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A COMPLETE and UNEDITED RE-POSTING: AFTER the Fall of the "American Jesus"!!!


Photo from here -- and I choose NOT to rub it in the faces of the Dingle-Christians, but you can read more if you care to: .


1. First of all, I think everyone who has followed this blog at all SAW FIRST HAND that I really went "over the top" this week -- something I was inspired to call "complete radicalization" -- and I credited District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- when the credit or debit is ENTIRELY MINE!!!

The FACT IS that Ben David was my MOST POWERFUL adversary in Wilmington, NC, and even though I BEGAN my "Insane Adventures" searching to discover WHY my Tennessee Williams book had met SO MUCH political resistance -- at the time, I had NO IDEA of the extent of my Kenan relatives' power and influence (I didn't even know they controlled Bank of America or Coca-Cola, although I DID know they controlled Exxon-Mobil and Chevron -- as well as "half the railroads in the USA", nor that I had nearly EVERY CONTACT ALREADY that I would need to "get to the bottom of things", and at THIS POINT, I am NOT talking about Saper Law, LLC, Chicago's attorney Emerson Oertel (a grad of Kenan University@Duke in Durham, NC).

GOD BLESS HIM -- he and Jed Clampon of Windy City Wazoos (Chicago), who NOMINALLY brought this bogus suit against me. But when Daliah Saper saw that Messrs. Oertel and Clampon were having TOO MUCH FUN with me in "sexual banter", she ripped the case from Emerson and had to take on MORE oversight herself!!!

Here is Daliah in her OTHER JOB -- a FOX NEWS "talking head", and as you can see, Daliah is too DRUG-ADDLED to always wash her hair -- pity!!!

IN FAIRNESS, here is a photo of Daliah CLEAN HAIRED and READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!:

Let's not dwell HEREeither, except to state once again the GREATEST BENEFIT of this "legal entanglement" is the fact that Jed Clampon (a BIG HOMO SEX-FIEND -- quite like ME, actually), actually SAW SENATOR BARACK OBAMA in his exclusive GAY BATH HOUSE in CHICAGO.

>>> ADDED NOTE, August 9, 2015: I just realized that I should explain to readers, NOW, that this is one of the postings where I had CHANGED the names to protect Jamie Lee Sutherland to "Jed Clampon" -- and Saper Lawyer Andrew Emerson Cook to Emerson Oertel -- because Jamie had promised me if I took the info off blog of his telling me he did something like $24,000,000.00/month narco-trafficking in Puerto Vallarta, he'd DROP the suit. He didn't.

Just today, I called Rishi Nair's law office and left message that I will soon be in Chicago to have this crap thrown out, since I was never legally served, then tried for LIBEL in absentia, both illegal to do and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I will attempt to imprison every one of you -- and sue for every penny you have!!! Y'all caused me GREAT DIFFICULTIES, and turnabout is FAIR PLAY (except for violence)!!!

I just tried to send the following message to Mr. Cook at his new work, but it would NOT transmit from:

"Reason for Contact: Andrew, regarding Saper Law bogus filing of LIBEL suit against me, we will have to call you to Court soon. I now work with Gen. Russel Honore as well as Colin Powell to BUST narco-traffickers like Jamie Sutherland, and will counter-sue ALL IN CHICAGO (including you, if we cannot settle out of Court with Saper and Jamie. As you should know, Jeff Duncan was D.A Ben David's intern when he filed all the bogus suits and committed me twice to the nut house here in Wilmington, NC, THEN worked for Saper while Daliah/Jamie conspired all these crimes. This will be in FEDERAL COURT, since it looks like Racketeering across state lines -- as well as Civil Suits to bankrupt everyone. See:, as well as my recent blog postings!!!

Good Luck!!!

Also, I was unable to get Jeff Duncan's details from LINKED IN, which is NOT now allowing me to access my own info there, either -- LOL!!! But I found THIS much, but Chicago information has NO PHONE LISTING for his number!!!

And finally, I called D.A. Ben David's Office hoping to warn him of this and that District Court Judges came out to THANK ME for returning to Wilmington, NC to PRESS THESE CASES (including to Prosecute Ben David), and the phone number listed for his office, (910) 341-1427, WOULD NOT GO THROUGH to even RING -- on my AT&T Matix Go Phone -- LOL!!!

I tried THREE TIMES!!!

* * *

And it is FUNNY-YET-SAD, that the CIA/NSA has done such a GOOD JOB keeping President Obama's GAY LIFE out of the papers. This has NOT BEEN TRUE for much of the rest of the world, and as I reported in December after flying Delta to NYC via "HOTLANTA", EVERY SINGLE DELTA EMPLOYEE (except two), I spoke with out of DOZENS -- ALREADY KNEW OBAMA IS GOOSE-GAY.

That's right folks: Airline employees in International Travel SEE the foreign PRESS!!!


True, so America should NOT be upset by this IN THE LEAST!!! And President Enrique Pena Nieto is GAY AS ALL GET OUT (with a lovely wife for show). No big deal down here in Mexico -- and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!!

2. But HERE is whom I really want to salute this morning: Ms. Jean Dixon, PREVIOUSLY (1960s and early 70s), AMERICA'S TOP PSYCHIC.

Perhaps "chief of note" here is "Jeane Dixon describes her startling and awesome vision of life without God . . . " You SEE, These DEVILS were clear back THEN that they hated God!!!

(But no one took the TIME TO REALLY READ IT).

BONUS PROOF: "creator" is NOT capitalized in a time when ALL PUBLISHERS in the USA would have capitalized it.

First of all -- as all Catholics KNOW, the Church ABSOLUTELY CONDEMNS all forms of "soothsaying" and bases that on Old and New Testaments, so Jean Dixon's CLAIM to be a "devout practicing Catholic" her entire life is like Newt Gingrich making Catholic pretensions NOW:

As everyone knowsGingrich was once Jewish as well -- and while Gingrich was IMPEACHING PRESIDENT CLINTON of a "Monica Job", he was fucking his now THIRD WIFE while still living with and married to number TWO.

So WHY hasn't Catholic Hierarchy CONDEMNED people like Rick Santorum who BELIEVE this Dingle-Christian LIE??? Same reason Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian, Wilmington made District Attorney Ben David a DEACON a year and a half ago!!!


NOT ONLY THAT, but Bill Clinton was BEEFING UP THE CIA PROTECTION of Gingrich and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's Stone Mountain Drug Operation, BEGAN THE BUILDING of America's EXTERMINATION (FEMA) CAMPS as reported by Jesse Ventura -- ALL patterned after Adolf Hitler's camps -- HUNDREDS OF THEM stocked with "Family Coffins" because in America, we believe that the FAMILY THAT IS EXTERMINATED TOGETHER SHOULD BE BURIED TOGETHER!!!
But getting REALLY PERSONALLY CLOSE TO ME (like the jailings I suffered in 1990 after trying to EXPOSE NEWT GINGRICH then), was that Bill Clinton appointed to office one of the BIGGEST STATE DEPARTMENT NARCO-TRAFFICKERS EVER (still in office), Puerto Vallarta Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O:

Kelly Trainor de OUS Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta, smiling for the camera.

As I'm sure, my readers will recall how after I had an altercation with a WHITE REPUBLICAN BITCH in the Consular Agency when going to renew my passport a few months ago, the ACTUAL ASSISTANT AMBASSADOR to MEXICO (visiting PV for the day), BUMPED ME to the head of the line and dealt with me with his HEAD BOWED -- never DARING to look me in the eye!!!

And here is ONE of many blog accounts of how Kelly Trainor got my mother to PAY Dr. John Mabrey Crouch (a very close friend of Ms. Trainors -- at least she told me recently she keeps up with his "whereabouts"), to MEDICATE ME. And Dr. Crouch TOLD ME MANY TIMES that HE had been shocked the DAY HE WOKE UP to discover his now FORMER MEXICAN WIFE was in fact the LARGEST exporter of Cocaine from Mexico to the USA.

While Dr. Mabrey-Crouch GOT OUT of the marriage eventually, he told me that it had TRAPPED HIM to work for the American CIA FOR LIFE!!! -- and at the time Consular Agent Trainor GOT MOM TO PAY (Mabrey had YEARS BEFORE lost his position as HEAD of the top American Hospital here), and had had to move into a SUPER-CHEAP one-room office, where he slept on a cot and cooked on a single-eye hot-plate -- behind a filthy blanket strung to divide the room.

A few weeks later, Dr. Mabrey-Crouch was EVICTED as well as SUED for TONS OF MONEY, after he hitched his beat-up pick-up truck (which ALWAYS needed a jump to start it), to his Mexican girlfriend's SUPER-POPULAR taco stand and PULLED IT ENTIRELY APART (I SAW there was nothing but a pile of sheet metal and such left)!!!

Here's something about all of THAT!!!: . This includes INFO in the man I really thought I might marry -- Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, former Chief Protocol Officer of the US Embassy in Mexico City. Now most might not know this, but Mexico City has the LARGEST FUNCTIONING US Embassy (the one in Bagdad is LARGER, but not exactly FUNCTIONING WELL) -- and "Chief Protocol (Security) Officer" is the HIGHEST position a foreign national can hold in the US GOVERNMENT.

Luis Alberto was FIRED a week before he would have gotten his BEST BENEFIT after working for us for 15 years -- PERMANENT US RESIDENCETHIS because when George W. Bush's appointees came on board -- they were ALL BLATANT TRAITORS to the US Constitution -- he argued too much in favor of FOLLOWING THE US CONSTITUTION!!!


Jeane Dixon "predictin'"

IN ANSWER TO A "FREEDOM OF INFORMATION" REQUEST about 10 years ago (and still not hard to find online), the US GOVERNMENT  was FORCED TO ADMIT that Jeane Dixon was NEVER a psychic, astrologer, etc.

Jeane Dixon (according to FBI RECORDS), was ACTUALLY a PUBLICITY AGENT for J. Edgar Hoover -- paid to TERRORIZE the Kennedys and others by "PREDICTING" the murders Hoover was about to commit.

On her deathbed in 1997, a VERY GUILTY Jeane Dixon claimed that ONE DAY America would be SHOCKED to discover "who the REAL RED COMMUNISTS are in the United States Government.

I prefer to call them NAZIs -- and here are the TOP ONES (please remember that my mother is NOW RETIRED!!!):

1. Dick Cheney
2. Barbara Bush (she RULES her husband and son -- both of whom are PROVEN to have had lots of "MAN-SEX").
3. Barack Obama (current Democratic Figurehead of the NAZI CIA/NSA narco-traffickers -- and GAY AS A GOOSE -- blackmailed by Bush/Cheney!!!)
4. William Jefferson Clinton -- one of the BIGGEST TOOLS of Bush/Cheney promoting NARCO-TRAFFICKING worldwide as well as HUMAN-EXTERMINATION ADVOCATE.

That bitch "Hillary" is TOAST already, so don't expect her to have much of a future -- let her sit on her BEST FRIEND's husband's ANTHONY WIENER!!! (He's probably a better fuck than Bill Clinton's BLUBBERY SQUISH-BOD, no???)

He's lookin' BETTER!!!

And what is PUBLISHED and well-known now, Bebe Rebozzo was Richard Milhouse Nixon's BIGGEST SEXUAL LOVE (hey, we've all seen Pat Nixon -- so NO WONDER!!!)

I feel I can CONFIDENTLY SAY that the following Presidents during my lifetime have been at least PRIMARILY STRAIGHT:

1. Harry S. Truman
2. Dwight D. Eisenhower
3. John F. Kennedy
4. Lyndon Baines Johnson (but WHAT A WARRING DEVIL!!!)
5. Gerald R. Ford (who was our MOST athletic President -- despite drug-addled Liberal Comics portraying him as klutzy)
6. Jimmy Carter
7. Ronald Reagan
8. Bill Clinton

Interesting that Barack Obama is the ONLY faggot of the (recent) Democrats, no???


File:St Hubert of Liège offers his services to Pepin of Heristal.jpg

Pepin of Heristal (right) being offered the services of Saint Hubert Humphrey (left). This Pepin was descended from Pepin of Landen -- who ROSE TO POWER after helping to DEPOSE:


Ha-ha!!! The comic strip character Broom Hilda was modeled on the notoriously cruel Brunhilda of Austrasia

So the FIRST monarch that the Kenan Family traces its line through person-by-person, Pepin o' Landen (580 - 640 C.E.), distinguished himself as a DINGLE-BERRY-ON-JESUS killer.

They literally ripped Brun Hilda's body apart ("drawn and quartered", as they say) !!!
To see MORE about the Kenan Ancestral Line, please google in this blog.

I suppose that since I actually do NOT (provably), have THIS line (but me "Cherokee Smidge" instead -- and WIERDLY my sister-in-law Gail and my niece and nephews DO have it through Gail's North Carolina Johnston(e) blood line), I have only APPROPRIATED the "Royal Kenan Heritage", myself.

But I TOTALLY AGREE with the late Frank Hawkins Kenan's words, as published on the back of the book THE KENAN FAMILY, published in 2000 by Mercer University Press (Atlanta, of course!!!):

"The greatest gift the Almighty can bestow upon mankind is life itself, along with the ability to choose. Men and women can choose to live a life governed by the laws of nature and the laws governing behavior as expressed by the prophets and the disciples as represented in the Will of God or they can choose to ignore these laws. The greatest gift parents can bestow on their children is their inheritance: the character, the energy, the overall health, the mental capacity, and the culture of their ancestors."

Frank and Betty Kenan ("Party People" extraordinaire!!!)

Look at Frank trying to "prevent an accident". Truth is -- EVERYONE shits their pants when they're gettin' used to Heaven.

(or Mexico)



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