Friday, May 16, 2014

Yesterday's Adventure to San Sebastian del Oeste (a Pueblo Magico)!!!

It began with a moon-set over Banderas Bay . . .

Next thing I knew, I was passing the Mexican Federal Prison near Ixtapa (previously identified incorrectly as near Las Juntas -- although not far from there, either).

Alberto Guzman, who with Martin Guzman and "Toro" -- ALL under the direction of CIA Agent Luis Melgoza of, who held ME hostage at 1690 Calle Costa Rico for five weeks in 2010), is imprisoned here, after exhausting all FOUR of his appeals for murder in late 2010.

MORE can be found many places in this blog, including here:

The new bridge across the gorge of Rio San Sebastian, built by Hector-the-Engineer. Fernando Merino, only son of Colombia's TOP cocaine exporter and godson of Hector, held me for a few days in 2010, at Hector's ranch, the entrance lane directly across from the new Ciel water-bottling plant on the road from MEX 200 going east toward Valle de Banderas. MANY heavily armed Mafiosa in armored vehicles stayed there in nearby barracks as well.

The ranch is in Estado Nayarit, while Estado Jalisco seems FAR more secure. I saw about two dozen heavily armored Jalisco Estado Policia in heavy-duty vehicles patrolling in the town seven miles from San Sebastian where you turn off to go to San Sebastian, yesterday.

Looking down from the bridge, you can see parts of the torturous old road that was used to haul the silver from San Sebastian del Oeste, which was Mexico's MOST productive town hundreds of years ago, with seven major silver mines. It was all hauled to Chacala, Nayarit for shipment to Spain from there (where I lived for half a year beginning late 2012), until I caught my land-lady, Beatriz Villa, taking possession from Oregan State narco-traffickers, 24 two-kilo bags of white powder to haul by car to the next link in the CIA chain.

But FINALLY, I arrived in San Sebastian, and bought some fresh-roasted coffee beans here:

Also available next door: 24 hour undertaking!!!

Some additional scenes from San Sebastian:

At the town's museum, run by the niece of the man who wrote The Mexican Encyclopedia where I was the FIRST to mark my height in 2010, I learned that BOTH uncle and niece died two years ago, and the uncle's portrait was moved to the next room and hung above the dozen volumes of the Encyclopedia. THIS is the photo of the niece, and I was asked to mark AGAIN in a new color.

MOSTLY, everyone who was there wanted to have their pictures taken with me -- despite my SWEATY-MESS!!!

I had dinner, prepared by Coco and Walter (Walter not pictured), at Montebello Restaurante

I had fettuccine carbonara with small salad and a glass of Malbec. And I got talking with Walter and Coco -- we discussing ideas and concepts -- and they treated me to a glass of EXCELLENT homemade Limoncello, then some HUGE blackberries from their yard, then finally a peach from their tree.


A final view of the restaurante -- which had TWO tortured-yet-bearing orange trees, grape vines with grapes grown to third-size, and about 75 orchids!!!



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