Wednesday, August 5, 2015

HOLY MOLY -- the Person Tennessee Williams Told Me He Considered "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" Was on My TEE-VEE This Mornin' -- Thanks To Duke Grad Charlie Rose!!!

And LIKE ME, she is PROUD of her ability to PARALLEL PARK in one smooth, easy maneuver!!!

She's the SAME GAL I met at Virgil Thomson's 65th Birthday Party!!!

And so funny, too, that after I first blogged, probably in 2008, about meeting Meryl and her husband Don Gummerit took until 2013 before anyone hit my blog searching for Don -- but NOW, the last half year, he's one of the most frequent "search terms" (although ALWAYS after "Nancy Reagan - Frank Sinatra BLOW JOBS")!!!

You can read the chapters of my memoir that include my experiences with Meryl Streep here:

That's IT for THIS one!!!


Tennessee Williams and me, preparing to meet Frank's fave SUCKER and her husband Ronald Reagan!!! 1981.



  1. Did you not sleep with all of them? You lousy lying lout. Your comeuppance is coming and not too soon I might add.