Thursday, August 13, 2015

Staying in a HUMOROUS VEIN (or perhaps a "caryatid" artery) . . .

"A Carytid in a dress" -- look it up!!!

Shortly after moving to Wilmington, North Carolina, I narrowed down to THREE, my then-known CANDIDATES FOR MY HUSBAND!!!

But FIRST, let's look at why WOMEN are ALWAYS UNDER SUSPICION (they easily remain un-evolved -- even those from the FINEST FAMILIES)!!!

And Barack Obama was SMART ENOUGH to BUY OFF Caroline Kennedy with a "Camelot Carriage" -- PERMANENTLY SHUTTING HER UP!!!

Numero Uno: Ronald Prescott Reagan:

Of these three, Patti Davis, Nancy Reagan, and Ron Prescott Reagan, I've only IN PERSON met the one in the middle.

And DESPITE my attempt to contact him and declare my interest, I've received NO ANSWER!!!

NUMERO DOS: I don't know his name, but I LOVE his business (and he's SUPER-COOL to talk with)!!!

But it turned out that he's not only been with the same guy since HIGH SCHOOL (about 16 years), when I asked him about the next-door-to-him business, Wilmington Computer Repair -- and its principals Ryan Lee Burris and Wes Taylor, he said, "I NEVER deal with TRASH!!!"


OK, this one is COMPLETELY SPECULATIVE -- and we ONCE met -- in his Cadillac SUV, in which I fit perfectly into its "front passenger seat", right by Mercy House Homeless Shelter -- back in 2011. 

I don't remember our conversation AT ALL -- just that I grooved on his "vibe".

I must also say that while many used to find my blog googling questions about his divorce -- in recent months MORE google asking if he is GAY!!!

YUP -- Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo!!!

And if yer gonna "go Greek", as they say, isn't he HOTTER than Ari Onassis???





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