for the day and I was housed the first night with lifelong sufferers of schizophrenia and such), I was sent to Cape May County Ward, where the guys there -- perhaps impressed by my 6' 11" height -- all told me they couldn't WAIT for me to get yard privileges in a couple of days, SO THEY COULD SUCK MY COCK BEHIND THE BUSHES!!!

THRILLED by my welcome, I set about doing the ONLY thing available to me -- there being no reading matter in the ward: I stuffed "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" games into plastic sleeves and stapled on header cards.

We would get two-cents credit in the canteen for each one we did, but the guys also warned me that you couldn't use the canteen unless there well over a week, so I would NEVER GET PAID and it was actually State of New Jersey sanctioned SLAVE LABOR OF FAGGOTS!!!

Ironically, the company I "worked for" was "GAY GEMS". -- and after several hours of work before I got transferred after two nights to "The Institute"(because we had GOOD INSURANCE for Whale's Tale Cape May), America's FIRST mental hospital founded by Benjamin Franklin and then part of the University of Pennsylvania -- I NEVER GOT PAID!!!

I spent another month at The Institute (here pictured with a previous name), which finally closed in 1997, but has been RESURRECTED -- to punish those who do NOT bow down to CHRISTIANITY, to they can be tortured by MODERN Jesuit Priests using NAZI POISONS!!!

Result of image-googling "Gay Gems" -- the company seems now GONE!!!

So, I think Patrick J. Kennedy needs go do LOTS MORE RESEARCH -- if he wants to do anything REAL!!!

But I will at least skim his book. We ALL know that the Kennedys LOBOTOMIZED Rosemary Kennedy, out of CATHOLIC CONCERN, which is WHY Tennessee Williams was so BONDED to JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

JFK and the "vacant" Rosemary

Tennessee Williams with his lobotomized (also for CHRISTIAN REASONS), sister Rose -- taken the night the three of us went to see the play BARNUM in 1982 (also with Tattiana Schwetzoffante-deluvian sister of noted Russian ballet star Igor Schwetzoff). 


The Kennedy Family and the Henry Ford Family were the TOP NAZIS in the USA -- until JFK's generation RENOUNCED their NAZI TIES.

UNFORTUNATELY, they never renounced the CATHOLIC CHURCH -- just like the black descendants of SLAVES do not renounce the God-Hating CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS and SCRIPTURES used to AUTHORIZE their enslavement UNDER GOD!!!

No WONDER America is SUCH A MESS -- no???

Adolf Hitler always insisted that the FUNDAMENTAL KERNEL of Nazism is CHRISTIANITY, and the Catholic Popes were his allies -- as were many Protestant Authorities

The Christian Bible should be sold BUNDLED with Mein Kampf -- or BOTH books should be banned, together.

An annotated edition will be released in January. Is it in the public interest?


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