Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BEYOND Mondo Bizzarro ("Bob Breck" vs. Bank of America)!!!


First of all, let me be clear that Bob Breck is a pseudo-name I use to mask the identity of a lawyer in Chicago of apparent India-Indian name.

Mr. Breck is the lawyer subcontracted by Saper Law LLC in Chicago to enforce Saper Law's illegally and unconstitutionally obtained $500,000.00 judgement against me for LIBEL, tried in absentia last summer with me not allowed to defend myself and the plaintiff never proving damage -- other than embarrassment over the truth.

Mr. Breck emailed me that he had sent by US Mail the final Court papers to get the money Bank of America has held for his client (completely freezing my account for about two months now), on May 9, nearly two weeks ago, and when the bank got that (normally within 24 hours), BoA should then release the hold and allow me to use my account again. This has not happened, and Mr. Breck said he did not understand that either, so I called today to the bank.

I got through to a woman named Jamie in BoA's Legal Department quickly, and after she researched a bit, told me they have gotten NOTHING to claim the money, but that they got the ORIGINAL papers to initiate the hold from CEO Law -- and never heard of the real name for Bob Breck.


Readers will recall, that when I discovered the hold (BoA never sent me an email about it -- I just noticed it when I checked my balance online), that in my first call to BoA, they told me that CEO Law in Chicago had placed it, and gave me the phone number for them, (773) 588-1680, also claiming that BoA could NOT discuss it further with me and I had to get my info from CEO Law.

So I called CEO Law, and the man who answered, a Mr. Cory Oshito, told me that that was in fact the name of his company, but the number I called was NOT HIS NUMBER. He claimed that in fact, it was a phone number assigned to an abandoned building near him -- and someone had forwarded all the calls there to his REAL number, which I easily found online. Mr. Oshito was not annoyed with ME, but with whoever had forwarded calls to that number to him. And he said he had never heard of me or Saper Law LLC, the plaintiff, etc., so I thanked him and called BoA again.

On this second call to BOA, the rep told me that NO, it was indeed CEO Law with that phone number on the legal paper who had sent the Court Order, and she gave me the case number (here is the action from Cook County Court Database, online )

So I called CEO Law back, and even with the case number, Mr. Oshita said he'd never heard of the case. As I recall, he, too, looked it up online while we spoke.

So I called Bank of America for the THIRD time, and over their objections and insistence that they had given me the correct info, I was so demanding, they put me on protracted hold, and finally I spoke to a woman named Patricia in the Legal Department who told me the TRUTH (why they repeatedly lied, first, is still a mystery), and that it was "Bob Breck" at "Breck Law". I called "Mr. Breck" at the phone number Patricia gave me, and he acknowledged that he and his firm had sent BoA the Court Paper, establishing the hold.

The reason I am using fake names for the plaintiff, the plaintiff's employer, "Bob Breck" and his law firm, but NOT Saper Law LLC, Daliah Saper (also an employee of Fox News), and her subordinate lawyer Jeff Duncan -- who had MOST PREVIOUSLY been an intern of District Attorney Benjamin R. David in New Hanover County (North Carolina) Court EXACTLY at the same time Ben David threw me in jail five times on EIGHT false charges, all since dropped for having no evidence against me-- is because I am currently in delicate negotiations with all those Chicago people to reach a resolution in this whole legal matter, and because I do not believe the plaintiff or the sub-contracted lawyer who is enforcing the Judgment are the REAL problems, so I do not wish to harm their reputations.

So with THAT in mind, here is where I originally wrote this up on blog: .

What is ALSO very peculiar is that Bob Breck claims he mailed me copies of all the Court papers he has filed, but that they were RETURNED to him without explanation, and the USPS had BLACKED OUT so much of the envelope he could not read most of it. I NEVER heard of the USPS doing such a thing before!!!

WHERE this stands now:

Ms. Jamie at BoA -- and I explained to her the political sensitivity of all this, since I believe the REAL problem was that the plaintiff had told me he had seen Sen. Barack Obama in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago several times -- and I had blogged about that, as well as my having worked for Tennessee Williams, knew the Kennedys then and Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold BoA to Kenan-owned NationsBank, etc. -- said it made NO SENSE to her either, and she would initiate an investigation within Bank of America (she also getting the phone number and actual name of this lawyer to call him), and then call me back. I made certain she got how to call me here in Puerto Vallarta, but forgot to mention she might have to try several times since so many report they get a recording that my number doesn't exist. I expect I will have to call BoA back tomorrow.

And I told Ms. Jamie that I, too, would call that lawyer to let him KNOW what BoA had said, since he has not gotten the money for his client EITHER!!!

So then I called that lawyer, and had to leave a message. I also told him that if I don't hear very soon from him that they are either CONSIDERING my suggestions to his first draft of a resolution of the whole matter (and how soon he expects to respond), or they flatly dismiss my suggestions, that I would go ahead and publish our correspondence on the matter.

I'll give him until tomorrow morning to respond in some way -- or go ahead and publish with REAL or FAKE names, depending on how I see things tomorrow.


Incidently, I have OFTEN referred to myself as "Cincinnatus Retorno", because I so admire that Roman Hero -- and I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A week ago, I learned that when Edward Snowden was trying to get Glenn Greenwald's attention (which took MANY tries), Snowden used the fake name "Cincinnatus" -- LOL!!!



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