Sunday, August 16, 2015

In Memory of My Old Acquaintance, Julian Bond

This morning, I take a moment to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of Julian Bond. I was made aware of his passing by a posting by my "Internet Friend", writer Randall Kenan, professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Others will write better than I can about Mr. Bond's life, and I have much "Usual Politics" I must blog about shortly, so I will simply re-post my comment left on Randall's Facebook Page, with my additional comment that my current connection to Michael Julian Bond, is only that with Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, he has been on my email list of 500 for about a year now. This morning, I researched him and discovered the allegations of his corruption, that I have too little knowledge of to have an opinion, but it IS true that the children of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., became some of the MOST corrupted people in Atlanta, as all Atlantans have long known, via copious media reports.


Mr. Bond, a charismatic figure of the 1960s civil rights movement, was also a lightning rod of the anti-Vietnam War campaign and a lifelong champion of equal...
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  • Scott Kenan Oh my God, Randall Kenan. Julian Bond brought his family (all of whom I became acquainted with) to eat at the Magic Pan restaurant in Cumberland Mall, North Atlanta, that I managed 1983-1985, at least one Sunday per month. And it seemed to me that his sort of "high road" approach to politics, set him above most others. One Sunday my parents were in town and eating in the restaurant when the Bonds came in, and my father, who had been blackmailed into marriage by my mother's people (to hide Mom's Catholic Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name), went into FULL REBELLION and told my mother he was going to go over and THANK Julian for his work, which left my mother trying to cover her "spitting anger" -- and Dad DID that -- and QUITE publicly, for everyone to hear!!! Currently, I'm connected to his son, Michael Julian Bond on Atlanta City Council, and I continue to work to FORCE my rich Republican relatives in Chapel Hill to fund a big museum here in Wilmington regarding the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- caused by the Kenan Family and First Presbyterian church. Again, I thank YOU for the inside info on the Sewanee Writers Conference, that school with Republican Party, CIA, and FBI, having murdered my old employer, playwright Tennessee Williams, also stealing his estate from Harvard -- exactly as Jackie Kennedy Onassis warned us in early 1982 that they planned to do -- and I can prove it in Court!!! I recently had a conversation with Tom Kenan's friend who runs Liberty Hall in Kenansville, and he knows ALL ABOUT the RACIST crimes of the Kenan Family, and supports my fight to DESTROY their Political Power. I wrote that up here:


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