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What a GREAT DAY -- Said This Pernicious Slave (and I DID Wake Up in VICTORY)!!!


First Presbyterian, the congregation who with William Rand Kenan, Sr. -- father of the guy who built Carolina Apartments and gave the City Kenan Fountain, Benches, and Plaza -- but Junior so HATED the ABJECT RACISM and SMALL-MINDEDNESS of Wilmington, he lived then in THE most exclusive apartments overlooking Central Park in New York as his PRIMARY residence (owning many "palaces" elsewhere around the world as well), is known for its OLD FAGGOTS NETWORK, including Pastor Ernest Trice Thompson III (who admitted to me he wanted to have sex with me, but respected his vows to his female wife) -- who NEVER attends First Prez services -- nor do Ernie's children.

NONE of them have any respect for Ernie at all -- except his ability to BRING HOME THE DOUGH!!!

In the following photo, Benjamin R. David, District Attorney whom I'm working with two US Army Generals, the US Attorney in Raleigh's office, and DEA Agents in Raleigh and Wilmington to IMPRISON for his narco-trafficking -- and now deceased Rev. Jim Holderness, in 2011 Assistant Pastor of First Presbyterian PROUDLY admitted to me that he and Pastor Thompson PROTECT Ben David from criticism over his narco-trafficking so they all can make GOBS of money by addicting preferably children of color to hard drugs, convicting simple drug users of crimes so they are BLACKLISTED from get jobs, apartments, etc., and IN FACT (according to the ten or so street people I knew in 2011 - 12), there are many MORE homeless people in Wilmington now -- in a STRONGLY GROWING economy -- than there were when I left in 2012.

Mercy House Shelter was CLOSED (the only one that did not require you to be a drug dealer to stay there like Good Shepherd does, or BIG FEES like Salvation Army that allows NO GAYS -- and several churches abandoned G.S. support over the overt embezzlement of funds to buy boats and cars by even its more humble employees). But NOT First Presbyterian, Ernie Thompson telling me he was PROUD that it was founded by one of its members who was in my Discovery Class there.  

And Ernie ALSO told me one way he kept it WHITE -- after he told a retired US Army Colonel and his wife who had become good friends of mine there and then tried to join, but Ernie said all he had to do was to tell them he personally supported MARRIAGE EQUALITY (true), and THAT will drive black Christians away licketty-Split!!!

It DID do that, but that is not so true, today.


This shows Judge Lindsey M. Luther (my judge today), until RECENTLY the only District Court Judge in Pender County, and Ben David -- also D.A. there. As you can see, Mr. David appears to have SOMETHING stuck up his butt, and I bet it is our mutual sex-toy, Robert Arnold Trahan, who had a HUGE ever-ready staff, but NEVER came so was good for HOURS -- and was good for sitting on or bending over for (or mouthing -- only a pacifier) -- I having sampled it well, and Robbie having told me about his exploits with the D.A.

Robbie was actually bisexual, and he and "Jersey" (amazingly still alive, but who put out the word to street people NOT to give me his cell phone number -- he a WORSHIPER of President Nixon, for whom he used to cut steaks in his butcher job in New Jersey).

Michael Keogh, called "Jersey" -- was a HOTTIE, too, but only slept with Robbie Trahan. HANDSOME, in his Mug Shot, no???

And the time I caught them (both bisexual), alighting from a mobile-whore-house-in-a-van, they were drunk and BRAGGED that Ben David had PAID for it for their help giving him info on ME!!!

Now, BEFORE getting to the point of all of this, I should tell you, that one night (with a briefer repeat the next night), Robbie LED the entire Mercy House Shelterful of residents in singing a song he made up to the old Elvis tune, 

Bend over, Ben David . . . 

Cryin' all the time!!!

Bend Over Ben Da-VID,

Lyin' on Yer Dime!!!


And as all longtime readers know, Robbie Trahan left Wilmington about six months before I did, he moving to the top of Texas, where his sister lived, and worked in a Native American Casino, just across the border in Oklahoma -- where Robbie told me he "won", on average, $23,000.00 per night (but it further fueled his alcoholism so bad that he disappeared from emailing me frequently, after about six weeks).

And Sheriff McMahon ERASED all Robbie's many jail records -- just like he did to MY jail records (about two months after I fled back to Mexico).

Now in that PHOTO, above, check out the COOL thing Ben David and Lindsay Luther DID -- which I found KUDOS for all OVER "green", left-wing websites -- since it got BIG PRESS!!!

From early January, 2015. See:

PENDER COUNTY, NC - Venus Fly Traps capture the imagination of many, but don't try to take one home while hiking in the park or harvest them for sale, it's now a felony in North Carolina. On January 5th, four people made their first appearances in court facing charges for taking 900 plants. According to District Attorney Ben David, "This morning four defendants made their felony first appearances on charges of Felony Taking of Venus Fly Traps. The incident, which was investigated by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, resulted in the recovery of roughly 900 plants. This is the first time the new law has been enforced as a felony in North Carolina. Defendants Jimmy Wortham, Paul Simmons, Paul Simmons, Jr., and Malcolm Douglas Massey all appeared before the Honorable Lindsey M. Luther to have their charges read and receive bond."

North Carolina Wildlife Officers arrested 23-year-old Jimmy Wortham, 49-year-old Paul Simmons, 22-year-old Paul Simmons Jr, and 30-year-old Malcolm Massey. 
In a release issued the same day, David explained the class H felony is punishable by a maximum of 39 months in prison. Judge Luther gave Wortham and Simmons a $20,000 secured bond and gave Simmons, Jr. and Massey a $15,000 secured bond. 

David handled the first appearance on behalf of the State and remarked, “Venus Fly Traps are a unique and important part of Southeastern North Carolina’s ecosystem. I am proud that the Fifth District will be the first to prosecute the new felony charge and commend NC Wildlife Resources for their enforcement of the law.”

But considering that First Presbyterian STARTED the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898:

And given that Fag-Pastor Ernie Thompson ACTIVELY RUNS OFF INTERESTED BLACK FOLK -- even TODAY -- and protects narco-trafficking Officials by elevating them to Deacons and Elders -- it BEHOOVES US (and the DEA and US Attorneys Office in Raleigh), to examine WHICH Courts Officials are ALSO so elevated, THERE!!!

And I found that Republican Judge Jeffrey Noecker just completed a term as an Elder -- and may I say I believe he is actually STRAIGHT (and did me the LEAST harm of the Republican Judges who screwed me in 2011 and 12, Criner-now-Ray as well as Chad Hogston, did me HUGE damage illegally and un-constitutionally, so I'm gonna let Noecker off Scot Free!!! -- although he gets the WORST ratings for destroying families of any local judge, but those folks need to go after him for that)!!!

And BLESS HER PEA-PICKIN' LITTLE HEART -- Judge Lindsay M. Luther is in her THIRD year as a Deacon at First Prez!!!

I'm SURE ALL local judges know that before recessing, the Supreme Court ruled that those angry at Law Enforcement or Law Authorities (whether guilty of not), are Constitutionally allowed to BITCH OUT arresting officers and Judges -- without penalty!!! And no matter how FOUL the language (which I will NOT use over the BIZARRE way Judge Luther handled my cases today in Court -- because it is a GREAT STORY and for a BETTER REASON, I will soon disclose) -- as long as they are not PHYSICALLY VIOLENT.

So in reasoning EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of Judges Davis and Faison (and Crouch and Robinson -- by reputation, anyway), although Judge Luther had made a BIG DEAL out of making certain others understood that NO two Restraining Orders could be considered in ANY WAY together as if ONE, when she got me to (the Court cleared of all but Jenny, me, Court Officials and ONE mysterious handsome young man in a suit who sat with Deputies, COMBINED my two Restraining Orders to -- as she said -- we could consider as ONE, then accepted Jenny's BULL SHIT and DENIED making hers against me TWO-WAY restraining -- and DENIED my R.O. against DRUG-THUG Anthony Humphrey (whom I will try to snap a photo of to post ASAP -- and his "smooth-as-butter" shaved body and the depth of his typically displayed BUTT CRACK, as Jennifer Mc CRACKen likes to call them.

And REMEMBER that Judge Faisson recommended that I bring CRIMINAL charges against Mr. Humphrey. I will next week either file an ETHICS charge against Judge Luther -- or file again against Anthony, in either Civil or Criminal Court -- depending on the advice of the DEA Agent and lawyer, I will shortly engage to prepare for the JURY TRIAL against my EVICTION!!!


1. Jenny, who had NOT talked to a soul all day in Court, while I quietly or loudly joked with at least a dozen, both inside and out of the room, left first, so of course out of courtesy, I waited, with Judge, all Deputies, and that "suit". I turned to them all, saying, "Y'all, speaking quite informally now that Court has adjourned, that up-tight, pig-woman makes me EXTRA-PROUD to be GAY!!!"

Judge Luther laughed the loudest -- as did the rest of them -- so I think that since she's the only one of Ben David's LAP DOGS who has never had to deal with me before, he put her up to this ABORTION OF JUSTICE -- and she knew it, and was RELIEVED, laughing so hard (so, depending, I might not go for her JOB!!!).

And I forgot to wait to get my copy of what the Judge "FOUND" in the case (nor was it offered), so after getting a copy on Monday, I will THEN decide how to proceed!!!

And this morning, as I had gone to get my clip-on sunglasses from my car, the passenger side rear tire was flat, and the same side front was 2/3 flat, so I figured the Drug Mafia was angry and desperate to scare me, had simply deflated the tires, and I had a can of "Fix-A-Flat", which delivered upside-down would give enough air without the latex to inflate both after trial to drive to an air pump.

BUT, after trial, I first called the DEA to say we would have to wait until Monday to meet, and asked recommendation about whether to file a Police Report, and they said don't bother, as the cops won't try to solve it. 

THEN, I discovered that BOTH tires had been slashed by a knife to the sidewall (ruining the tires), smaller slash in front, and it must have been right before I got there this morning, since the front had not deflated completely, yet.

But what the DEA ALSO said, when I told them I assumed they record all calls (so there would be a legal record or the harassment), is that they USED TO, but don't record ANY, anymore -- since President Obama made certain that the NSA records ALL CALLS ALWAYS!!!

And they can get those recordings (and all texts and emails, Facebook messages, etc.), quickly by just asking.

So Judge Luther will be on the list of requisitioned calls -- just like Jennifer McCracken, Tomi Matheson, George Cutter, Anthony Carmichael, and even "Christine Hitchens" (Ben David, Sheriff, Police Chief, Thom Goolsby, etc, too).

I TOLD you this will be a GIGANTIC CASE as we clean up the Kenan Family NAZI CRIMES!!!

And as FOUR separate Parties I spoke to after that said, the Drug Mafia JUST ADMITTED DEFEAT!!! They NEVER slash tires unless they know they can't beat you in "FAIR" ways.



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