Tuesday, May 8, 2018

LOL!!! Looks Like JESUS Just Kicked a Friggin' MOR(M)ON in the ASS!!! -- and OTHER TRUE STORIES of the Day:

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“I felt like I shouldn’t have said what I said,” the senator said.

Mueller Poses As Fox News Host To Coax Rudy Giuliani Into Giving Him Testimony On Trump

Friday 1:55pm SEE MORE: ROBERT MUELLERhttps://politics.theonion.com/mueller-poses-as-fox-news-host-to-coax-rudy-giuliani-in-1825782607?utm_source=TheOnion_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_term=

NEW YORK—Welcoming viewers back to an exclusive interview featuring the President’s new attorney, Special Counsel Robert Mueller posed as a Fox News host Thursday to coax Rudy Giuliani into giving him a testimony on Trump. 

“Rudy, it’s always a pleasure to have you on ‘Mueller Tonight’—now, I wanted to really dig in and ask you about the President’s state of mind on April 11, 2017,” said Mueller, who leaned over his desk as Giuliani eagerly answered a series of follow-up questions concerning Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and the Seychelles islands, stressing that the millions tuning in to watch the 8 p.m. primetime Fox News talk show “really appreciated” the former New York City mayor’s insight. 

“Fascinating stuff, Rudy. I’m sure our fans at home are especially interested in that Trump Tower meeting you just mentioned. Before we head to break, though, would you mind putting your hand on this Bible and repeating something for me?” 

At press time, Mueller had welcomed President Trump, who called in to the show to give a statement confirming everything Giuliani had just said.

Sean Hannity Informs Building Tenants About Deep-State Conspiracy Forcing Him To Triple Rent

10:05am SEE MORE: SEAN HANNITY: https://www.theonion.com/sean-hannity-informs-building-tenants-about-deep-state-1825854980?utm_source=TheOnion_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_term=

PERRY, GA—Explaining to the residents that the matter was simply out of his control, television host and landlord Sean Hannity informed tenants living in buildings he owns about the deep-state conspiracy that was forcing him to triple their rents, sources confirmed Tuesday. 

“I’m sorry, folks, but raising your rent is the only way I can cover cost-of-living increases, property taxes, and the vast effort by the military-industrial complex to undermine President Donald Trump’s most dedicated supporters,” said Hannity, adding that anyone in the apartment complexes who was unable to pay thousands of dollars extra per month, thus exposing him to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s rogue attacks on American patriots through apartment leases, would be evicted. 

“Listen, I don’t like being under the thumb of the deep state any more than you do, but this is all part of being a landlord. There’s just a lot I have to take into account, whether it’s building codes, keeping pests out, or the far-reaching schemes of a criminal cabal of left-wing intelligence agencies, Barack Obama, and the Clinton Foundation to dismantle the president’s agenda by forcing landlords to raise rent. Furthermore, the deep state demands that rent increases start on the first of next month instead of when your lease is up.” 

Hannity also warned several tenants requesting repairs in their apartments that attempting to fix anything was playing right into the deep state’s hands.

>>> GUESS WHO-ALL BLOCKED MY LAST BLOG POSTING: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/05/having-just-voted-near-junction-of.html

Evan Kent Luther and Lindsey McKee's engagement photo

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The FIRST TWO are contacts high in Mar-a-Lago SECURITY -- contacts I got the day George Bush's cousin Bill Toups bedded me at The Lazy Pirate on Carolina Beach.

The last one is MY SECOND COUSIN, Robert "Bobbie" C. Kenan, Jr., a lawyer and Drug Court Judge in Burgaw, North Carolina:

And although my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan has told me MANY TIMES that "Cousin Bobby" is her TOP co-strategist in spreading SWASTIKAS in the Lower Cape Fear -- was CLOSEST to her and my father -- when I stopped at this office in 2015, Bobby's Admin was KIND ENOUGH to explain to me, that since I had PISSED OFF lawyer David Nash, I would NOT find ANY LAWYER closer than in Charlotte -- but probably Asheville -- who would DARE REPRESENT ME -- which so far has proved TRUE!!!

And what is so INTERESTING is that these two at Mar-a-Lago and Cousin Bobby USUALLY get my emails of blog postings -- but when they COME BACK BLOCKED, the three of them are ALWAYS BLOCKED TOGETHER, suggesting they are in DIRECT ALLIANCE -- HA!!!

And shortly after I voted this morning, I stopped at the C-store in my neighborhood, and was followed in by one of the women who lives in the ILLEGAL DRUG DISTRIBUTION CENTER next door to me -- but NOT owner Sherry Hall Spivey. She finished up shopping and was in line behind me. Then outside, she asked if I had a bottle opener to open her non-threaded-cap bottle of beer -- because she couldn't WAIT to peddle her bicycle 1.5 blocks to get back home.

I didn't have one, and she was already so inebriated on what appeared to be CRACK, so I followed driving behind her so that she couldn't ride into me on the road.


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