Friday, August 7, 2015

After Getting a Continuance on Jennifer McCracken's CASE Agin' Me, I DOUBT She is Yet Aware She Is Now OFFICIALLY Just a TURD IN HELL!!!

Bunny Eisenhower, Lola Pashalinski, Bill Vehr in Turds In Hell by Bill Vehr and Charles Ludlam, 1968

The Chapter of my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, including Gary Tucker, who later with Skye Wyatt got me kicked out, then set Tennessee Williams up to be murdered by hand of John Uecker for the Episcopal Church -- especially Sewanee aka The University of the South, which is PRIMARILY supported by Thomas S. Kenan III and his close relatives, Skye Wyatt even ADMITTING to both John Uecker and me that it was a "high-placed" Republican Legislator from Tennessee State Legislature who paid for their luxury lifestyle in Atlanta, Skye later in Chattanooga, TN, in which Tennessee Williams's comments on Gary Tucker DIRECTING performances of Turds in Hell is a HOOT!!!

The lithpilly-named Thom Goolsby



FIRST of all, ANOTHER "Turd from Hell" former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, was ANNOUNCED as counsel for someone else, and being tall as someone standing when I'm seated (seated front and center), I began to SALIVATE that I could salute Thom MOST PUBLICLY IN COURT!!!

But Ol' Thommy Boy must have seen me on the docket, and it was later announced he was called to an emergency meeting with Governor McCrory in Chapel Hill!!!

The Governor's Office is in RALEIGH, so he must have gone to see Thomas S. Kenan III, who lives and works in Chapel Hill

And there IS a real emergency RIGHT NOW, up there!!!:

"Democracy North Carolina is urging federal and state investigations into campaign contributions from the sweepstakes gambling industry during the 2012 elections."

The campaign watchdog group Democracy North Carolina is urging federal and state investigations into...
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Anyway, Jennifer McCracken DID show in Court -- which I had not imagined that she would do. I figure either she is INFINITELY STUPID, or DUPED by other Drug-Dealiing Mormons or Christians, into falling into my trap made up of the facts of her narco-trafficking and other crimes.

Waiting, I began to feel sorry for her -- as I admired the totally professional Judge, Lindsey M. Luther, and even the fact that instead of wearing SLUTTY THUG-WEAR to court, virtually all were in "business casual attire", indicating that the Courts here have SERIOUSLY cleaned up -- and are now RESPECTED!!!

Of course, I would have HAD to ask Judges Sandra Ray, Jeffrey Noecker, or Chad Hogston to RECUSE themselves as we are preparing to at least disbar them -- if we can't put them in PRISON!!!

But the best news is that when I went to the bar to ask for a continuance until the US Postal Inspector completes his DNA testing (and questioning of ALL residents of the Carolina Apartments, if necessary), since the AUTHOR of the hate note illegally placed in my mailbox will weigh MOST HEAVILY on both this, and the attempt to EVICT ME, I will also easily be able to continue THAT case until the results are in!!!

I was afraid I would have to explain about Jenny's supplying me marijuana several times -- and promise that she could also supply me with opiates and OTHER hard drugs to get the Continuance -- and I did NOT want to embarrass her in front of the ENTIRE COURT.

Then, Continuance in hand, I waited in hallways for Jenny to exit the building before I hit the street, running into TWO robed Judges (in entirely separate instances) -- BOTH coming up to me and THANKING me for returning to Wilmington to do what I am doing!!!

Shaking my DANG HAND!!!

My Spirit FLEW through the ceiling, because I had NO IDEA AYE would be this "rock-cracker" -- and so proud that I am:

So walking around town to let Teri of Benefits Management know the result -- and to get some cash at Bank of America, I ran into TONS OF PEOPLE who seemed to KNOW to congratulate or thank me -- including MANY local lawyers!!!

And then after that, when I got back to the Carolina Apartments, Tomi had put the NICEST note on the elevator, asking residents to NOT let their dogs poop (make Turds), in the planting areas between the curb and the sidewalk, PROVING she must have gotten SOME NEEDED REST.

As I've SAID, I am into HEALING -- NOT punishments (of those who do NOT improperly force me to Court)!!!

And there is PLENTY OF TIME for George Cutter to RESCIND his Eviction Notice before the first Court Date (should he rather not face my consequences).

HIS choice, entirely!!!



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