Monday, May 26, 2014

Looking More DEEPLY into the Drug Corruption (virtually absolute), of Stone Mountain, Georgia . . .

Photo: Bert Lahr (as the Cowardly Lion) from The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Of course, this is the face of Bert Lahr, who played a kindly, shy lion in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Later, his son, John Lahr told the true story of what an UNKIND person his father was.

John Lahr is my personal friend via email and secretive Facebook messages, and gave my memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, a rave review -- as did Williams scholars.

John Waters is my favorite movie-maker. His extraordinary film HAIRSPRAY (1988 -- not to be confused with ABOMINATION HAIRSPRAY 2007 -- from which Waters made OODLES OF MONEY, admitted TRASH that he is -- BRAVO!!!), starring John Travolta, one of whose gay lovers I met in Wilmington, NC), was PRODUCED by Stanley Buchthal who has a GREAT track record as a producer:

At the time Water's original HAIRSPRAY was released, I worked managing Mama Mia's Pasta and Pizza on Main Street, Stone Mountain, Georgia -- owned by Lawrence Buchthal, brother of the producer. Lawrence Buchthal, who with his then wife Robin Meltzer, constantly bitched that Lawrence's parents had given them only $20,000.00 as a wedding present, and they were hyper-jealous of BOTH Lawrence's brothers who were LEGITIMATELY successful, the other one having built a chain of auto-repair businesses in metro New York City.

One of the murals Lawrence had painted on the wall. The restaurant has since been sold at least once, and moved. Today:

And one year, Lawrence's/Stanley's kind and loving parents invited me to their Passover Seder at Larry and Robin's house -- SO COOL!!!

Larry and Robin were CONSTANTLY looking for ways to make a FAST BUCK, and made certain that all the local Republican Politicians involved in narco-trafficking ate at Mama Mia's frequently (while claiming to be TOTAL DEMOCRATS, themselves), beginning with Robert Lanier, Republican who served in the Georgia Legislature for our district, who came with his SECOND wife, Scarlet, who had pushed Bob to build them a replica of Tara for them to live in -- which I believe he did. Bob Lanier was a VERY SUCCESSFUL HOME-BUILDER in metro-Atlanta, then.

Being a Lanier, he was not only related to the Poet that Lake Lanier was named for -- but TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (actually Thomas Lanier Williams III)!!!

Meanwhile, Bob Lanier's FIRST WIFE, Shirley, was so "destitute" in 2010, that she worked as a "bag-girl" at the Kroger at Memorial Drive and Hugh Howell Road (the closest supermarket to Stone Mountain City), and SHE told me some secrets about Bob -- and Scarlet!!!

Then (late 1980s), we had US Congressman Patrick Swidall, a Republican, who kept getting caught in scandals and swindles -- and every time, his wife would get pregnant again, drawing him sympathy until it was TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!!

After Swindall, came Democrat "Congressman Cooter", actually Ben Jones who played the role of Cooter in THE DUKES OF HAZARD. Because Ben was having a difficult time with alcohol at that time, I reported the narco-trafficking I discovered in Stone Mountain Park to nearby Congressman Newt Gingrich, who claimed to be TOTALLY against illegal drugs, in several installments to his office south of Atlanta. I ALSO dropped copies at CNN HQ in downtown Atlanta, and at the front desk of the Jimmy Carter Center.

NOTHING came of any of it -- except my arrest, soon enough.

My arrest on a trumped-up charge of TRESPASS, when I went to Mama Mia's to pick up a week's severance from Lawrence Buchthal, was by hand of lawyer Jeff Klein, charging me with simple TRESPASS.

And THAT is how the DRUG MAFIA, associated with my parents, Newt Gingrich, and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (and protected by Democrat Judge Linda Warren Hunter of the Decatur, GA Court -- later by Bill Clinton who brought the HUGE CIA presence to Stone Mountain City), got me into jail the first time, later extending to 15 weeks incarceration and a year of "Enhanced Probation" which was HOUSE ARREST from 7 PM until 7 AM -- and I was FORCED to take Lithium or return to jail for a full year.

I was so SHOCKED by what happened, that I thought I would be jailed if I stopped taking Lithium even after I completed my sentence -- until 2009, when my shrink nurse, Alexandra Widdons of PACT Atlanta,, in Decatur, said she had never SEEN me bipolar at all, and took me off.

And soon enough, Republicans (including with the help of BOTH my lying sisters), tried to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES in one month, spring 2010, until retired US Army Col. Dottie Newman, who had served as Gen. Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, said that the patriots who tried to protect me, could no longer do so sufficiently, so I had to LEAVE THE COUNTRY or be killed.

I soon sold out and moved to Puerto Vallarta over Memorial Day Weekend 2010, exactly four years ago!!!

And just to BLOW YOUR MIND a little more, that is Dottie with the giant hair, a docent at the High Museum in Atlanta -- and Kiki Smith, artist, is the DAUGHTER of Jane Smith, super-close friend of Tennessee Williams (although I never met Kiki, I did once correspond with her via email around 2010).



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