Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Saturday Break of (mostly) HUMOR!!!

Before I get going, I'm THRILLED by the "commotion" my Letter I hand-delivered to Sen. Richard Burr's Office yesterday has already caused!!!

And needing a BREAK from the high-emotional-tension organizing and writing (but not from delivering), such a Letter always causes in me, let's have some HUMOR!!!
Well, what can I say??? 

The deceased boxer's attorney said Muhammad Ali DOES NOT NEED A PARDON!!!

Before departing for the G-7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump spoke to reporters about a potential pardon for the late boxer Muhammad Ali. Trump also spoke about his "absolute right to pardon himself."

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About this article

If the legislation is signed into law, it would resolve a decadeslong conflict between state and federal marijuana laws.

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I just got this off Judy Krahenbuhl Justice's Facebook page -- she running for the School Board as a Democrat, here in New Hanover County!!!:

Judy Justice

And speaking of POT HEADS (one of whom Donald Trump claims he is going to PARDON), this is hysterically funny -- and BLESSEDLY NON-POLITICAL!!!:

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Martha Stewart Talks Tough to Justin Bieber
Latest Episode
Get some prison tips from an expert: Martha Stewart.

Super Bizarre (and FUNNY in more than one way)

When I first got to Wilmington after living in Mexico in Political Exile with Colin Powell's people's help, I met then still-in-office Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby's wife and parents outside the Goolsby's big green house at Fifth and Dock Streets, and Thom's parents -- hearing I am related to Frank Hawkins Kenan who had been the Spiritual Head of the NC Republican Party, a Ku Klux Klan member, etc. -- Thom Goolsby’s parents made clear they WORSHIPED Frank Kenan and invited me to come visit Thom (who was not there then), and just knock on the door at any time

Thom and Rachel Goolsby with their daughters Lily and Alabama, and unnamed son, about two years before I met them in 2011.

Thom's wife was very sweet, but when I knocked on their door once, she was up to her elbows in dish suds because Thom was too cheap to get the dishwasher repaired and Republican women KNOW THEIR PLACE

Well Thom is a closet-case homosexual, and soon enough his wife ran across the street, jumped into Todd Toconis's bed, stayed, and divorced Thom, who sold the house and moved to a safer GATED community. 

>>> HERE I MUST CORRECT my reporting of the past!!!

TODAY, I can find NO RECORD that Thom and Rachel Goolsby ever divorced, but I reported THIS in 2015, from gossip I heard on the street from several people. You will NOTICE that Mrs. Goolsby's name is NOT Anna -- and STRANGELY, I have found TWO references to Thom Goolsby's two daughters -- and none at ALL to his son, so perhaps he died somehow:

And I had had SO MUCH FUN using this cartoon with my own caption:

"There goes Mrs. Goolsby!!!"

So Todd Toconis (center), could NOT have married Rachel after all!!!

BUT, Thom Goolsby, who former New Hanover County Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair -- as well as former HEAD of Cape Fear Equality -- a convicted Felon from before I met him, Ryan Lee Burris, in 2011, claimed that Thom Goolsby "partied all the time" at Ryan's "Gay House" on Fifth Avenue near the Cape Fear River bridge. 

It was Ryan's then two roommates -- his lover, James Elks, a HUGE drug dealer then whose cell phone played Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon", as it searched to find James, and Ryan told me that James also BEAT HIM abusively, and John Mann, a SECURITIES TRADER who had lost his licence and showed me how he moved Drugs Internationally on his computer in Ryan's house, and who pedaled ADDERALL (pharmaceutical-grade METH), all over town -- including to my friend Danny Sinatra (great-nephew to Frank)

This photo was taken on Ryan Burris's back deck.

John Mann PERJURED HIMSELF in my trial in Judge Chad Hogston's Court in 2011, when Republican Lawyer David Nash falsely charged me with Cyberstalking, because I had BLOGGED about all the drug-dealing I had witnessed in his Costello's (gay) Piano Bar.

And later, Republican Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo FORCED District Attorney Benjamin R. David to VOID that conviction with several other charges and convictions -- NONE of them true!!!

Ryan Burris with James Elks

Danny Sinatra, his wife Phoebe Dollar, and their daughter when I knew them in Wilmington in 2011.

And not only did Danny's mother, Patricia, sit me down for 3.5 hours and tell me how SHE had engineered selling control of Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives, now HATING THEM for turning it NAZI, but asked me to help SAVE Danny from his METH addiction, which I could NOT do, and today, Danny has spent 2.5 years in California Prison on Drug-related offences

It is SAD to see the Meth-Devastation to Danny's face in early 2015, shortly before he and Phoebe moved back to California.

But getting back to the story, in 2015, Todd Toconis himself BILKED me out of $60.00 for an apartment application fee. I had first disclosed to him my peculiarities, but that my accountant GUARANTEED my rent and other bills were paid, although by common rules I wouldn't qualify with enough income. Todd said that was OK anyway, took my money, then disqualified me for reasons I'd disclosed to him and he had said would not be a problem

Todd Toconis is just a HATEFUL, GREEDY, CHRISTIAN SNAKE -- LOL!!!

Also, our current NC State Rep is Democrat Deb Butler – who 

CLEARLY did not PREVAIL here. I don't pretend to understand ANY of this 

Legal Maneuvering, but in Wilmington understanding who sleeps with 

whom illuminates MUCH!!!

WILMINGTON—According to court documents, testimony from Wilmington Realtor Todd Toconis helped seal the fate of the Serpentarium. Read more: Serpentarium family says it was cut out of private sale…


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