Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It is TIME for Me to "Get Over It" -- I Having MANY TIMES PROVEN I ALWAYS Beat My Adversaries, I Turn Away from the VULGARITIES They Have Earned -- Because I am BETTER THAN THEIR Christian Hatred of God and Humankind.

Today, socked in with a quite high fever, chills and achiness -- in my 84 F degree apartment (I had to turn off the air conditioning) -- I wrapped shivering in a blanket and watched the film on Blue Ray, Julie & Julia.

First of all, I assume this is from the stress of the ONSLAUGHT of illegal harassment -- not only of a very few drug-loving or dealing residents (or those pressured by Drug Mafia), of the Carolina Apartments, and some top politicians in Wilmington, NC -- and I have known ALL ALONG, that not a single person who could side with me publicly (like Mayor Bill Saffo), would or REALISTICALLY could do so. I KNEW this BEFORE I returned to the states -- because they all have friends, family, and most have spouses, that the Drug Mafia would threaten, so they could NOT stand with me at all.

So SPECIAL THANKS to the New Hanover District Court Judges, who so far in the last week have either been completely professional, or sought me out to THANK ME -- and welcome me home!!!

NO ONE has touched my heart more than you!!!

And after a day immobilized, I now need to run an errand and will return to complete this, shortly . . .

NOW, having completed that -- and talked to MORE RESIDENTS I had never before met, it is time to say that they ALL agree that George Cutter is actually a nice guy -- and all love and respect Tomi Matheson, apartments manager.

But all (mostly I spoke with people NOT looking or acting like drug addicts, like Mr. Carmichael or Ms. Jenny McCracken), also agree that Tomi works TOO MUCH, in a way that is likely ILLEGAL for Mr. Cutter to expect or demand -- but that is NOT our business, since Tomi ALLOWS IT!!!

And back to the film: The parallels of Julia Child getting published are NOT that good to my case, as although it took a long time for me to find an agent and then a publisher, in MY case, it was NARCO-TRAFFICKING Jamie Lee Sutherland in Chicago and a FOX NEWS talking head, Daliah Saper who stole MY copyright -- NOT the publisher, like there is an instance of in the film.

But Paul Child's problems with the Republican Party and Sen. McCarthy are MUCH LIKE MINE!!!

And while it took Julia Child eight years to get published, I'm now working on year THIRTEEN -- with NO END IN SIGHT!!!

And BOTH Julia and Julie, had WONDERFUL spouses to give emotional support, while I've had NO ONE for that, at all. I lost all family, all friends -- in the sense that those who agree with me have NEVER, EVER, EVER, taken even the SLIGHTEST risk and stood up with me. 

Benefits Management is the one exception.

I'll get to Joseph Faulk (Testosteroni), in a minute.

As all my readers know, and I have stated many times, I was first told in 1974 -- and several times since then -- that my purpose in life is to BRING DOWN this "Age of Kenan", Kenan defined in the Bible Dictionary as meaning "the sadness" or "unbridled greed and acquisitiveness" -- to allow this New Age of Mahalalel to unfold -- for those who LOVE GOD ONLY (includes most atheists).

This is Mahalalel, the Prince of Peace.

It is NOT Jesus, who was a dark-complected, woolly-haired Jew.

Kenan is the fourth in line from Adam to Noah in Chronicles I -- and those are meant to represent AGES, and NOT super-old people.

Mahalalel is fifth in that line.

SO, I have heard NOTHING from either Jamie Lee Sutherland, Managing Director of Wells Fargo, Chicago (to reach an amicable settlement -- rather than I prosecute him and his associates (includes Wilmington, NC District Attorney Benjamin R. David and their SHARED lawyer Jeff Duncan, in RACKETEERING, etc.), so I will go ahead on that.

And since I heard nothing from Testosteroni, either, Joseph C. Faulk, Jr., and his http://www.jfaulkhats.com/https://www.facebook.com/jfaulk.hats.9?fref=nf

INTERESTING that since I last looked at this on Facebook, to cover his track, Joseph NOW claims to be MARRIED!!!

But I got all the info with "sleuthing software" and will publish all the details later, since I cannot find my file saving it on this computer, now, and am too tired.

HOWEVER, the BIGGEST CRIMINAL in Wilmington, NC, seems to be lawyer David Nash -- who is CLEARLY BEHIND Jennifer McCracken's harassment of me -- and possibly that of George Cutter, as well. Of the two, I believe ONLY Jenny is an ACTUAL criminal, with George, forgivably "leveraged".

David Nash has the pallor of a SPOOK, and NOT a human!!!



  1. Prince of Peace? You wouldn't know peace if it coddled your over inflated ego.
    Will you ever get over yourself and leave others alone?
    I don't think so, you might have to own up to the mess you've made of you're and other peoples Peace How dare you even print that word. You afford no-one peace that comes even close to you. If they are within earshot you will lay claim to their every thought and dead. You are worse than any hypocritical "Christian", at least those morons are semi consistent. You are all over the Map, throwing out abuse in every direction. The only one above reproach is your loathsome self. Somehow you've been anointed by the almighty. Almighty Lunatic, you'r alter ego. I think can save the state a fair amount of diagnosis, can anyone say? Survey Says! A trial by your peers would I'm afraid, be overwhelmingly in favour of incarceration without access to other peoples personal and private information. You lie, over and over again. You are shameless!!!!!!!!!! I'd go on but I'm pretty sure no-one is listening. Do you hear and echo in here? I do hope you read your own blog, it's in some of your favourite Crayola colors.