Monday, April 2, 2018

RE-FILED: Cyberstalking Charge against Jonathan Deputy -- AFTER I Delivered My Petition to Judge Corpening to Show Me My Commitment Paper (not yet answered):

Jonathan Deputy 2018 -- from his website (HELL, even I could have taken a more flattering photo!!!), that is SUPER HARD to find, there being so many "Sun Coast Vacation Rentals", Wilmington, NC when googled!!!

>>> ADDED @ 7:41 PM: Pete, Allie, and I think also Kelsey, just loaded up Pete's "Dealer Plates" silver Nissan sedan with many duffles and back packs -- then all of them drove off in Pete's car. This about ONE HOUR after I posted the below:

I DARE SAY that Jon Deputy looks much like Donald Trump Fan Roseanne Barr's TV HUSBAND -- wouldn't you agree???

OH WAIT!!! John Goodman played Exxon-Mobil-owning Kenan Family's lifelong employee Rex Tillerson, former Secretary of State under Donald Trump.

Well, the CONNECTIONS in my life are WITHOUT PARALLEL.

The Magistrate said the Court Appearance would be scheduled for about a month from today, and I will be NOTIFIED of it after Mr. Deputy is served his Summons. THEN, it will show up in the Courts Calendar about 1.5 weeks before we have to be there.

>>> AND I RAN INTO ANOTHER IMPORTANT EMPLOYEE from New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital while waiting to see the Magistrate -- she there for some kind of work at the Jail House -- and we, too, had a big LAUGH FEST (especially after I filled her in on what I was doing there).

-- just to see the Magistrate (no wedding involved)!!!

Well, if things go as they did the LAST time I filed this charge (then, it disappeared while I was committed to New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital -- PROBABLY by Jonathan Deputy, who had threatened a day or so before that I would soon be FORCED to take medications), I might be picked up by the Wilmington Cops TOMORROW and thrown back in the Hospital!!!

I don't really want to go into the details, but as I told the Magistrate, if Jon Deputy actually DID get me committed the day after I blogged that I had filed this charge (a little over two weeks ago, now), that is a SEPARATE EVENT from Cyberstalking -- but with his IN-PERSON PHYSICAL HARASSMENT (which I have NOT, so far anyway, charged him with), when he said I had to NEVER blog about anything or speak with ANY resident of these apartments -- or I would PAY THE PRICE, it all helps my case, but the false email claim about my molesting children in Mexico (that it appears Jon actually wrote himself), is always what gets Magistrates' RAPT ATTENTION!!!

To see the Letter I delivered earlier today to Judge Corpening's Office -- as well as the PRESCRIPTION AMPHETAMINE I found in our parking lot, please see at the bottom:

And for now I will leave all of this SIMPLE -- so I can relax this evening and get psychologically prepared for Nut-House Re-Commitment or some TRUMPED-UP Criminal Charge -- if Mr. Deputy can pull the MAGIC against me again.

Or at least for my CAT scan tomorrow afternoon -- as my Health Care MUST GO ON!!!


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