Monday, August 17, 2015

I Believe It Was the GHOST OF EVAN FISH (who ONLY wanted to be a US Marine, but had an accident in Boot Camp, so had to be booted), Working Behind the Scenes -- Who Caused This BIZARRE CONCLUSION!!!

"I love you all dearly. Now don't shed a tear. I'm spending my Christmas with Jesus this year."

Evan Fish -- Christianized by friends and family in Ohio -- after his murder by Wilmington Police -- protected by the Wilmington Star News (which was then controlled by Carlos Salim"Slim" Helu of Mexico -- then still the Wealthiest Man on Earth, due to Narco-Trafficking in partnership with US Presidents Clinton, Bush II, and Obama).

Eleanor, is whom Wilmington Police held out of sight until Sheriff McMahon's negotiator got him safely away from the edge of the parking deck by the downtown Library, then released her to whisper something in his ear, causing Evan to yell, "There's NO WAY OUT" -- then jump to his death.

Ellie had been Evan's girlfriend in Maine when he, in association with his supplier, Lee Gosney of -- my former employer -- had been the top or second largest distributor of cocaine in the State of Maine. But Evan told me he HATED Ellie, because she kept trying to trap him back in drug dealing, once they moved to Wilmington -- due to her "Christian Greed".

As long-time readers will  recall, THIS BLOG is dedicated to the REVENGE OF EVAN FISH'S DEATH!!!

But here is the COOLEST THING: Over the last 24 hours, "Ellie Schwaner" -- seemingly out of nowhere and only once per year showing up in "Search Words", is at the TOP OF THE LIST of those search terms -- and for BOTH BLOGS!!!


Jenny McCracken -- another GREEDY, but MOR(M)ON BITCH

And then, last night, Jennifer McCracken posted this to my blog, proving BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT that she really IS "Christine Hitchens" -- previously of Puerto Vallarta.

So I posted the response, seen below, IMMEDIATELY hoping she would NOT drop a little  marijuana between the louvers of my outer door -- which might have enormously complicated certain LEGAL ISSUES -- and certainly my ETHICAL ISSUES.

She did NOT do that.

So this morning, I will go to the Police Station to ask how to best go about filing a charge that she broke her own temp Restraining Order -- and point out that there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that Jenny is "criminally insane".

And in spite of putting myself in possible legal jeopardy, I am keeping the pipe full of marijuana resins -- and the mini Altoids tin that Jenny gave me, saying she has TONS of them - and gives them to ALL of her friends -- rather than trash them. 

They COULD be evidence needed for Court -- and I do NOT knowingly destroy EVIDENCE, regardless any risk to me.



  1. Thanks for not filing. I don't respect you though. I can't tell a lie. And honestly I don't know who would or for what. Oh I wasn't really going to paint you green I just thought it was funny. Ho ho ho, Green Giant.
  2. You are Most Welcome -- but only if you can, without personal contact, slip me some herbal essence between my doors, right soon (tonight), so I get over this PTSD that hounds me due to my own dang family -- NOT you. I don't need your respect, but as my old "White House Buddy", Ronald Reagan, like to say, "I Declare Detente'!!!".

    ALSO, the "Jolly Green Giant" is what lesser intellects called me when I was in grade and high schools, which I then HATED, later realizing what a cool guy he was!!! So I took that as an UNINTENDED compliment. If you CAN accomplish this, I will them delete THESE comments from blog -- NOT try to prosecute you, and even protect you from other prosecutions.

    I hope this is a "Win-Win" solution for both of us -- as I consider HONESTY the closest to Godliness -- and "AGREEMENT with ALL" means we would BORE ourselves -- and God, as well!!!




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