Wednesday, April 4, 2018

WHOOPS!!! I Will NOT Contact Judge Corpening's Office to See if He APPROVED Release of My Commitment Paper -- He TOTALLY ALLIED with Judge Sandra Ray Who Committed Me on Word of Now CONVICTED CRACK DISTRIBUTOR Gerald Austin-Wynn!!

Chief District Court Judge (Democrat), J.H. Corpening, ENDORSED in her most recent election, Republican Judge Sandra Ray -- whose husband, Sherman Lee Criner had diddled the vagina of a young girl in Thalian Hall about ten years ago -- and who BRAGGED about his Christian Snake Handlin':

Judge Sandra Ray was FORCED to divorce Sherman Criner's PECKER after I repeatedly blogged this image -- and more than ONE person in New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital, recently, KNEW ABOUT THE POWER OF THIS IMAGE -- but had NOT known it was I who published it -- LOL!!!

And Judge Corpening endorsed Judge Sandra Ray -- because she got his son, Brad Corpening, OFF MAJOR DRUG CHARGES for doing and SELLING drugs at a Phish concert in Raleigh!!!

Chops Deli (on Front Street, where they have seriously mis-made my order for a sandwich TWICE, they being too high on drugs, then), is owned by Brad Corpening, who here SERVES UP THE DOUGH!!!

So NO, with Corpening and Ray in an apparent "Narco-Traffickers-Protection Racket" -- I'll just WAIT to hear from Judge Corpening -- or ask Jonathan Deputy about that IN COURT!!!

Jonathan Deputy could NOT look more like a "HOOD" -- and his website lists TOO FEW of his own listings to support his wife and son on rentals ALONE!!!:


1. I have NOT yet found more ADZENYS XR-ODT Amphetamine tablets in Jon Deputy-managed Spofford Mills Executives Clubhouse apartments parking lot -- but will bring this photo I took of what I found a couple of days ago to COURT.

2. Sunday night, I called Patrick and Gloria Stansbury, Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn-Miller, Joel Miller, and Michael Massicott of as well as -- but NOT Lee E. Gosney, Jr. (Lee having distributed the hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but mostly to Wilmington, NC and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA). to APPRISE THEM of the PROGRESS I have been making!!!

None of them have responded to me -- so far.

3. I WONDER if the FEDS will have to get involved so that we can have a TRIAL of Mr. Deputy -- they MIGHT have already TANKED his Summons to Court -- like they managed to do while I was in the "NUT-HOUSE" -- LOL!!!

"I can only LAUGH!!!"


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