Sunday, August 2, 2015

Conspiracy Anyone? The NSA’s 9/11 Cover-Up!!!


Chicago Tourists VOLUNTEER They Know About Obama/Emanuel Drug Mafia SUING ME!!! (I ALSO connect Nixon's John Ehrlichman to Pentagon Publishing, Inc. STRONGLY!!!)

An Excerpt:

Well THAT DID IT. The tallest one, especially, went into a "Maxwells's Silver Hammer" moment raising goose-bumps on him and causing him to stutter. He said, "OMG!!! I know ALL ABOUT YOU -- you worked for Tennessee Williams, right???"

Since I had NOT mentioned that fact, I TOO went a bit "flustery", and we exchanged further info. He warned me AS STRONGLY AS HE COULD that the Obama/Emanuel Drug Mafia (Yes, he used those words, too), intends to DESTROY ME and considers me their TOP ENEMY -- HA!!!

>>> BUT WHAT I QUICKLY WISH TO MENTION  (before going to bed):

When Kennedy Schultz was really in his cups, he loved to declare that "Everyone says it's not right to speak ill of the dead -- and I completely agree!!! 

"And so when Scott said, 'Colin Hamilton is dead', I replied, 'GOOD!!!'"

Some people's only positive function is to be an example for parents to point to and say "Never be like THEM!!!"

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These dubious concepts advocate conflict, cruelty and suffering.
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