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In Memorium: Colin Stuart Hamilton

Colin Stuart Hamilton, as a character in a play.



Re: Maybe those awful people shut your account again? 
Christine Hitchens to youshow details
(Beginning with my response)

Yes, I will be happy to put a posting up entirely dedicated to Colin Hamilton's demise, death inquiry, condolence expressions, etc. There was much to like and respect about Colin, and he made himself an EXCELLENT literary character -- not just "now", in this "real-time news blog", but in my book about my experience of the last six years, only in initial stages of writing.

THIS is and will be MY contribution to the Memory of Colin Hamilton.

I just wish I had a more flattering photo of him -- but maybe someone will send me one to swap out.

And at the risk of being "Uber-Flip", it occurred to me last night just before Anthony Humphrey made two little "love taps" on my door before he retired for the night to his bed, that it has been as if the Ghost of Colin Hamilton had possessed my apartments manager, Tomi Matheson, Colin being "High Anglican" and Tomi, the American equivalent, Episcopalian, and they BOTH tried to kick me out of something for all the wrong reasons -- and without consideration of either FACT or EVIDENCE -- which PERFECTLY describes the Mental/Spiritual State of Fake Christianity here in Wilmington, North Carolina.

But Colin, of the two, is the ONLY one who WON!!! I've got Tomi firmly by her "Legal Balls", as they say, and she has jeopardized George Cutter's legal position as landlord. Now, this temporary state of insanity within which Tomi has been acting/writing cannot stand, and she will awaken right soon to a SERIOUS spiritual hangover, due to the false accusations of "Her Imperial Majesty" -- PRECISELY like the self-righteous, drug-addled Colin -- or Stuart/Stewart -- as you previously called him, used to kick me OUT of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- BEFORE the group itself could debate it and take a vote.

Again, Tomi Matheson tried every approach to scaring me out of the Carolina Apartments -- even misrepresenting the words of Anthony Carmichael -- which is MORE than obvious from Anthony C's comments he posted on blog, yesterday. She REALLY stooped to the SPIRITUALLY/LEGALLY DESPICABLE!!!

Anyway, although many won't believe this, I will NOT dis Colin in comments or elsewhere in this posting -- but might use some comments/remembrances as touchstones for fun, innocent humor or straight praise of Colin's better parts (non-physical).

The only other important point to make, is that while my Colin Hamilton postings really DID drive this blog to NEW HEIGHTS of being hit, Mexican hits barely rose at all -- and unimaginable to me, TURKEY was hitting by so many hundreds that it BEAT hits from the USA -- which were SERIOUSLY up!!!

I have NO IDEA why so many Turks would have interest!!!

And TODAY, for the first time in about three weeks, my anti-virus claims that has FINALLY gotten an "Internet Certificate" again. A sign of PROGRESS, no???

So let's go with one of the two first books by my NOT blood-connected writer-friend, Randall Kenan, who teaches BOTH at UNC Chapel Hill as well as the Tennessee Williams's Estate supported Sewanee Writers Conference, and call it "a day":


From: Christine Hitchens
To: Scott Kenan 

There were a bunch of people gathered today to welcome Mary Hamilton from England, Stuart's great niece. She's in town to take care of poor Colin's body. Lots of people got the news from your site. I think since so many people see it there, could you put a notice up for the coming memorial? Maybe people could also say a few nice things on there. About the death. The inquiry is still going on and he may have merely died of a heart attack after all. Sorry for so little information. Mexico is very slow with these things.


On Sat, Aug 1, 2015 at 2:33 AM, Christine Hitchens wrote: 

It's the talk of the town, obviously. Your name came up because being in Vallarta there was little english language news on the subject. Turns out people hit your blog searching. 
The only thing is everyone seemed to be totally repulsed by your blog. I couldn't believe how angry they got. Most people just said it was sad that you would use the death of someone you disliked in order to get attention. Other people said that's what you've been doing with Mr. Williams and it was you're M.O. I don't know what that means. Somebody said you were three d's, I didn't know what that meant either. I guess it is depraved, destitute, degenerate. I just shook my head. An asshole! Somebody yelled and everybody laughed. I felt so silly not understanding them and then trying to make something good out of it, I said well I think he's just a misguided Christian. Then everybody just shook there head at me. I felt silly but luckily for both of us, the conversation turned to how he died and all the yucky details of that. 
Oh, I got to run. I'll fill you in later.

On Wed, Jul 29, 2015 at 8:36 PM, Scott Kenan wrote: 

Sorry, I've been busy and just got received receipts from both NC Gov. McCrory and the NC State Bureau of Investigations for this: 


-----Original Message----- 

From: Christine Hitchens
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Wed, Jul 29, 2015 8:44 pm
Subject: Maybe those awful people shut your account again?

If you do get back on line let me know.
There is a lot going on down here that you must know about. It's just too crazy.

Comments are invited.



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