Friday, August 7, 2015

An APOLOGY for My Earlier Intemperance, Today (I stopped taking marijuana for my PTSD due to "legalities" here) / And MORE on Jennifer McCracken's TEETH!!!

Sterling "Squirty"(whether titty or pussy, I do NOT know) Kenan, who seems to have murdered Tom Kenan's only full brother, Owen many years ago now, with their daughter, Roberta (Kenan) McCracken.

WHOOPS!!! WRONG McCracken!!!

Jenny McCracken, currently of the Carolina Apartments

HOLD this image of Jenny's teeth for a moment, please . . .

The WORST of the "BAD GUYS" whom the CIA works with are the Episcopal Church narco-traffickers in Puerto Vallarta, that even BRAGGED to me they work for current Prelate Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, JUST BEFORE I caught them transferring 24 two-kilo bags of Methamphetamine RIGHT BELOW MY APARTMENT in Chacala, Nyarit, Mexico, late in 2012!!! 

Episcopal Church's Confederate Mace and Symbol of JESUS'S AUTHORITY, forced into retirement FINALLY in 2005 -- at Sewanee, aka The University of the South (MURDERER of Tennessee Williams with CIA, FBI, and Republican Party -- according to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, to Tennessee Williams and me, January 11, 1982).

I even took photos of two of the cars' license plates!!! The OTHER TRUE GOD-HATING DEVIL, is Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, Episcopalian supporter of the Confederate Mace, (as well as MURDERER OF MY FORMER EMPLOYER, Mr. Tennessee Williams), and back-door HUGE contributor to the Ku Klux Klan. TOP contributor to the Republican Party, as well. And to THINK I used to date Tom Kenan's former long-term boyfriend, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, now a music teacher at Burgaw, NC High School -- the  town where my FATHER was born!!!

The CIA is willing to overlook some of its shadier partners’ human rights records if they can still get the goods, according to agency Director John Brennan.
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While walking around Wilmington, NC today on my sort of VICTORY LAP after my COURT VICTORY over Jennifer McCracken, my former marijuana seller who tried ALSO to sell me opiates and other harder drugs -- she a binge beer-drinker I first met in Costello's Gay Piano Bar, and a DEVOUT Lesbian-Mormon who gets into CAT FIGHTS with either her or a male electrician's girlfriend (the two of them can't agree on "who's fucking whom"), but they fight and BITE on fire escapes six floors up and Police have to BREAK DOWN DOORS before one or the other is THROWN OFF -- I purposely watched cars pass as I waited at traffic lights, and about 50% of drivers were talking on cell phones while driving, I have a proposal on how to LOWER TAXES!!!

I often stop to thank the astute meter readers who are super-aggressive in Wilmington downtown -- for helping prevent tax INCREASES with their tickets to the IGNORANT. Let's be as AGGRESSIVE about drivers on cell phones!!!

I bet we could do AWAY with taxes -- soon enough -- in Wilmington -- if we did THAT, no???

Oh, one more thing: Apple TV.
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Even JOHN WATERS didn't know what to think of me at the Tennessee Williams Festival where I also met with John Lahr and Gen. Russel Honore', this past March!!!

Astute readers will recall that narco-trafficking Lawrence Buchthal, who put me in jail for Newt Gingrich and CNN with the false charge of Trespass, and Judge Linda Warren Hunter held me in jail 15 weeks without bond, then FORCED me to not only take Lithum Carbonate or go to jail for a YEAR -- ALSO gave me a year's HOUSE ARREST PROBATION for simple trespass and I'd NEVER had a problem with the Law before that -- when I tried to collect the week's severance pay he had promised me at Mama Mia's Pasta & Pizza which I managed 1987 - 1990 (new owners now and location), is the BROTHER of Stanley Buchthal, who PRODUCED Waters' original movie Hairspray, 1988.

But when I tried to discuss that in person with John Waters, he told me to FUCK OFF, and gave me the look that someone caught in the above photo -- LOL!!!

I'll LEGALLY FUCK John Waters RIGHT SOON, I hope!!!


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