Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jenny McCracken Was Just SCREAMING Outside My Door -- so I Called 911, and an Officer is Coming Over!!!

Jenny as Christine Hitchens also posted three comments to this blog, probably to the last posting, which I will publish there.

Let you know what happens when the officers get here!!!

(Later: I did NOT read them but posted them normally, quickly, and they were to three different recent postings.)


>>> The Police Officer got here quickly, but UNLIKE Sheriff's Deputies delivering Services -- I had to take the elevator down to let him in -- LOL!!! And while I explained it and the over-all situation in a nutshell, two Sheriff's Deputies arrived.

In two elevator car-loads (protocol that made sense to me), we proceeded to the 6th floor, where the one Sheriff's Deputy stayed outside my apartment with me (not wanting me to unlock or we go in), while the other with Police Officer, with Deputy, spoke with Jenny.

I explained my frustration with Judge Lindsey Luther and her God-Hating, Man-Hating Christian ways -- and the slashes to my tires by Mafia, and only heard Jenny very calmly like the smooth CHRISTIAN CUNT she is, tell them "My brother is a Sheriff's Deputy", and nothing more, although they then continued in lower tones. That is ALL she had to say that was TRUE, I'm sure.

In the middle of it all, Anthony Humphrey came out of his apartment, mumbling, but not intoxicated, and I made nice and complimented him in front of them, but as soon as he was on the way down in the elevator, I explained to them what a HUGE problem he was in cooperating with Jenny.

In the end, Jenny had no choice but to keep her CHRISTIAN CUNT pretty to all, so they left with us calmed down -- or at least me feeling better for having it ON THE RECORD.

I will press Civil or Criminal charges against Jenny ASAP, but now must calm down enough to sleep.


Perhaps I'll stare at this a while, meditate, and relax . . .



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