Sunday, August 9, 2015

As Christians Gather, Today, to Either Commemorate Jesus's Commitment to His Jewish Faith (Passover Supper/Last Supper), and Others Believe They are BETTER than Cannibals, Yet Claim to Eat His LITERAL Body and Blood, I CELEBRATE Colin Stuart Hamilton!!!

Lunch with half the "summer die-hards" of the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group -- just about a year ago. Colin is the "ginger" in center of the right side. I'm at the back, putting "devil's horns" over Stanley Winborne III (native to Wilmington, North Carolina), and Andrea (called on Facebook, "Drea Mezcal", who yesterday posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend in Linz, Austria -- and I sent her this link

While it is TRUE that Colin treated me "like shit", both always in 2010 -- and the last week I was in the Puerto Vallarta Christian Writers Group, otherwise, we got along GREAT -- even sharing several outings and meals together -- if never sex.

And Stanley Winborne -- and Andrea -- are BOTH as "Non-Christian" as I -- Stanley's just older, so more experienced in how to make fools of Christians (at least behind their backs).

And NO ONE has given me any credit for my LAST honoring of Colin's incredible talent and career on this blog, so WHY would I kowtow to GOD-FUCKING CHRISTIANS???

I won't, but I still wish to again honor my friend, by re-posting that earlier blog post, with a few words of explanation, first, to the NON-BBC-FOLLOWING readers of this blog -- ALL these things I confirmed from asking Colin, who was HUMBLE about his Achievements and Awards!!!

Please know that in ENGLAND (or the British Empire of Colin's youth), his pops radio show was the EQUIVALENT of Casey Kasim or Dick Clark -- and his TV Travelogue series"Exploring London with Colin Hamilton", was HUGELY POPULAR -- and Colin was CONTINUING to get significant royalties from RE-BROADCASTS!!!

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Please Pardon Me, but I Just Found the LINKED-IN Profile of Colin, Leader of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (sha-ZAM!!!)!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Please Pardon Me, but I Just Found the LINKED-IN Profile of Colin, Leader of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (sha-ZAM!!!)!!!

Colin Hamilton is NOT part of this group -- as far as I can tell (although TRUTH BE TOLD, he is explosive beneath his witty exterior).

(In this picture of a theater group, Colin holds the detonator.)

And I KNOW Colin also spent a lot of time in the USA, reporting on US and British broadcasts (both TV and radio)!!!

Colin Hamilton

Independent Writing and Editing Professional
Send Colin InMail



African Broadcasting Service, Nairobi, Kenya. {Programme Assistant)
Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation, Dar es Salaam (Swahili Programmes Organiser);

South African Broadcasting Corporation, Cape Town.
Senior Producer Eastern Cape Region.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. Senior Producer, African Services.
Programme Organiser, English Service.
(Scripting and production of many types of programmes)

"Roundabout" - daily music and talk programme. Scriptwriter/presenter. (R2)
Saturday Roundabout
BBC RADIO 4 "South East" news programme.
Writer, presenter, interviewer "Outlook" newsmagazine.
Writer and producer of many documentaries and features, "Exploring London with Colin Hamilton" Series (6) BBC R4, repeated BBC WS
"Pop Goes the Music" (Series on the workings of the popular music scene.)
A - Z of Show Business; "Hamilton's Horoscope"; "Hamilton's America", "Rhyme and Reason"'

BBC AFRICAN SERVICE. Request programmes.

British Forces Broadcasting Service = world satellite. Newsreader, continuity, "Weekend on Two"

RADIO LUXEMBOURG - Summer Seasons and series "Top Tempo" (EMI)

WKAT TALK-RADIO MIAMI, FLORIDA (6 months Sabbatical from BBC)



"Gulf Watch"(TV); "World Watch" (TV); British Movietone News; Rank Organisation.

Numerous commercials including campaigns for "The Sun", "TV Times" and "Daz"


* * *

NOW, being 1/16 Cherokee, but having spent my ENTIRE 64 years as Northern-European-Caucasian self-identified, I have decided to identify as CHEROKEE from now on -- because I'm OVER the self-hatred and God-hatred of the WHITE RACE -- especially those identifying as "Christians".

This is NOTHING like that nut-ball woman who claimed to be black to represent a black org!!!




  1. It appears that this fellow Hamilton was a real writer or broadcaster and such. Unlike you're Vitriol plastered pages, I would assume he had something worthwhile to say. A quick search of your previous posts makes it pretty clear he was not a friend of yours. Unless he was retarded as well as retired. You don't hesitate to put your name next to anyone's,in the hope that by association, you might garner some semblance of respect do you? Have you not been seen out with the Kardashians? It's shameless. If you were not a sociopath you'd see that. It's blatantly obvious. In one post you condemn the man for everything from trafficking drugs to kicking stray dogs. You act as if you are superior in some silly ways regarding drugs and yet you openly confess to buying them. What sociopathic and hypocritical behaviour! You condemn trafficking and then you support the trafficker. Are you completely deranged? Calling you stupid is an insult to stupid people. I can only assume Tennessee was getting a bit soft in his old age when he hired you for ten minutes. Perhaps he was gullible, and prone to generosity, like so many of your victims. How is it you come to be in possession of other's emails Scott? Do you collect them off of lamp posts? Or do people unwittingly share them with you? Completely unaware as to your true intent? Which is pretty obviously, to skulk back to whatever hovel you've been able to weasel yourself into, google the hell out of a name and address, FB them and contort this new person into........... wait for it......... " A Narco Trafficker!!!" Then broadcast this new revelation on you're crummy 12 year old crayola'd ransom note of a blog. I advice everyone to check out Scott D Kenan of Truther. It seems to fit with whatever personal interactions he claims to have with,,,,,,,, say the President in a Brothel,,,,Um Colin Powell....... Riding in hot air balloons. You name it. I think you better open the oven, it's starting to smell an awful lot like your goose is getting cooked, buddy.