Sunday, August 16, 2015

Now, I Am SUCCESSFULLY Connected with TOP Democrats in the State of North Carolina!!!

North Carolina Attorney General (Democrat), Roy Cooper

No, I have not yet met Governor-to-Be Cooper, but at the meeting today of several counties' Democratic Officials, I first met Elizabeth Redenbaugh -- EXACTLY the kind of person I had hoped she would be (and the two of us will soon have a private meeting), then two State Officers gave presentations lasting about five hours on the nuts and bolts of organizing -- primarily at the precinct level -- as well as practicalities of canvassing. These are things I loved hearing about, but my personality and looming over-size are not suited for that type thing, so I think MY role will be in supplying DEEP BACKGROUND about REAL politics -- and perhaps suggestions about strategies.

It also looks like I'll soon go to Raleigh, since everyone LOVES that I am "The blackest, tallest, and smartest of those bearing the Kenan surname" (except for Randall-the-Writer -- who is in a different category), got privileged info from Jackie Kennedy Onassis, had GREAT stories regarding what Patricia Sinatra told me, and work with Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore' to BUST politicians (especially), who are involved in Narco-Trafficking -- beginning in Wilmington and North Carolina -- but on the national and international scene as well.

Lower level people there reminded me of typical Democrats circa 1970 -- but the higher the ranking, the more likely they knew ALL ABOUT D.A. Ben David, Sheriff McMahon, and Police Chief Evangelous being in narco-trafficking (or protecting it), and that the Party has to deal with finding a way to convert them to Law-Abiding Officials or GET RID OF THEM!!!

And I was a GREAT Diplomat in sensing which people there I could discuss what with -- and I didn't even make ONE HOMO-PASS at the hot guys, a few each black and white. Elizabeth is the most GORGEOUS of the women!!!

And I keep forgetting to report that Ms. Redenbaugh -- while she fought the Republicans and got the JFK Profile in Courage Award -- was a REPUBLICAN!!! THAT is so COOL!!!

The story of my dating Thomas S. Kenan III's old boyfriend -- and that Tom, today, drinks alcohol beginning at about breakfast and the friends of his twenty-something boyfriend whom I met here are nothing but rich Drug Trash was a hit of a true story too (as well as my meeting, recently, at Liberty Hall)!!!

Well, that is just the tip of the iceberg -- and readers would be bored if I told more.

BTW: I spoke with Ryan Burris when he first arrived to tell him the past is the past -- and I have NO PROBLEMS with him, also speaking with him several times later. So that will be a NON-ISSUE.

I COMPLETELY forgot to tell everyone that while living in Puerto Vallarta, I FREQUENTLY called Gov. McCrory's Office -- as well as offices of Republican Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, to let them know how heinous their actions have been -- and that I will eventually see they are handily UN-SEATED.


I IMMEDIATELY ran into my next door neighbor Don, who is just back from Nova Scotia for a week. It turned out that the person I heard him in loud argument with more than a week ago (and then turned down my music to hear if I needed to run out to prevent violence), was not Anthony from across the hall (Don, like me, has NO PROBLEM with Mr. Humphrey), but Mr. Cutter, to whom he was complaining of the MOLD SPORES and ASBESTOS old insulation coming out the holes Cutter cut in the ceiling -- Don having very severe allergies.

The result of which, is that Mr. Cutter sent him a letter saying Don has a MONTH to evacuate his apartment!!! And if he does NOT, Cutter will go to Court to evict him, too!!!

We just fell out laughing over Cutter's tactics -- especially my story of Cutter refusing to answer if he WAS Mr. Cutter, then bolting out of sight behind the door to the inside staircase -- which Don says He ALWAYS does!!!

Don said if you go on A.G. Roy Cooper's NC State website, you learn that without causing provable problems, if you pay your rent it is all but impossible to evict someone -- which explains Cutter and manager Matheson's false claim they never got my rent check!!! (Also possibly someone infiltrating Benefits Management and TRASHING my checks -- due to my auto insurance notice that THEY TOO have not been paid.)

And I ALSO -- besides the Wilmington City Fire Department's published website to read all FIRE INSPECTIONS of apartments NOT EXISTING as I've already reported -- I got a notice that the email address published to make complaints and ask questions WILL NOT TAKE MY EMAIL (but did NOT claim it was invalid)!!!

And then tonight, I got THIS as well:
LOL!!! After the CIA blocked all my emails so they come back to me (except for TWO emails since I opened the account), they disable it for returned emails (I am guessing -- since Google has NO ONE who will answer a question or even allow a worded reply to explain anything -- the Republican, CIA Narco-Traffickers at WORK) -- Praise JESUS!!!

If you've been redirected to this page from the sign-in page, it means that access to your Google Account has been disabled. Your account has not been deleted,...

I guess I will open one LAST gmail address to try to get THIS blog post out. The last three weeks only a couple have actually gone out and I got "out of office" and similar responses from some -- but hits to my blog have been climbing rapidly WITHOUT those emails going out, so I no longer need to do that, anyway.

And when I explored A.G. Roy Cooper's website, I see all the District Attorneys work under HIM, so I'm SURE he would love to hear the stories of the David Boys -- Benjamin R. and Jon -- and get a "giggle" over all the DIRT I have on Ben David's boyfriends as well, no???

Well, I thought it a good idea to call "Testosteroni" -- to let him know how the meeting went (especially since he claimed a couple of days ago that he supports my political efforts, but might need a MIRACLE -- now provided in SPADES), but he sounded like he was bored with my story and that he didn't even understand -- like he thought I was from another PLANET (if so, it is Uranus).

Actually, Testo has been showing WORSENING signs of Alzheimer's -- especially sad, since that recluse has not a single FRIEND in the world -- except me -- and my work is too important to be caring for him.

Now THAT is a bad ending, but he CHOSE IT, and must lie in the bed he has made, unfortunately.

So I told him I DON'T put up with ANYONE who doesn't respect me (no matter what they agree or disagree with of my ideas and activities), and said I had better things to do than annoy myself with his shit, so then hung up after telling him I was doing that.

What next??? Call my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan (still listed under Dad, William Scott Kenan of Hedingham development in Raleigh), to let her know I will soon be in Raleigh (but not stop to see her or Jane), and how the meeting went. It actually went well throughout -- and for the first time in several calls, she said "I love you", (I'm afraid of you, is what she meant.)

And I keep forgetting to report that when I DID visit her and Jane right after getting here from Puerto Vallarta and doing laundry in her machines, I had noticed that my several memory sticks and memory cards were still in the bottom of my bag I'd carried laundry in. I didn't worry about it, Mom supposedly knowing nothing about computers and the like -- and NOT expecting her to stand folding or packing my clean clothes -- since she is 92 and on a WALKER.

But while I was out doing gardening, she had done EXACTLY THAT -- and when I got back to Wilmington, those items had been REMOVED from my bag, and I searched through all the clean clothes as well -- they being NOWHERE -- the BITCH!!!

Tomorrow, I will NOT file any charges of breach of Restraining Order by Jenny McCracken (unless I cannot for some reason get a Restraining Order of HER from me), nor file to prosecute George Cutter or Tomi Matheson for PERJURY. There is PLENTY of time before I have to -- and I believe I will have Roy Cooper's (or a top Aide's of his) ear soon enough -- to get instruction on how to proceed.

And I will pay Clerk of Court what I need to and file the appeal on Eviction -- as well as go to the Fire Department's HQ to physically see the Fire Inspection of Carolina Apartments -- and present the evidence of Jennifer McCracken's little camp on the Fire Escape -- as well as the ILLEGAL door lock on my apartment!!!

I just "un-blocked" Ryan Lee Burris on Facebook -- since we are getting along great now!!!

A Dios -- for now, Campers!!!


PS: Anthony Humphrey was just outside my window sneezing and blowing his nose like CRAZY. I think he, too, told me he has bad allergies and then was singing the song of a "Happy Drunk"!!!



  1. Thanks for not filling. I don't respect you though. I can't tell a lie. And honestly I don't know who would or for what. Oh I wasn't really going to paint you green I just thought it was funny. Ho ho ho, Green Giant.

  2. You are Most Welcome -- but only if you can, without personal contact, slip me some herbal essence between my doors, right soon (tonight), so I get over this PTSD that hounds me due to my own dang family -- NOT you. I don't need your respect, but as my old "White House Buddy", Ronald Reagan, like to say, "I Declare Detente'".

    ALSO, the "Jolly Green Giant" is what lesser intellects called me when I was in grade and high schools, which I then HATED, later realizing what a cool guy he was!!! So I took that as an UNINTENDED compliment. If you CAN accomplish this, I will them delete THESE comments from blog -- NOT try to prosecute you, and even protect you from other prosecutions.

    I hope this is a "Win-Win" solution for both of us -- as I consider HONESTY the closest to Godliness -- and AGREEMENT with all means we would BORE outselves -- and God, as well!!!