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Gaining Perspective on My Immediate Kenan Family / PROGRESS in the Spofford Circle Neighborhood in RIDDING IT of Drug Mafia (or at least Trash)!!!

LOL!!! He's tied to the Tobacco Industry and figures they can adapt to growing pot, I guess!!!

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A Gallup poll from October shows that 64 percent of Americans favor making marijuana legal.

YouGov also surveyed 37,000 people in 35 nations; in that poll, Bill Gates topped the “most admired men” list, followed by Obama, action movie star Jackie Chan, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chinese tech billionaire Jack Ma. 

Trump finished 17th on the global survey, just behind Pope Francis and just ahead of Hong Kong actor Andy Lau. On a country-by-country basis, Obama finished ahead of Trump in all of the surveyed nations except one: Russia.

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...but he did beat Obama in Russia.
For what it's worth: “If a disease were to afflict the majority of a populace, spreading pain and dysfunction throughout all age groups, we would be frantically searching for reasons and solutions. Yet this particular scourge has become so endemic that it is virtually ignored. The scourge is divorce."

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1206 Spofford Circle by Google a few years before they started an "Auto-Repair Shop" in that space to the left that is adjacent to where I live. For MONTHS the FBI, Wilmington Police and the Sheriff''s Detectives have been watching this property as a MAJOR NARCO-TRAFFICKING site -- but still have NOT ACTED.

The truck full of trash that has remained in the back yard for MONTHS -- behind a new, board, privacy fence.

The truck disappeared between last night and the night before -- but about 1/3 of its content, including old milk jugs, empty food cans, etc. REMAINS -- and remains a HEALTH HAZARD!!!

My own back yard is "plagued" by SPRING BUTTERCUPS (too small to be easily seen, here).

First this morning, I had gotten a CONFUSING email from National General auto insurance that showed, again, they had received my payment by mail from Benefits Management, Inc., but it had been one day late. They were showing I owed next not just a regular installment plus $10.00 payment -- but plus TWO late fees and an additional TEN CENTS!!!

So I called them, THEIR email records showed they emailed me showing ONLY the one late fee and NO MORE, so I screen captured what I got, sent it to them, and now I hear they will DROP THE LATE FEE (and the "nonsense" fees as well).

Had -- acting with corrupted agents -- simply ADDED THE EXTRA FEES in transit???

And this morning, I called Officer J.D. Hutchins on his cell number he had noted, (910) 408-XXXX, and was surprised to hear it is a "Google number", and even though I left my name for it to search for the officer, I had to leave a message that I STILL have the big wall mount for Seth Wayne George's stolen TV, but have heard NOTHING from Police about picking it up. I said I would be HAPPY to drop it at Police Impound on Bess Street, rather than never know WHEN they might pick it up.


Although I included all three of my siblings and one nephew when I MASS EMAILED yesterday's posting that at bottom shows my then-thoughts on the mysterious gift of $100.00:, I got NO RESPONSE from anyone in my family.

The fact is that if they ever ADMITTED to any of the crimes they committed against me, I could SUE THEM and make them HOMELESS -- like they effectively did to me with their LIES.

I do NOT want to do this and would NOT do it -- unless they refuse to help me with a few hundred per month until I get back on my feet. I FULLY BELIEVE that my mother BRAINWASHED THEM ALL in her NAZI-ROMAN-CATHOLIC FAITH into thinking I am BIPOLAR and MUST be on Lithium Carbonate -- a form of "soft lobotomy" that for 31 years had kept me UNCARING about all the crimes I had witnessed.

In fact I have blogged MANY TIMES that when I make my money, I will SHARE what I make writing about our immediate Kenan Family with them -- I can't tell the story without using their real names, because ANYONE could easily search and find those. Also true, is that ALL of the descendants of my parents are doing VERY WELL FINANCIALLY, so they won't need that, and I will FIRST give to worthy Charities.

An unsolicited gift of money HAS TO BE meant to be a positive sign, but it reminds me TOO MUCH of the one-hundred-dollar bills my parents would THROW AT ME in 2009 and early 2010, when I drove to visit them in Raleigh from Stone Mountain, GA, "for gas money" to get me OUT when they had TIRED OF ME.

My parents NEVER kept cash around the house in large amount -- but ALWAYS had hundred dollar bills to toss at me back then. I STILL want to know where they CAME FROM -- and I still want to know what happened to Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy's ROSARY that she claimed "turned to gold" as a MIRACLE when she visited Medjugorjie, Yugoslavia (now a town in Bosnia Herzegovina), with my parents (who also stopped in Rome for Mom to meet with Pope John Paul II).

Julie acts like that NEVER HAPPENED, but such a "relic" would be TREASURED FOREVER by a devout Roman Catholic -- so Julie, PRODUCE IT!!!

Medjugorjie 2016

Medjugorjie "Miracle Rosary"
Sandra Beckham updated her cover photo.
“When you find out that there was never anything in the dark side to be afraid of … Nothing is left but to love.”

― Alan W. Watts



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