Thursday, April 5, 2018

Letter Just Sent to Wilmington Democratic Candidates Harper Peterson, Deb Butler, and Kyle Horton (and it will -- as an EXCEPTION -- be emailed to my 230 Political Contacts):

Re: Is this what it's come to?

Dear Mr. Peterson, Ms. Butler, and Dr. Horton,

I am writing all three of you -- listed in order of how well I know you -- although I do not believe I have met Dr. Horton. I believe that Harper's question titling his recent email says it all, and while the Republicans are a clear disaster, the Democrats are in serious trouble as well, but all three of you show signs of understanding this, so I support all of you.

Unfortunately, I'm barely keeping my head above water financially, so cannot contribute cash to any campaigns, now. I am the ONE member of the Kenan Family, so instrumental in the development of the Lower Cape Fear, North Carolina, and who put Donald Trump into the Presidency as well as lifelong Kenan employee Rex Tillerson (now gone), and I have DEDICATED this part of my life to EXPOSING the Traitorous and Narco-Trafficking crimes of my Kenan Family that hides behind a WARPED form of Christianity -- I salute you ALL (and all Democrats as well as Republicans), who follow Jesus's Teachings about Love and Responsibility to Community. 

Jesus's Teachings are also found in Buddhism, Sikhism, and the Religious Science or Science of Mind that I have been a serious student of. I come from a devout Catholic background, and find that the VALUES (if not the Politics), of Catholicism are EXCELLENT. I found the PRINCIPLES taught at First Presbyterian here in Wilmington that I belonged to in 2011 were the BEST of Christian Philosophies -- but the members there were mostly White Supremacists and involved directly in or in protecting Narco-Trafficking -- the BIGGEST SCOURGE to Wilmington -- and indeed our Nation.

The complications of the current System in Wilmington are perfectly illustrated by the ways I met both Harper and Deb. I met Harper at an event (very poorly attended), called by George Vlasits, a Democratic Party operative, who soon demanded I take him OFF my list of 230 Political Contacts of my Political Blog, he not wanting to hear the backstory of local or national Politics -- yet Harper and Deb remained ON it until I recently ceased emailing it to all those contacts (Michael Franklin, Head of local Republicans is also still on it). Thank you. 

Has ANYONE ELSE noticed that even today, the Democrats on local website CLEARLY name and describe their candidates -- while the county Republicans DO NOT. Republicans treat voters like AUTOMATONS who will vote for them if they are "INVERTED Christians" by ROTE!!!

Mr. Vlasits does not "get it", and seems to be for "making nice" -- a luxury affordable only to genuinely nice people. Democratic Judge Robin Robinson -- who had WELCOMED me back to Wilmington to expose corruption remains a Deacon at First Presbyterian. Robin was previously with the Saffo Law Firm, and everyone in this town knows that Democratic Mayor Bill Saffo is a BIG narco-trafficking problem. He RUNS when he sees me -- and Democratic City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark told me when I met him that he hopes I get a DOG and it is run over -- because he KNEW I had been knocked 12 feet out of a crosswalk in front of City Hall/the Courthouse a short time before (February 2017), by a Spectrum Truck that did NOT stop accelerating until the impact was felt -- in broad daylight, and me 6' 11" tall!!!

Attorney Bruce Mason repped me -- until he FIRED ME -- but admitted that all Laws in North Carolina must be APPROVED by the wealthy Kenans (Republicans almost exclusively), and that they control ALL Republicans and MOST Democrats in NC. Two of the many Magistrates I have had business with at the County Jail have also acknowledged this. I was then left to fend for myself and SPECTRUM was soon repped by Brian M. Williams, lawyer working for Barbara B. "Bonnie" Weyher -- listed as my blood Kenan relative and Head Counsel at They first offered me $600.00 -- but had REFUSED to include consideration of most of my medical bills -- which had I had a LAWYER, could have been forced. Eventually, knowing I was next to homeless and my immediate family and anyone else was NOT helping me financially, I was forced to settle for $1,200.00. I will try to get this thrown out and re-negotiated -- if I can find a lawyer willing to take on the all-powerful "Christian" Kenans. Prosecutors, Lawyers, and others in the know (even Lawyer Mason), have told me I should have gotten $20,000.00 to $40,000.00 as a result of my injuries.

My immediate Kenan Family does not CARE about any of my injuries or difficulties, and ONLY demands I take soft-lobotomizing Lithium for a BIPOLAR diagnosis that my shrink in 2009 took me OFF, saying in the eight years she'd worked with me I NEVER showed a sign of BIPOLAR. There ARE some good uses for Lithium -- I just don't need it.

I met Deb Butler right between Gold Walker's house and her 4th Street apartment I was moving out of around the 1st of December, 2017. I was introduced by Jonathan Deputy, who claims both to be a die-hard Republican (who did NOT vote for either Trump or Clinton), and also that Democrat Deb is his MENTOR. Just over two weeks ago, Jon Deputy improperly committed me to New Hanover Behavioral Hospital -- the day after I filed Cyberstalking charges against him. This past Monday, I petitioned Democratic Judge J.H. Corpening to release the Commitment paper, but I have as yet gotten no response. My belief that it was Mr. Deputy comes from the Officer who transported me, told me enough to make that clear -- if not absolutely certain.

I have also RE-filed the Cyberstalking charge, and we will go to Court -- if Mr. Deputy is UNABLE to behind the scenes get the Summons kicked out of the System, like he did while I was in "The Oaks". WORSE is that Jon Deputy claimed in email to me that I am a CHILD MOLESTER -- the same false claim of many of the supporters of Republican Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa -- those leading Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a Republican -- at least then), to hide me in a Dry-Out tank just to calm my nerves from it in 2011. Mr. Deputy appears to be protecting two hard-drug sellers living in my current apartments that are owned also by Gold Walker (who remains a PROUD Trump supporter, and who claimed to me that anyone who criticizes any Christian or Christianity should be JAILED -- words DIRECT from the mouth of Adolph Hitler!!!), but she had turned management entirely over to Mr. Deputy. Three of our closest neighbors claim that Gold Walker protected her tenants here who have LONG been drug sellers -- and Mr. Deputy having recently taken over, they never heard of him. I've only seen Jon here ONCE since I moved in 12/2017 -- but I DID find prescription Amphetamines in our parking lot earlier this week.

And while I am at it, that hospital is GREAT and teaches Science of Mind in classes the committed must take -- it is just the same thing as common Psychology, but with a spiritual bent and basis. EVERYONE THERE benefited from it, and while my commitment was inappropriate, I made the best use of it I could. ONE comforting thing to me was that my psychiatrist, Julia Triggs, MD, said of my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, who raised us with Swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings, was just a "too old woman (95 now), too set in her old ways who should mostly be ignored", and of my brother Michael William Kenan, that the obvious LIES that Mike had claimed to them about me meant he could NOT BE BELIEVED, PERIOD.

This has been a HUGE comfort to me as I plan to move ahead with my life.

My mother with my father, William Scott Kenan (deceased since Easter Sunday 2014, three days before his 96th birthday), set up the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington when they lived here 1980 - 1999, with major help from Nixon Adviser John Ehrlichman and Father Robert J. Kus, now of St. Mary's Catholic -- and I know or knew then both well. I tried to help a series of homeless guys get back on their feet while living in Gold Walker's 4th Street apartment, they nearly ALL turning out to be major narco-trafficking criminals, and one swore he had run Drugs and Whore Houses directly for Fr. Bob Kus. I was a great friend of and both helped by and contributed funds to Sister Mary Isaac Koenig -- who BARELY got along with Father Bob.

Also interesting is that Stephen and Maddie, also Gold Walker's tenants on 4th Street, constantly complained to me while I lived there of "drug trash" frequenting the back doors of Gold Walker's other tenants to buy drugs. Maddie was the highest paid campaign worker for Gov. Roy Cooper's campaign in Wilmington -- and told me she KNEW Cooper (as Attorney General, previously), had SUPPORTED the Kenan Family Narco-Trafficking -- but at least was not an ABJECT RACIST, like the Kenans and Republicans. Former local Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris, who was connected to some of the TOP Narco-Traffickers in Wilmington -- including his good friend former NC State Senator Thom Goolsby, who now works DIRECTLY for the wealthy Kenans on the Board of UNC System, INTIMIDATED the Head of the System OUT, so that Trump/Kenan/Bush ally Margaret Spellings could be put into position.

Sheriff Ed McMahon CRIED crocodile tears when I confronted him in person July 3, 2011, over the mini-subs protected by Sheriff's Deputies and corrupted CIA unloading powder drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge, but in my absence while I had fled back to Mexico May 2012 until late June 2015, those deliveries INCREASED -- as so many Wilmingtonians have told me -- and that I will be KILLED if I don't shut up.

D.A. Ben David with others illegally stole the copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir -- after I blogged about my friend who had seen Barack Obama in his gay bathhouse in Chicago several times -- details in my blog. But at least Ben David is NOT afraid to me, and we laugh about some of these things now. I HOPE he cleans up his own act and Wilmington as well.

As I said, it's COMPLICATED.

You are ALL on Legal Record as having been told all of this (this Letter will shortly be posted on my blog,, and in an EXCEPTION, I will email it to all my contacts) -- how you react and act, is YOUR business. But don't be alarmed -- as it is WRITTEN, "The Truth Will Set You Free" (but FIRST it will PISS YOU OFF).

All best to you all and ALL good Political Candidates. I do NOT expect a response from ANY of you, but I will be watching your words and actions in the 2018 campaign closely.

Scott David Kenan

PROUD to call Wilmington, North Carolina my HOME!!!


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