Wednesday, August 12, 2015

SUPER-LOL!!! Seeing What I thought Was Mr. Cutter in the Hall Just Now, I Asked Him if He WAS. He Looked at Me Like a "Doe in the Headlights", said, "Why?", then QUICKLY Ducked into the Stairwell!!!

Carolina Apartments

I DID have the opportunity to say, "Well, we are to be in Court this morning . . . " before he disappeared behind the door to the inside stairs -- and I was honestly hoping to talk things out like ADULTS, but I guess he couldn't handle that.

George Cutter owns these apartments and is suing to evict me for making "disturbances to the peace". He and I had two long phone conversations, mostly quite congenial, but he hung up on me the first time, and I on him the second time, after he kept taking over what I tried to say, so there was no longer a point in continuing the conversation. He also -- I can now confidently say, assuming this was he -- was the gentleman I had a GREAT conversation with as he completed cutting holes in the ceiling a week or so ago. See

Maybe he is afraid of me like former North Carolina State Senator (resigned in disgrace), Thom Goolsby, no??? See:

So 9:30 AM today, Room 314.

While we actually need to get the results of the US Post Office's investigation into the hate note in my mailbox -- which should be soon forthcoming, if we must proceed, the only "disturbance" was caused by Jennifer McCracken when I stopped buying marijuana from her (and stopped smoking it).

And his complaint claims I made "faults" statements on the internet, NOT specifying about what -- and published lies in the Press (which this blog is, legally), require prosecution for LIBEL or SLANDER -- not vague complaints!!!

Since his grammar, vocabulary usage, and spelling are PERFECT, except for the use of "faults", I assume if push came to shove, he would hire a TOP LAWYER to claim he did NOT mean "false" -- LOL!!!

Blue Velvet was filmed in 1985 in these Carolina Apartments -- while I was dating Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, Thomas S. Kenan III's most previous long-term lover.

Have SOME PEOPLE come to believe that these apartments should be a CONTINUATION of the drug problems in that movie???

I'll report on the Court proceedings in a few hours!!!




  1. It looks like you will end up in the nuthouse again.
    At least you will be safe from the narco traffickers there.
    Maybe a general will bust you out?
    Lying sack of..... woops there goes my Tourette's again.
    How's the goose cooking going?