Friday, April 6, 2018

Well, It Has CERTAINLY Been a Week of LOOP-DE-LOOP -- so I JUST CALLED the Admin to Chief District Court Judge J.H. Corpening II, Seeking ANSWERS:

So I called Sherri Turner in the Judges' Chambers, and had to leave a message that I had dropped off this letter for Judge Corpening: see halfway down here:, and had not thought to ask how long a decision would take nor how it would be delivered to me -- I giving the Judge my mailing address, cell phone number, and email address.

I also mentioned that I DO know Josh Stein, Attorney General of North Carolina -- if only in passing acquaintance, we having met in a Democratic Party Strategy Meeting called by then Head of the Party here Elizabeth Redenbaugh -- who as a previous Republican had won a 2011 Profile in Courage Award, so like me KNEW at least ONE of the Kennedys:

Josh Stein

Elizabeth Redenbaugh with Caroline Kennedy, 2011. I did NOT know Caroline, but had had visions of her mother (whom I knew in person), her assassinated father (whom I had been in the same room with when he was running for President), and her assassinated brother, John F. Kennedy, Jr.

One of my descriptions of those visions -- which I never confused with physical reality (and they ended after about six weeks in late 2009, anyway):

In late 2009 and/or early 2010, but in any case all within a few weeks time, Jackie Kennedy Onassis appeared to me in what looked like "Classic Roman Catholic Visions", which I never confused with the physical world. Twice, President Kennedy silently accompanied her. TWICE John Kennedy, Jr. appeared to me, but only once, separate from his mother, and the last time Jackie appeared, she showed me the entire line-up of US Presidents who had died -- all parading by in two-dimensional cardboard cut-outs, except George Washington, who was dressed in a Roman Toga, was in color, clacked his wooden teeth at me, then disappeared, laughing. 

From here

Well, I just got off the phone after a long call with Bob Jones in Pennsylvania, thanking him for sending the money to buy the new strap sandals (as seen here -- beneath the HAIR TRIGGER -- which are FAR BETTER than any Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of 14 W. 75th Street in Manhattan had ever sent me when he supported me with from $600.00 to $1,200.00 per month allowance late 2011 - just about a year ago, when he cut me off COLD because I FORCED the Narco-Trafficking Criminal Haston Lavern Caulder II out of my Gold Walker owned 4th Street apartment -- but Joseph was sending Haston over $7,000.00 per month while Haston was making $14.00/hour under-the-table full time.

Readers will recall that I tried to get NYC Authorities to COMMIT Joseph as he was INCOMPETENT to judge to whom he was sending TONS OF MONEY, but Joseph squeaked out of commitment, and refuses to answer my calls and emails to him since then.

Interesting that my brother Mike in our most recent conversation REMINDED ME that Joseph claimed to have been in contact with Mike as well as my sister Jane planning what to do about me. ONLY Jane has admitted to that.

Haston Lavern Caulder in my apartment January 2017

The self-portrait Haston sent Joseph Faulk and me to KEEP US INTERESTED ONLY worked on Joseph!!!

And BEFORE I called Bob Jones, I called "The Youngun'", whose father was Jerry Garcia's TOP GROUPIE -- to see if he, his Dad, and his girlfriend and I could soon get together for coffee. It turned out they STILL don't know when they are taking off for California (girlfriend's lease runs out the middle of May, so they have until then), but Youngun' has spent a week physically and emotionally under the weather, his Agoraphobia acting up as he (being just barely 22, now), looks out to FACE THE VOID.

As I explained, that is perfectly NORMAL for someone SENSITIVE really only entering Adulthood, and that the VOID is only SCARY because he has NOT yet made his mark on it. As he DOES, it is NO LONGER A VOID, but a NEW WORLD that he is CO-CREATING with the UNIVERSE (or one could also call it "God").

He GOT THAT, and thanked me for helping him re-center.

It has now been over two hours since I left message for Sherri Turner in Judge Corpening's offices. I'll wait only a little longer before petitioning to Attorney General Josh Stein, Gov. Roy Cooper, and the DISTANT FBI Office. As ALL my Readers recall, this photo of Corpening (Democrat), with Judge Sandra Ray (Republican who committed me in 2011 on word of Gerald Austin-Wynn, soon convicted and imprisoned for several years for CRACK DISTRIBUTION), should be of GREATEST INTEREST to help prove Corpening's and Ray's PROTECTION -- and possible PROMOTION -- of the CHRISTIAN DRUG MAFIA!!!

Gerald Austin-Wynn (now lives in Northern Virginia).

Jonathan Deputy, who SEEMS to protect DRUG-SELLERS and SEEMS to be who committed me to New Hanover Behavioral Hospital just over two weeks ago AFTER I filed Cyberstalking Charges against him the day before.

Did he have the HELP of DRUG-CORRUPTED Judge Corpening???

We WILL get to the BOTTOM OF THIS -- even if I have to BRING IN THE FEDS!!!


The "Jesus" of the Narco-Trafficking TWISTED CHRISTIANS.

Twisted Christians is a story of spiritual warfare. It exposes the realm of the spirit world, where demons manipulate the minds of nonbelievers and Christians alike. It is a story that relates to biblical prophecies as well as paranormal activity and the world of the occult.


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