Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fox News Publishes Template on "How to Stifle Scott Kenan" -- REALLY!!!

If this image is not clear enough for you, click it to ENLARGE!!!

But speaking of knockers and such, here is what should be done to those in possession of them to IMPROVE the world!!!:



A. Does NOT include getting response from Thomas S. Kenan III. I long ago gave up on THAT one -- LOL!!!

B. I got a SWIFT initial response within a couple of hours, from writer Jim Grissom (see the last two postings). I'm a little surprised that I haven't gotten another response yet, but last night was "Party Night" in most of the world, so today is just "Slow-Response Sunday" for obvious reasons.

It has seemed to me that the BIGGEST error I might have made was confusing THIS Jim Grissom with another one whose profiles I assumed belonged to OUR Jim Grissom -- and hence the confusion about his age.

Now I do NOT mean to confuse Jim Grissom with Barack Obama -- but an original Birth Certificate might be called for to settle this age issue. I have seen NO REASON to believe Jim is an Islamist Terrorist actually from Kenya, or even Uganda, so we needn't concern ourselves with that.

But speaking of American Presidents, I think THIS fact is actually QUITE UNDERSTANDABLE. If you don't get it -- READ MORE DEEPLY IN THIS BLOG!!!:

C. Mr. Chuck Duckett, Trustee of the University of North Carolina, has not yet answered my question of May 14 about WHY his MARKETING company, Battle and Associates (, has a website with ONLY links to his and Ed Battle's email addresses.

If he is too SENSITIVE to respond (my witters group pointed out that NO legitimate marketing company "hides its light beneath a bushel" -- only those involved in HIGH CRIMES -- BEFORE I mentioned MY opinion, which is the same. This APPEARS to be a very serious issue, and REFLECTS on the process and people who nominate and confirm UNC Trustees ENORMOUSLY.

Ed Battle

THAT SAID, Mr. Battle is such a FINE lookin' man, if they send him down to Puerto Vallarta for unrestricted, frisky FUN AND FRIVOLITY, I would excuse EVERYTHING at UNC, post HASTE!!!

Yes, I'm actually THAT CHEAP and TARTY!!!

And speaking of "cheap and tarty", here's an oldie but goody from before men got into steroids and Gold's Gym (and chest hair was actually IN)!!!:

Them crazy Swede trendy wife-swapper bi-sexuals!!!


One of Bob's sisters is a recent BRIDE!!!

Bob Breck was due back in the USA this past Friday, so I expect to hear something from him regarding the "Chicago Legal Matter", which also involves Mr. Jed Clampon and Saper Law, LLC, Daliah Saper, -- also employed by FOX NEWS -- and Mr. Jeff Duncan, previously associated with District Attorney Benjamin R. David of New Hanover County (Wilmington), North Carolina.

What a FINE kettle of FISH!!!


Jeff Duncan

2. Key Points from Writers Group, Yesterday:

A. I still read a bit too fast.

B. Other than being familiar with the name "Standard Oil", most Canadians, Brits, Mexicans, Australians, and New Zealanders (3/4 of our group -- Americans now too POOR to live in Mexico), know virtually NOTHING of that company's place in -- or actual -- history.

C. Ditto for the Ku Klux Klan -- most thought it was ONLY a Nineteenth-Century organization, although Mexicans were QUICK TO POINT OUT that there is a Mexican Equivalent quite active in Mexico today. I forget the name of it, BUT it is HIGHLY ACTIVE in El Tuito, a town only about 45 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, where in 2010, I twice ate mushrooms with the former HIGHEST PAID MALE PROSTITUTE in Las Vegas (and at that time a confirmed crack addict as well as poor sex-partner):

Enrique Roja (Henry Red), posin'.

See, I TOLD YOU I can get as TRASHY AS THE BEST!!!

See more here: Picking Magic Mushrooms in El Tuito Jalisco Mexico:

I can confirm, as mentioned in this OFFICIAL TOURIST VIDEO video, that the land is all private (and the landowners welcome you -- but BEWARE THE BULLS!!!),  so cops NEVER violate it -- and picking and eating mushrooms in Mexico is NOT ILLEGAL, anyway.

The high is clear-headed and paranoia-FREE, and while I was afraid I should not drive my car, Enrique drove it with perfect skill and under the influence (probably because he got high on EVERYTHING, so had developed the skill), so be very CAUTIOUS about that.

I have now been living in Mexico through TWO mushrooms seasons since coming back, and have had no interest in doing them again. Who knows what the future might hold.

AND IF YOU GET HUNGRY (which you won't):

What's not to love about Mexican food? A cuisine where avocados, cheese...
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Click me with, or without, an "augmented consciousness" -- as they say . . .

This is a cactus blossom from Argentina.

* * *

>>> OH, AND HERE IS HOW TO STIFLE ME, compliments of FOX NEWS:

Not exactly IDENTICAL to my situation, but CLOSE ENOUGH to ADAPT and use against me, I'm SURE!!!:


(Refers to the USA)


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