Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Morning, I Remembered MORE Pertinent Info About My Accostment by WHITE CHRISTIAN REPUBLICAN BULLIES in Independence Mall, Yesterday!!!

They do -- in the PHYSICAL WORLD (and there are smaller and smaller particles that make THEM up, as well) -- a Lesson for the Ignorant!!!


1. Today, not having checked total blog hits in a few months, I took a look, hoping it had climbed past 600,000 (reported -- not including Press, Law Enforcement, my SERIOUS Adversaries, and General Privacy Buffs, whose hits never register due to stealth software they use to not leave tracks), and it is now OVER 700,000 hits!!!

THANK YOU Gentle Readers!!!

2. And even though the tactics of the STORM TROUPERS in Independence Mall are IDENTICAL to those used by my other Wilmington Adversaries -- especially Jennifer McCracken/Christine Hitchens -- she did NOT take the bait and make comment siding with them, and the Truce of Peace (Detente'), still holds in Carolina Apartments.

But LOOK -- I think I found where Jenny got her alias, she even ONCE referred to herself as "CHRISTOPHER Hitchens":

3. While I'm at it, something ELSE I posted on Facebook -- that those who worship the DEVIL and call it JESUS need to read to learn how the REST OF THE WORLD is evolving, outside Wilmington's DRUG-BESOTTED BUBBLE:

Bisexual, pansexual, demiromantic, aromantic -- the sexual identities with which people label themselves continue to become more diverse and more mainstream....
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4. And having time to kill after I was first thrown out of the Mall, I stopped into the Whole Foods, directly across the street from the parking lot exit I took. There, a manager kindly -- and ENTIRELY sympathetically -- listened as I told him the whole story for about ten minutes, my NEVER causing a "Public Scene" -- because he was a loving, honest person.

I told him he was better than marijuana (which he TOO wished he knew where some could be found), and noticing his wedding band, I told him I would NOT try to relax more by drinking from his spigot.

He laughed too, knowing about this FACT:

A photo I took of a three-foot-wide sculpture PROMINENTLY PLACED in Colima, Colima, Mexico's most popular park.

"Colima, Colima, Mexico placed this PROMINENT monument to the SEMEN OF THE GODS that splatted down RIGHT HERE to found the city -- MANY centuries before WHITE-ASS people arrived!!!"

Scientific Data on Human Semen

And since I am writing about Colima, Mexico, this was where I met Martin Lamb, who BRAGGED he was George W. Bush's PRIMARY Drug-Money Launderer -- after he asked if I was related to Thomas S. Kenan III. He never said he laundered Tom Kenan's DRUG MONEY -- but he sure KNEW ABOUT IT!!!

Two-thirds the way down this posting:

5. Next, I stopped into HOBBY LOBBY, knowing they would have TONS of great Christmas decorations out, already -- and they did NOT disappoint!!! Christmas decorations (also like the Coca-Cola trucks in Mexico), ALWAYS relax me into thinking of the Festival of Lights, celebrated at the DARKEST point of Winter, by all the PAGAN RELIGIONS.

I should also say that while "Mom & Pop" businesses can make the argument NOT to hire gays (but they still must SERVE US), Hobby Lobby is TOO BIG a corporation to be allowed to discriminate in hiring -- and in MY experience -- going back many years -- the Christians they hire tend to follow the ACTUAL teachings of Jesus and have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with me being gay (which I always make a point of discussing in their stores).


And first I think it is important that I disclose to whom I emailed the last posting, so that everyone ELSE can see that too. This was in a series of two emails, and I'll post paste it in, in no particular order:

Judi.Wright, info, bill.saffo bill.saffo@wilmingtonnc, eredenbaugh1,info, 
breakingnews,breakingnews, scoop,editorial, 60m, wilmjourn, nhcnaacp, whqr,wilmingtononfire, newsroom, Stanley Winborne III, kilroyrogers,info, russel.honore,info, Christian.Ferney,teri, sarmstrong,libertyhalltours, scottdkenan,kenan5, jkenan02, duffyjr3,gm2127, KHolditch

When I first met the two young women I promised a ride back to downtown Wilmington to, they had approached me, asking for $5.00 for food, total -- as they both were hungry -- and said they had been dropped off at the Mall to have fun hanging out, but had no ride home either.

Already having eaten and so seen food prices in the Mall, I felt the MINIMUM to satisfy hunger would be $5.00 each. I checked and had a few singles, then nothing else smaller than twenties, so popped into the Spencer's Gifts -- which was right there, to break a twenty.

THERE, the clerks ALL confirmed (I asked three, in my disbelief), that the Store's Policy was NEVER to make change for anyone (other than change for a purchase -- confirmed AGAIN by a clerk with his cash drawer open, who refused to do it). So I asked if anyone who could hear me could -- using their personal wallet -- make change for me (about 20 - 25 in easy ear-shot, as they were JAMMED with customers trying to pay), and I added that two girls were HUNGRY, and I having once been HOMELESS, I wanted to help them out.

Someone spoke out: "Sir, NO ONE HERE makes change for people like YOU or THAT!!!"

And yes, I got LIVID, but did not YELL, only using my God-given "projectile speaking voice" -- and I have no specific memory of what I said, but I cannot deny it was language a "Christian" would likely take umbrage over.

Then, I tried a women's clothing store, right across the hall. It was very busy too, but only about 15 people near the register, and I said that Spencer's refused to help, but could they make change so two hungry girls could eat???

They IMMEDIATELY DID, and ALL that could hear were telling me what a nice man I was. I told them THAT was not exactly true, but I'd been homeless, and now I was passing along the help others had given me back then.

Now, I don't know that it was offended White Christians in Spencer's who had made complaint -- especially since the Security Guards told me multiple times that all the complaints they got were from people hearing me cussing and using the most vile profanities at the Anti-Bullying Rally -- TO CHILDREN -- never mentioning any other incident at all.

So I HOPE the Mall will conduct a THOROUGH investigation into this matter, and report their results and how they plan to FIX THINGS (or better, have already DONE SO), ASAP!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
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The modern Republican Party’s hell-bent embodiment of nearly everything Christ warned against has become so serious that we have to call it out.
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And now I must prepare to go to this:



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